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Cleaning your walls, wallpaper, and total home

Submitted by dorothy

Hi a long time ago i discovered a very inexpensive way to clean your wallpaper, paint and appliances, bathtubs with a biodegradable cleaning agent that is used everyday by auto mechanics . It is called Castoral Cleaner.

It comes in a large purple jug, and will last for a very long time. mix a few parts cleaning into a spray bottle with water and began washing. It is wonderful and whitens and brightens immediately. Use more or less in a bucket to clean your floors, especially the older linoleum floors it will take the black and tough spots right up just by leaving a little on the spot.

It also will clean you range top and your range vent. soak your antique or aged or even yellowed knickknacks in a sink with warm water and a 1/4 cup and you will be surprised at how they shine. The cost of this product is between $5-7 dollars for a gallon and it will last. you need very little.

The only minor inconvenience is it does have a slight odor and you do need to open your windows if in enclosed spaces.

Believe me your old will become new again; check it out

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