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Advice for carpal tunnel syndrome

Submitted by Cheryl

For carpal tunnel syndrome before you go get operated on, try your local chiropractor, and possibly changing your job. I had to wear a wrist brace for 3 years. I changed my job and it helped tremendously. Then I went to a chiropractor and I am cured! Boy am I glad I didn't go for that operation my doctor suggested!

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Chiro is the cure! Comments By: D from California on 2006-09-20
I also turned down surgery and headed to the chiropractors office and I am working full time pain free again
Carpal Tunnel is caused by....... Comments By: Connie on 2006-09-30
a lack of B-6....Taking a supplement of B-6 will stop the pain. I used to work for a Dr. of Kinesiology and this is what he recommended for his patients.

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