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Remove gum from leather car seats

To remove gum from leather car seats, first remove as much as you can with your fingers, gently, so you don't spread it out more. Then get clear Scotch tape (not magic tape) and use the Scotch tape to pick up the remaining gum. You'll go through about half a rool, but all the gum will come out. Works like a champ.

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Worked when ice didn't! Comments By: Deb on 2004-12-13
Gum was on leather sofa, too thin to freeze off. Reg. Scotch tape worked great! Didn't have to use that much.
Awesome Comments By: Michael on 2005-01-04
Had gum all over my leather driver's seat. An ordinary roll of scotch tape took if off in 2 minutes!! Great tip. Skip the ice, canola oil, WD 40 and goo be gone. This was easy, cheap, completely effective and did not damage the leather.
Excellent on my leather jacket Comments By: happy camper now on 2005-01-16
Chewing gum on my new leather jacket! It's light colored & very soft. I thought it was hopeless as any 'cleaner' might leave a darkened spot. The tape worked like a miracle!!!
FREAKIN AWESOME Comments By: Andrew on 2005-01-22
i got gum on my leather car seats, and was stressing about it, wondering if id be able to take it off. it took a little while, and not that much tape, but it all came off. god bless u.
Ooh it did actually work!! Comments By: qweasdzxckm on 2005-01-27
Was quite suspicios in the beginning since i thought it might damage the leather!
However it DID work and it did not leave any marks what so ever.
Good stuff, thanks for saving our sofa.

Peeling works better than blotting Comments By: Evan on 2005-02-18
Okay - I'm amazed too. Didn't work with packing tape. Only "scotch" tape. Try peeling the tape repeatedly from the area after pressing the tape into the gum. Blotting didn't seem to work as well. Took about 5 strips of tape to remove gum from jeans.
scotch tape Comments By: jay on 2005-02-24
tried it over 30 times

didnt work at all

Actually Works Comments By: Jordan on 2005-03-22
Took 1 hour and 1/2 roll scotch tape to take off and entire leather car seat covered in gum that had been there for a week. But it worked!
Didn't work for me Comments By: Son of a Gum on 2005-04-03
My son decided to put his gum all over the leather seats in our van about a week ago. I tried about a roll and a half of scotch tape, duct tape, electrical tape, hockey tape - you name it, I tried it. Wit heat and without heat.

I even tried several over the counter cleaners and theonly thing that worked was WD40. Of course this left it pretty slick so I then had to clean the seat completely with McGuires Leather Cleaner and then used a leather sealer and protector on the clean surface.

Worked with only a little marking Comments By: Alison on 2005-04-06
Tan leather coat, huge bit of gum from tube (nice!).
Scotch tape worked and has only left a slight mark which I think will fade with time and wearing.


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