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Smells Air freshners in the car

Submitted by Courtney Miller

Instead of using expensive air freshners in the car stick a dryer sheet or two under the seats. They are very cheap and you probably have them in your home already. This will disguise and diminish even the nastiest odors and I find the scent much more pleasant than the sugary vanillas or strong pine or lemon scents often sold for car air fresheners.

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starr Comments By: starr on 2005-04-24
Yes, I have to say that this really works because I just tried this the other day and I bought the cheap dry cloth and they work just as well.
good idea Comments By: omar on 2005-06-11
I live in mexico borderline where can i find or buy a dryer sheet(what is it), do i wet with some fragancy ?

Tipking says: dryer sheets are for placing in your tumble dryer and are usually bought where you would buy laundry detergent

Smell no more Comments By: Ajay on 2008-08-31
I agree if there is a way to make your car smell nice without it being to sickly I am willing to give anything a try. Thanx

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