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Remove pencil marks on painted walls

To remove pencil marks on painted walls, if you don't want to have to use an eraser (or if it covers a large area) spray Windex on it and wipe off.

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Dud Comments By: Angela on 2005-03-02
Windex did not get it off at all.
Yup-It is a Dud.. Comments By: L. on 2005-05-03
This went over like a 'lead' balloon!
does the trick Comments By: jeff on 2005-07-08
seemed to work just fine and it was red crayon too.
using windex 2take pencil off walls Comments By: nicole on 2008-06-12
did take some off did better than metho
pencil on suede painted wall Comments By: NANA on 2009-10-24
Help!! NOthing I have tried is working. The paint is very dry to the touch and the texture almost feels like a fine sand in the paint. Eraser..no, windex..no, baking soda..no,. Any other ideas?
great Comments By: Anita on 2010-02-01
worked a treat

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