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Hot water for poison ivy

Submitted by tpep100

If you get a poison Ivy rash, place affected area under tap with warm water in a sink or shower. Slowly increase the warmth of the water until it is as hot as you can stand it for as long as you can stand it. Pat dry and coat with aloe vera gel or good lotion.

This will temporarily take the itch out for at least an hour or two. Repeat the process after it starts to itch again. The rash will dry up much sooner and not spread.

Visitors comments

dont even try Comments By: john on 2006-07-04
this doesnt work just runs the water bill
Does work -- Comments By: Anon. on 2006-09-25
Worked great -- but after the HOT water you slowly switch to COLD at the end.
Feels Good Comments By: K. Ziegler on 2007-08-05
With all the money spent on over the counter remedies, hot water in a ashower or bath relieved the symptoms best. The itch and burning of the rash stays away for a few hours. Just repeat the process for relief.
Very Useful Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-22
Hot water feels like the equivalent of scratching, but without the damage to your skin or chance of tearing open the rash/blisters.

Switching to cool at the end restricts the blood vessels and increases the time of your relief.

Hot water feels very good Comments By: Joann on 2009-05-13
The hot water followed by rubbing with ice then calamine lotion did wonders for me. I can't believe how good the hot water feels!!!!!
Life saver Comments By: Patricia O'Rourke on 2009-08-09
Wow - this really works. I stayed in a hot shower and then ran cold and was able to sleep all night! I am very susceptible to itching and this is a god send - better than the prescription strenth hydocortisone cream I tried.

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