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Smells odors coming from your kitchen drain

Submitted by ang

If you have odors coming from your kitchen drain, I will assume you have a garbage disposal. What happens is food gets stuck to the underside of the rubber flaps at the entrance of the drain and, stuck to the sides of the drain. The remedy is simple - by a large baby bottle brush at the dollar store. Stick it down the drain and rub it against the sides of the drain and the underside of the rubber at the entrance. Pull it out slowly or black, nasty, smelly gunk will fly everywhere.

Once you've given it a good cleaning, run some dishwashing soap down the drain.

Visitors comments

Odors From Kitchen Sink Comments By: Sue on 2006-05-03
Just run 1/2 of a lemon through the garbage disposal. Smells so nice and clean and eliminates the odors.
Agree with lemons Comments By: Shellie on 2006-07-22
Lemons and Oranges or limes work EXCELLENTLY! Also, just to clean both sides, get a disposal cleaner kit, just a dollar or two and do that about once every three months!
cheaper and better Comments By: soundtree on 2006-08-20
cup of bleach is cheaper and better.
not only gets rid of the smell but kills all the bacteria.

Agree with LEMONS too......but Comments By: Suzie on 2006-12-28
Orange, grapefruit, whatever citrus you have on hand. I drink tea with lemon a lot, so my squeezed lemon peels get tossed in. For a garbage disposal, also try puttin in ice cubes and vinegar....grind up.
kitchen drain smell/ no disposal Comments By: anon on 2009-04-20
How do you get rid of kitchen drain smells if you don't have a garbage disposal. Does not smell like sewer gas. Just stinky. Have tried chlorine bleach.

Another time have tried vinegar.

Have tried baking soda.

Have tried hot hot water.
I don't mix chemicals. Some of these things help for a day or so


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