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Free Telephone calls UK. Save money on your telephone bill

In the United Kingdom there is a service where you can check whom has dialled your telephone number last. It is called 1471. If your phone rings and you cannot answer it in time you simply pick up the telephone and dial 1471. You will be given the number of the last person whom called you (Provided they do not withhold their number). It is a great service, what tends to happen if someone rings off before you get to the phone is you call him or her back straight away and have a chat....

Well if you really want to be cheeky and save some money you could try the following. Ring the number of the person whom you want. Then hang up before they have the chance to answer. 9 out of 10 times the other person will use the 1471 service and find that you have rung them. They then will ring you. That means that they pay for the call instead of you.....

Very sneaky, I personally would not recommend it, as your friends will soon catch on.

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