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Smells Fish smells

You can eliminated the smell of fish from your hands by rubbing your hands on the faucet or tap. Yes it does work

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Fish smell Comments By: Ian J Fergusson on 2006-02-06
As a deep sea fisherman the tip of rubbing your hands on the faucet is u.s. just like where the tip came from; yes I worked there on the tuna boats as well!
The only thing that did a half decent job
was caustic soda (hot if you can ), good for the tween decks on a factory ship but as you've guessed, no good at all for humans, if you want any skin left. It used to take three trips to the sauna after a three monthe trip in Arctic waters plus a bottle of Old Spice before our lass was comfortable laid alongside!
The only tip I can think of is to wear Wintergreen 12 months of the year if you are embarassed about being in the fish trade. It's a good excuse, arthritis and hands in cold water! but don't touch any body elses' sensitive parts you could sustain more unwanted damage, and this time it won't be psychological.

Fishy Smell Comments By: carol on 2007-05-13
Does anyone know how you can get rid of fishy smells from the house after cooking
fish smell Comments By: Kim Feller on 2008-09-15
You can also use this method to remove ONION smell too!
fishy smells Comments By: Tracy on 2011-06-22
Does anyone knoe how to remove a fish smell from the carpet in a car(whitebait leaked)

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