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Visitors tips DIY Drum Pad (FrisPad)

Submitted by Steve

DIY Drum Pad (FrisPad)

What you need: 
Drum Module (mine is an Alesis D4)
Plain old frisbee (mine is 9")
Mouse pad (open-celled foam rubber) 
Plastic Lid (I used one from a gallon of ice-cream) 
Drum Trigger (mine are made by DrumDial)
Rubber Cement. 
PVC Cement.
Various nuts and bolts for mounting.

I cut a circle out of the ice-cream lid to fit the flat underside of the frisbee. I glued it in place with PVC cement. This just added thickness to the frisbee. I then cut a circle out of an old mouse pad as large as possible. It turned out to be 7 � ". I centered it and glued the circle to the top of the frisbee with Rubber Cement, then turned the frisbee over so the mouse pad side was on my workbench, set a weight on it and walked away. After everything dried over night, VOILA... instant FrisPad! Attach the trigger to the underside using the mounting tape that came with it. Zip tied the lead wire to the bolt and it was finished. Simple enough.

My whole set is triggered. After hooking the pad up to the D4 there was a slight problem with false triggering when I hit the Roto-Toms but this was a simple fix by adjusting the sensitivity of the trigger. 

BE CAREFUL or you�ll put your eye out. These instructions are presented as information only. You should always use caution when working with power tools and electronics. Always get permission from your wife before you decide to turn one of the kids Frisbees into a drum pad. If you are serious about making one of these, email me with any questions or upgrades you might have. I would love to hear your ideas. I plan on making more if it holds up to the stress. With enough FrisPads, you could make a whole set!

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