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Cold sores and vaseline

Submitted by Miss Rachet

Vaseline petroleum jelly rubbed in as soon as you feel a cold sore developing will reduce the size and duration, and sometimes prevent it entirely. Keep the spot covered with Vaseline until it has healed. It will be less painful, and less apt to crack and bleed as it heals. I used to get cold sores 3 or 4 times a year, haven't had one since using Vaseline. It's important to keep the Vaseline on it. I think it works by depriving the virus of air.

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best method Comments By: Anni on 2005-01-23
ive found that vaseline is the best method for it, it makes the skin soft and then it disappears entirly, within 3 days, no pain and its not a difficult process... give it a go!
Hmm, not to sure. Comments By: charlottebaker on 2008-12-04
I have had a cold sore which came out on Monday (3daysago) and it is now Thursday and I have to say it has got a lot worse. I had a little one on my top lip and in the same place on my bottom lip. I put vaseline on both lips, and the one on the top lip cleared but the bottom one has continued to get larger. I have applied vaseline about every 15 minutes because the pain is actually really bad. I also used blisterx, but nothing is working.
Still undecided about vaseline.

Dont use vaseline Comments By: Kays on 2008-12-28
Vaseline just clogs up your cold sore and gets it infected more then it already is.
This is what I did when I had a Cold Sore; Apply 1 block of ice to it and hold it there as long as you can handle it for about a 30 minutes, then DONT pick your lip or it will get even more infected. every time its chapped apply 1 block of ice to your cold sore.

DONT DO THIS Comments By: luna on 2009-01-28
Ive done this before and I've never seen such a bad response. The blister was so big it covered the corner of my mouth! Don't use vaseline! Im trying the bleach method- people are raving about it...
definately do not do this Comments By: anon on 2009-05-05
vaseline will only make it worse. Putting it on your sore is like feeding the sore. Vaseline is just a lubricant and has no actual medicinal purpose
COLDSORE EXPERT Comments By: ed on 2009-07-28
im fighting against coldsores 24/7 i use a lipbalm witch protects your from sun,wind and the cold, if you feel a tingle put on dual action cold sore lotion, witch is a liquid(smells of alcohol), keep putting it on untill it goes(and it norammly dose)and i use ice if i feel a lump aswell. give it ago people you will be pleased!
Disagree Comments By: Ellen Ross on 2009-11-02
i disagree with this, i have two colesores on both sides of my mouth + no matter what i do they nver seem to go away I HATEE IT :( it's very emmbarresing.
But ive tried Vaseline + it's SHITEEE never ever seems to work!! NOT GOOD :(

COLD SORES SUCK Comments By: Khadiya on 2010-04-26
I have always gotten cold sores. In the past few years that gotten worse but I think that it is mostly my fault. Lately I have changed my eating habits, began exercising more, applied burt's bees lip balm on my lips religiously, and prayed to God about it. It is all about stress. They are most likely to occur when you are under stressed. So calm down, I know they are embarrassing but freaking out will only make it worse. Pray, meditate, do some yoga. Whatever, just relax. To further prevent them, try, Lysine. I think if I took these vitamins as I should I would probably never have a cold sore.
nooooooooooooo Comments By: bob on 2010-08-10
vaseline is grease so it is really not a good idea to do that that like saying put lard on ur spots :S dumb ass if u do this
STEP AWAY FROM THE VASELINE!! Comments By: <3 Lesley on 2010-11-15
If you put vaseline on a cold sore it only grows bigger but the solution is to use a lipbalm i usually use carmex and it works a treat!
ABREVA WORKS BEST!!! Comments By: Claire on 2010-12-14
Its a medicine and it stops the coldsore from getting bigger and it goes away witin the hour or a day! I use it and it really does work!
Cold Sores Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-29
Vaseline may work for some people. It just depends on who. Most people can use abreva or something to cure their coldsores, but those make mine worse. But the Vaseline made mine better. So there really is no right or wrong here. Its just what works for you.
Definitely made it smaller and less hurtful Comments By: Harriet on 2011-02-14
It made it smaller and it didn't last for a week it was there for 3 days!
Fastest way to get rid! Comments By: Nat on 2011-02-25
Ibe had a cold sore com up about 2days ago and it's still in blister form I think I got it from the sun when I was on holiday last week. I've got some blistex lip stuff an have bin usin it since. I was just wanderin if it is good stuff or just cheap stuff if u no wat i mean. Can anyone help me what would be the fastest way to get rid of it? Thx.

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