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Repair Heat Stains on Wood

If you have a white spot on your wood table from a heated plate, put on a dab of mayonnaise and it will disappear!

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It doesn't work Comments By: L.Parrino on 2005-01-06
Except for making my table smell like mayonaise, this didn't work at all. The white stains are still there. Help!!
Worked great! Comments By: Lester on 2005-12-26
I put on a paste of mayo and let it sit for 10 minutes. I spent another 10-15 minutes rubbing on two white spots. They are completely gone!
heat marks Comments By: sherry on 2005-12-29
I tried the mayonaise as well and left it overnight. the white markes are still there.
did not work for me Comments By: KP on 2007-06-15
what did work was some fine wirewool and 3in1 gun oil,
do not attempt to use wirewool on its own the 3in1 gun oil was an excellent lubricante, do not rub hard! the slower/lighter the better and follow the grain

Brilliant mayo + wire wool Comments By: Chris on 2007-06-25
Perfect results on really deep white heat stains using mayonnaise rubbed along the grain with fine wire wool. Credit to Sherry for her idea of wire wool and gun oil but I used mayo instead as a lubricant
Use an iron - it really works Comments By: Darren on 2007-07-21
I just did this 5 minutes ago (found the solution on another web site). It really works!!

Set the iron on LOW. Get a white linen napkin (or white t-shirt). Place the napkin over the stain and place the iron on the napkin as if you're ironing the napkin. depending on how deep the stain is, it will dispappear in 2- 5 mins. I was amazed - how can heat remove heat? But trust, it works. I had the stain in our cherry wood table for months and tried everything to remove it.

Omigoodness Comments By: Meg on 2007-07-27
and i was baking a cake and i put the hot wood 1's on my moms old special dining table and it took 1 away. Didnt work 4 the other 2. we stood 4 inches away with a hair dryer and rubbed w/ a dry cloth and polished w/ orange glow and it was good as new!
SO SO Comments By: JK on 2007-08-04
I tried the mayo + wirewool and it removed the whiteness but the mark remained?
iron works Comments By: loro on 2007-11-05
had a large white mark on the table due to a hot plate.. tried the mayo but no joy,so tried the iron and hey presto wonderful can't see the mark any more...thanks for the tip
cloudy white marks gone in seconds Comments By: del on 2007-11-13
the secret to removing stains (including ring marks) is have the iron set on steam. when steam iron is ready place towel over mark iron over lift cloth all gone...
iron really works Comments By: clare on 2007-11-25
really and truly, I dont understand it but it works utterly and completely.do not mess with mayo or steel wool.. the iron is the answer.
Mayo does not work, but steamed iron does! Comments By: AK on 2007-12-10
I just did it...amazing! Like the spots never been there:) Thanks all!
hot iron works! Comments By: mjk0324 on 2008-01-13
oh my gosh..had a white stain on my diningroom table for 3 weeks...tried the hot iron and napkin...and it took the stain right out....
it really worked Comments By: caroline b on 2008-01-20
I tried the nail polish and it didn't work. I used the hot iron and they came right out. I've had the hot white marks for several years and my husband didn't think the iron would work, but it did.
How clever ! It really works !! Comments By: Daisychain on 2008-02-09
I truly didnt think the hot iron idea would work.....but it most certainly did !
Its a tip I shall pass on to everyone I know.

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