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Smells Absorb moisture and smells

Submitted by Joelle

If you have a cottage or travel trailer, during winter storage, place opened bags of charcoal briquettes on the floor. The briquettes absorb the moisture and smells.....

Visitors comments

good idea Comments By: lesilk on 2006-11-07
I really love the idea. Can anyone tell me where I can charcoal? I am in NYC.

Smells Comments By: Jinty on 2007-03-16
Fill pretty containers with bicarbonate of soda and leave around cottage or home this will absorb any nasty smells. Also cut lemons covered with salt leave a nice fresh aroma. Also baking some home made bread makes a cosy welcoming smell and you have the treat of eating freshly made bread and butter to share with your guests.
dirty water smell Comments By: Carol on 2008-07-26
I have recently cleaned my carpet after a coffee spill. I have done it several times over the course of a week as the stain would not come out. The stain has almost come out but I am left with a terrible smell of dirty water. I just cannot get rid of it. Has anybody any suggestions?

Smells and Stains in Carpet Comments By: Patricia on 2010-07-10
I use Hydrogen peroxide on stains and smells on carpets. Saturate 2" past stain or smell let sit for 30 - 60 minutes. Place towel on top and step until all moisture is pulled up. For old and smelly odors I leave on for 24 hours. Always test in test spot. Would not use on Oriental rugs. Sometimes the smell may last but after a couple a days the peroxide eats most smells.

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