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Visitors tips Love bug removal - (Plecia nearctica)

Submitted by wfoux

A great way to remove the 'love bugs' from your car - use 'Bounce' Fabric Softener Sheets. Wet the front of your car and rub the sheet over the affected area of your car. They come off with EXTREME ease instead of the usual soaking and scrubbing needed! The sheets will stop working when all the white coating is gone. It takes about 3 sheets to clean the front and windshield of your car. This is a great tip for Texas and Louisiana residents that are plagued by these bugs during May and September.

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Love Bug Removal Comments By: Paul on 2009-10-02
The dryer cloth is an okay idea, but there is risk of abrasion to the car finish even is you wet the cars front, because you are rubbing the body of the bug into the car. A better way that I have found it to spray the bugs off with Blast Off love bug cleaner. You spray it on the windshield or whatever part of the car and let it sit for about a minute, then spray it off with a garden hose. This removes almost all the love bugs. The Blast off cleaner also neutralizes the acid so that any bug that is left won't eat into the paint. So, you can either rub the few love bug remnants then while they are easy to remove with a soft sponge (or something that doesn't have fibers like the dryer cloth), or wait till later when you have more time. Since the acid is now neutralized, it won't matter if you wait a few days to get the remaining love bug body parts off.

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