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To get rid of hic ups

Submitted by Morgan

To get rid of hic ups, take a deep breath in, shut your eyes, and draw an elephant. It works every time!

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doesn't work Comments By: JOe MIndyourbuisness on 2004-12-15
It doesn't work :(
worked! Comments By: tiffany on 2005-07-03
i had the hiccups for 3 hours. i thought this looked funny, but i tried it and it worked. thanks
Doesnt Work Comments By: Mathieu on 2005-07-10
I tried it and it didnt work though now im stuck with a hiccup and a very lame elephant drawing... Does the beauty of the drawing count? (lol)
hic-up Comments By: Stacy Giggles on 2006-03-30
It sooo didnt work, and my elephant looks like an ant!
it works Comments By: travis on 2007-03-01
totally worked for me
Awesome Comments By: jack on 2007-07-04
It worked perfectly!!!!!!!
no Comments By: paul on 2007-08-01
didnt work
Workd kinda Comments By: Amy on 2007-09-03
I did the first two parts and it worked, i didnt do the drawing part, no need to. My hicups were gone. I thnk a lot of ths has to do with concentration.
it worked Comments By: Mindy on 2008-01-20
you must draw a good elephant in your head
I do not know if it works but i do like elephants Comments By: Jenny on 2008-02-23
I think that elephant are awsome but laty i have not had the hicups so i still do not know if it works. Also you can not say that it works or not because it is all about your timing and if you were doing anything else that could have possibly made your hicups stop.
hicup for 24 hrs Comments By: david witt on 2008-04-26
this is f****** amazing, worked...
this is rediculus Comments By: tara on 2008-07-14
how can that work i never thought id get rid of them thx 4 the tip
Nice! Comments By: Jenna on 2008-08-14
I've tried everything since I get the hiccups all the time.

THIS WORKED FOR ME! (and I didn't think it would)

ZOMG!!! Comments By: Sarasvatii on 2008-08-29
that's so uber. it worked !!!
Amazing! Comments By: Lil A on 2008-10-05
It worked 1st time! I guess I consentrated for so long that i didn't hiccup! Thanx!
NOOOO Way it worked! Comments By: Will on 2008-12-02
the entire time I was drawing I was thinking that this is so stupid.... But it worked for me.. How funny!
WOW IT WORKED Comments By: KLYFE on 2008-12-29
it worked Comments By: anon on 2009-01-13
it really worked thank you so much
It Worked Comments By: John on 2009-04-27
I keep getting hiccups like three times a day does anyone no y?
awsome it worked Comments By: anon on 2009-10-09
awsome it worked i loved it now i know what to do can you do it with drawing a different animal or drawing with your fingeg
awsome it worked Comments By: anon on 2009-10-09
awsome it worked i loved it now i know what to do can you do it with drawing a different animal or drawing with your finger
= ) Comments By: anon on 2009-12-12
this actually workss :O just need to concentrate and draw anything tbh! thankss :L
haha Comments By: mikey on 2010-04-20
totatly worked i drew the elephant in the air while holding my breath and closing my eyes thats insane
I'm actually impressed! Comments By: Richard on 2010-06-03
I wasn't counting on this to work at all but it actually did! Very impressive indeed!
Omg Comments By: Claudia on 2010-11-12
It worked for me:))
WOW! Comments By: sarahjane on 2010-11-24
This soooo worked!!! but i didnt use paper just 'air' drew it!!! cheers for the tip.Will certainly try that one again and its good for kids.

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