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Hiccups were INSTANTLY cured

Submitted by Joy & Naomi

To relieve someone other than yourself of hiccups ask them what their favorite ice cream is. Works really well. I have stopped many a "hiccuper" in the grocery store with it and also the 2-12 graders I substitute teach for.

Visitors comments

Sorry but... Didn't work! Comments By: Sam on 2005-08-02
I tried your advice on getting rid of my friends hiccups but, it is very unreal and really doesn't work. thanks anyways!
it worked Comments By: Maxx Grandel on 2005-09-12
i called my bro after visiting the web site and asked him to ask me my favorite ice cream and i told him "chocolate . . . chocolate ice cream" went on thinking it wouldn't work but i never hicuped after
thaks tipking .com,

gtgyty Comments By: MOM on 2006-01-20
Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it did not work for me
bogus remedy Comments By: LenaC on 2006-03-11
This remedy has never once worked for me or anyone else i've tried it several times but thanks for trying
It worked Comments By: Johnwithnohicups on 2006-10-05
I asked myself what Ice-cream I like and I really really put some effort into the answer, really thought about what ice-cream I like, not too sure if I prefer a brunch or an Ice-berger, but I love magnum white too. But anyway it seems to have worked. Strange.....
HOLY COW !!!!! Comments By: dwin on 2007-03-21
I can't believe it! My daughter had the hiccups all day at school and all evening after. I read this tip and laughed but I decided to try it. It worked. We laughed our butts off. THANKS........I am not lying either...it worked.
WOW ! I cant beleive it Comments By: Sarah on 2008-02-25
I had the hiccups for at least 30 minutes an I asked my mom to ask me what my favorite ice cream was, I answered an they were gone!Thats pretty awesome!
i dint work! Comments By: abhisehk on 2008-05-30
ha i asked everyone to ask me which icecream i like.. but even after eating the icecream it dint stop!!! ha!! lol
Reason for failure Comments By: Johnny Boy on 2008-10-21
I've used this tip several times, on other people and myself... the thing is ya just can't ask what ice cream, especially to yourself, for it to work on me I have to think about what I like about the various icecreams, iceberger, when its soft, and melted, squezzing the baps together and licking the ice cream out, or the brunch, again when melted licking the little coloured bits off... and hey presto, this has just worked again by typing it, you have to put the effort into thinking about it, so if it doesn't work for someone ask them what it is they like about the icecream, and tell you in detail... it should work for definite...
weird... Comments By: Austin on 2008-11-27
It worked really well.8>
Spooky Comments By: Craig on 2009-02-26
12 hours of violent hicups gone in an instant. Muchas gracias
GONE =) Comments By: Cain on 2009-06-12
Am at school ask my friend to say to me what ice cream do you like and i said it and they went sooooooooooo happy =) had them for 5 hours

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