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Remove gum from leather car seats

To remove gum from leather car seats, first remove as much as you can with your fingers, gently, so you don't spread it out more. Then get clear Scotch tape (not magic tape) and use the Scotch tape to pick up the remaining gum. You'll go through about half a rool, but all the gum will come out. Works like a champ.

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awesome! Comments By: LuvGisela on 2009-01-04
somehow i got gum on my new leather barstools. a friend of mine told me to try goo gone but i said i would google how to get it off. your site came up right away and it was the first method i tried. even though the gum was there for a week, scotch tape shipping tape worked great! thanks so much!
removing gum from leather sofa Comments By: grateful on 2009-01-06
We used clear packing tape to remove smeared gum from a leather sofa. After one hour of work, we cannot see the spot where the offending gum was located. THANK YOU!!!
HOLY Scotch Tape!! Comments By: Sherrie on 2009-01-08
It really works!! Took about 20 min and about a half of a roll of tape but it worked! I just kept applying and it eventually all came off on the tape!! Thanks everyone!!
worked great...but Comments By: richie on 2009-02-08
if you press down a bit too hard on the tape, you might just remove a bit of your leather. bummer! of course it might just be my cheap car seats
YAY FOR TAPE!!!! Comments By: Julie on 2009-02-08
Somehow ended up with gum on my new leather boots. The tape removed all of it. Brilliant!!!! I imagine that this would only work on newly chewed gum...needs to be sticky.
very useful Comments By: chad flinn on 2009-02-13
great tip. was very nervous about gum left on my leather car seats. tape worked a treat. cheers
PATIENCE, but works A+++ Comments By: Tom on 2009-02-18
Soiled gum all over my new car leather drivers seat. Patient use of clear tape (i.e. Scotch), using both thumbs applying pressure over small area then pulling vertically up snapping off the leather pulls small pieces of gum. Hard work but a great way to remove the gum without treatment. The only marks left were from stain removing solutions and alcohol that was suggested from another site. Thanks.
$1600 SAVED BY SCOTCH TAPE!!!! Comments By: Mike on 2009-02-22
Amazing, worked awesome, did not demage the leather color at all! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!
Got all the gum off a Patent Leather Coach Purse Comments By: Kathy on 2009-02-25
Before trying anything else my husband suggested checking on the internet to find a trick to the get the gum off the bottom of my brand new patent leather Coach purse. The tape worked perfectly, got all the gum off. I pressed down and removed slowly, several times. Very pleased with this advice and thankful for this info!!
chewing gum on leather Comments By: Rosalie Schall on 2009-03-15
chewing gum on my leather car seat was gone with 5 tries of scotch tape, then I did use a little goo gone to finish the job...and a great job it was. Thanks so much

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