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Tar. Remove tar from cars or floors

Submitted by Bob

Remove tar from cars or floors by rubbing with margarine and washing with a little washing up liquid on a damp cloth.

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Didn't work Comments By: Lesley on 2004-09-09
Tried and tested.......unfortunately tip did not do the job. Carpet is still patchy with tar..............however, I cannot determine whether tip was for hard flooring or carpet<<<(which i need), if so appologies for bad review. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Remove tar from car Comments By: Vanessa V. on 2008-03-11
my car had a bunch of tar on the bottom like someone drove through it. i looked for ways to remove it without buying anything special. i came up with a great tip online. Use Vegetable oil. This works great. It says to leave for 24 hrs. but i was able to remove it before the 24 hours. it softens the tar and is easy to remove.
Removing tar from Clothes,cars, Comments By: JohnC on 2008-10-22
Either mineral oil or Baby oil will
dissolve most types of tar in just
5-10 minutes usually...
Then use 409 or SimpleGreen to flush
from fabric, carpet, or floor...

I tried WD40 and it worked great Comments By: Tom on 2010-09-17
WD 40 got the tar right out of carpet.

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