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Cleaning crayons from light colored painted walls

I just came across your site today and proceeded to try the tips for removing the old fashioned crayons from light colored painted walls. Using the Baby Wipes did not work at all.

Then I read about the toothpaste but did not have any without dyes.

Then I read about the soda. So, I used a Lysol wipe and just a little soda. To my amazement, the blue, yellow and green crayon marks came off without disturbing the paint and the Lysol wipe cleaned the wall at the same time. I used circular motions and changed wipes a couple of times.

Thanks for your suggestion. I felt this modified tip might help others with the same problem - A two year old with crayons.

Your great tip saved repainting my walls.


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This works as well Comments By: Cyndy on 2007-07-30
I tried this tip and it worked for awhile. I did find another technique that i couldn't believe until i saw it: use WD-40 on the crayon marks on the wall and this completly took off the lighter colors. For the darker colors it work as well but left a small amount of color as well. Follow up with some dishwasher detergent and hot water mix, this removed not only the leftover color but cleaned the walls to the brightest they havve beeen in awhile.

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