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Sore throat. Honey and lemon for a sore throat

Submitted by CC

Take a teaspoon full of honey and squeeze some lemon juice on it..then hold it over the stove untill it barely starts to bubble.

Let it cool down a bit cause the spoons gonna be hella hot and swallow it... not only does it taste amazing.. but will help your sore throat

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Try tea its safer Comments By: rachel on 2005-03-03
I have heard of a tea for sore throats from lemon, honey, and (yuck) orange tang which worked. The first 2 ingredients have antibacterial/antiseptic properties. Have no idea why the Tang was added but the whole remedy worked.
Grandma's advice Comments By: Dr, Bob on 2005-12-24
Since Grandma says it works that makes it work. Perhaps psychological, but who cares. it works.
once again it depends Comments By: Anon on 2006-08-06
last time i had a sore throat lemon and honey was a god send, now that i have glandular fever its the most painful thing i can think of to do, it actually made my eyes water when i drank it. . cos i put warm water in with it as that makes it easier to drink for me. .
attention Comments By: Glen on 2006-09-03
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be4 the fight Comments By: bob foster on 2006-11-15
im boxing over in ireland in a few days ,m and have a cold atm i am using this method its seems to of helped a bit , i just hope it works by friday
Works well Comments By: razielle on 2007-02-27
This is a good tip, wish I'd found it this morning when my throat was so sore it was agony to swallow. Much better already and I only finished the honey/lemon/warm water a few minutes ago! Thanks.
Gonna give it a try Comments By: Suzy on 2007-04-10
I have a really sore throat and no voice. I've tried everything else I can think of so this has to be worth a go. Will update later on the outcome
Wow! Comments By: Nikki with parents as doctors! on 2007-07-24
I may be a kid but this really worked! My dad and mom are doctors and they had both got a sore throat! I am ten and I looked up many cures for them but this one really worked! Thanx!
:O Comments By: x-Miss-Millie-x on 2007-10-22
i h8 honey and i h8 lemon!! i had that medicine called "buttercup" and that has honey and lemon in it anyway i tok it 4 my tikly cough but it didnt work so i had 2 resort 2 another solution and that was benylin(another medicine) any1 else feels the same??
works well short term Comments By: anon on 2007-11-01
honey and lemon works well for sore throats whiledrinking it but it doesnt have a great long term effect
brandy Comments By: pips on 2008-02-13
my boyfriend made it with adding brandy..worked a treat!!!!
hey asap Comments By: aaron on 2008-04-03
what about flavored honey or already squeezed will that help to over hot water boiled
kind of works Comments By: julien on 2008-04-23
It's my second day and even water or medication alone hurts like mad. This went down more easily also it still hurts quite a bit
Honey and Lemon Comments By: papasmurf on 2008-09-08
nothing really works that great so it doesn't hurt to try. Plus, it taste great!
Love the honey and lemon flavor on a sore throat.

Works amazing Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-11
Wow! I tried it, and guess what, not only did my throat recover, but it hurt my throat virus enough that I can talk again. Woo Hoo!
does it work??? Comments By: bella on 2008-12-03
i have such a sore throat and i have a school play tomorrow!!! does anyone think that it will go abit by tomorrow
Great thing to do, but... Comments By: Matt on 2008-12-15
This is great, but don't forget to let it cool first. When your throat is sore, don't drink anything very hot or cold. Room temperature is always best. Lots of room temperature water is good, too. You still need to keep yourself hydrated.
hi Comments By: throat ulcers on 2008-12-21
hi all. but i feel extremely pain where im drinking it. is this normal?
Yuk Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-04
Woke up this mornin with sore throat tried honey lemon in hot water, it tasted disgusting and hasnt helped 1 bit
how much Comments By: anan on 2009-01-07
its supposed to be good, doctor told me to try it. but how much honey and how much lemon?
Amazing Comments By: Jesse on 2009-01-13
This stuff really does work. My dad always told me to drink this, and I usually do and I lose the pain and fall right asleep. It also helps with any cough that I might have. =]
Why Does It Work? Comments By: SickofBeing Sick on 2009-02-13
I had an extremely bad sore throat for 1 month & 2 weeks - I had been avoiding honey and lemon because I hate the smell of honey - finally I gave in - Lo and Behold within one hour the pain was gone - I simply can't believe it! I had tried Excedrin Extra Strength, Advil, Sudafed -to open the Eustacian tubes) - NOTHING WORKED.... then Voila!

I am impressed! But does anyone know why?? Very curious as to the actual mechanism.

WtH Comments By: babezzz on 2009-03-23
ThiS TasteD DisgustinG!
AnD IT MadE ME FeeL SicK!
My ThroaT StilL HurtS
ActuallY IT HurtS LikE HelL!
Don'T BotheR TO TrY iT!

Im a Singer Comments By: Sophie Green on 2009-03-25
I am a singer and I always drinkl honey and lemon. Dunno how it works butit seems to do so! The first tim eI made it I nearly threw up, sooo vile!! But I managed to get myself to like it!! Dont give up with it, If you make it too sweet it can make you feel ill, so be careful!!
wow Comments By: E.L. on 2009-05-19
I tried this and when I was about to take it I told myself, "This better work" and I took it, swallowed it and my throat feels a bit better! :D
IT WORKS Comments By: Shikinikah on 2009-06-26

Works pretty good, mostly short term Comments By: tina turner. on 2009-07-21
I tried it last night in green tea, and i put lots of lemon and honey which tasted very good! when the tea help very much, i swallowed 1 tb. spoon of pure honey with a bit of lemon and it worked really good! in the morning my throat was a bit better but not much so i would say it's mostly short term, but it helps when trying to go to sleep! Plus it's all natural and less expensive then buying actual medicine.
please please work Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-15
ga!! both my parents are doctors and they say there is nothing you can do when you loose your voice but wait. i NEED TO TALK!!! very desperate. it been completely gone all day (as in hardly even a whisper) and im desperate to have it back by tomorrow night. im sitting at the comp wth a teapot full of honey/lemon tea. it had better work. xxhopefulxx p.s. put lots of honey in..i dont think i put enuf in
WORKS IN SECONDS!!!! Comments By: jordan on 2009-09-19
during the winter and fall, i get sore throats like every 3 weeks and IM SO TIRED OF IT! garggling salt water doesnt really work for me, so , i decided to look up cures, and i found this one. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! as soon as i was done drinkin it, my pain was relived! i was soooo happy!
It really does work! Comments By: Penney on 2009-10-07
I've been putting honey and lemon in warm water for about a year now when I start to feel achy and like I'm getting a cold - headache, sore throat, etc. It really does help. It takes the pain away quickly and the heat loosens up congestion.
Not sure Yet Comments By: Karina Cavazos on 2009-11-11
My moms being using the remedy for years and it works so when i lost my voice i tried it because i have to do church choir in a few days and to me it tastes gross and i havent gotten results yet but it definetly made my throat feel a bit better,
Needed a remedy. This worked :) Comments By: Bekki on 2009-11-18
I'm a singer and got a really sore throat when i'm recording a song soon, i needed a remedy that would work FAST!

I tried some honey, by itself first.
That worked, although i found it was quite sickly.

So i put 2 TEASPOONS of honey into my tea.
Let it cool first and then drank it.
It worked a treat!

It was lovely too because the honey melted into the tea so it wasn't really sweet.

The Best Product Comments By: Matt Goodenough on 2009-11-26
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Who would of thought ! Comments By: Val on 2009-11-30
I went to the doctor had anitbiotics and nothing was working tried lemon and honey at work and was able to sleep and talk.
Who would of thought ! Comments By: Val on 2009-11-30
I went to the doctor had anitbiotics and nothing was working tried lemon and honey at work and was able to sleep and talk.
it works Comments By: bex on 2010-02-04
i always know when am getting a sore throat as my throat is dry all the time for 2 days and then i have a achey sore throat for a week i got fed up of coughing this time so tried this and its alot beta
You never heat raw honey until it boils! Comments By: Will on 2010-03-02
Honey in its purest form (not heated in any way which will destroy its healthy enzymes (healthy organisms) that attack and kill GERMS.
This sore throat remedy works best with honey in its pristine raw state...Never heated!

Tried everything - Honey was the best Comments By: Alex on 2010-03-12
Tried Difflam spray, tried water with salt, tried cuprofen. The only thing that helped immediately was thick Manuka Honey on a teaspoon- not even a whole teaspoon necessary. just a tiny bit of honey. Keep it in your mouth for a few seconds and then gargle with it and swallow - Amazing! You can aslo add a few drops of lemon juice...
sore throat gone!! :D Comments By: works great on 2010-03-17
omg! You all have to try this!
Also, I don't only drink this when I have a sore throat.. but even when I'm Okay! it works like a charm..
u can either choose : Honey and lemon with out heat
2) or honey and lemon with heat
3) or tea and honey.
4) or hot chicken soop!! YUMMY!!
just try it it works gr8.. u will be fine nooo worries guys ;)

STINGS Comments By: BOB on 2010-03-19
Iv tryed this so many time but everytime i do it my throat stings like crazy it like if u put lemon on a cut that how the pain is can some one help
REASONS WHY! Comments By: trainee nurse on 2010-04-03
Im a student nurse so ive seen a bit of this. I personally have it with boiling water lots of honey and a squeezed lemon, wait for it to cool a little, but drink it like a tea.

Reason why the honey works is because it has healing properties, the best kind is manuka honey although its quite expensive so normal honey would help too.
Honey has antibacterial chemicals which help fight/stop infections. Manuka honey is even used on open wounds such as 'leg ulcers' to help heal, and it works fantastically.
Lemon however not only flavours the drink, but contains alot of vitamin C which again helps prevent infection and not only this it has high antioxidants which are believed to fight off cancer cells and all sorts.

ouch! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-30
just tried it. my throat is burning, making my eyes water. swallowing, which hurt before, now actually feels good compared to what i'm feeling from the honey and lemon. Maybe its just me. hope you all have better luck than me!
How to make holy lemon juice Comments By: God on 2010-05-17
Take a lemon. Put it between your palms and squeeze until all the juice drips out. Voila! Holy lemon juice that can cure your sore throat.
Helped a little Comments By: Gem88 on 2010-05-18
While taking it it feels nice and for about a 20 seconds after i had no pain now its back ever so slightly better,but im hoping seem as its good for fighting infections it might be a bit better tomorrow,here's hoping! :)
Honey and lemon tea - the magic cure! Comments By: Creesee on 2010-05-26
I've had a horrible sore throat and an annoying dry cough!!!!! I've taken prescribed pain med, cough med (over the counter and prescribed) all worked in their due time, but if you want to STOP the sore-throat pain within minutes, please try the following: squeeze a large lemon into a coffee size cup, pour about 4 tablespoons of pure honey, boil a cup of water with the lemon you used, ginsing green tea/lemon, pour hot lemon water in cup with tea bag, honey and lemon, let cool and drink...Your sour throat will subside within minutes and so will the annoying dry cough. Actually, it produce a productive cough. Good luck!
Honey and Lemon -- AMAZING Comments By: Roosevelt on 2010-06-26
This is working amazingly ! I've had strep throat for about 4 days now and nothing has been working as far as me healing and getting better. Before I used to spit out any saliva that came in my mouth.. Now the pain is bearable..
It Actually Workss!! and Im A Singerr!! Comments By: Anniee xxxxx on 2010-08-02
Im 13 And I Had A Sore Throat For about 2 weeks but after i tried this rememdy I feel better and I didnt have a squeaky singing voice afterwards!! THANKSS
the best thing 2 do no joke Comments By: branche on 2010-09-13
honey\ any whisky( bells does the trick ) \hot water in a cup done
bull! Comments By: dissapointed on 2010-09-21
It did not work at all gosh, dont get gassed over this tip
its helps trust me Comments By: anon on 2010-10-16
it does help, lemon n honey with water tastes yuk but it does help, ive even been having just spoonfuls of honey cz even tht helps exp when u gt a really bad throat like mine when it hurts just to even swallow ur own saliva!!
Very useful for musicians in need of recovering quickly Comments By: Emma on 2010-10-21
Try manuka honey if you can get some, it's good a lot of goodness in it and doesn't taste as sugary and sickly as gooey honey, it's a lot thicker and when mixed with the lemon is delish! I'm a musician and sing so it is very good if I need to get better from a lost/sore voice quickly. Here's to honey and lemon!
love it! Comments By: anon on 2010-11-12
last night the coughing and sore throat woke me up so i took some lemon and honey and it definitely helped ease me back to sleep
Yuk Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-28
just tried some and all it did was make it worse.
Lemon and Honey! NOT!!! Comments By: B-Weezy on 2010-12-28
i just tried this remedy and it did not work! it was too thick even when i put a little more then a few lemon drops....I felt like i was choking :( ......i say just stick with tea! <3
IT WORKS Comments By: linda on 2011-03-02
have a really bad sore throat and tried everything bought some honey and a lemon and all i done was put two teaspoons in a mug with a slice of lemon, it really helped think some people use too much lemon which is why it will sting just a little wedge in hot water with honey
Honey for sore throat Comments By: Chrissi on 2011-03-27
This really does work! I am a singer and every week @ school I do 2 speeches. I tried this the night before and it worked wonders!!! Please try this! It relieves pain like never before!
HONEY HURTS! Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-09
ribena Comments By: vicki on 2011-07-12
i have my honey and lemon with a mug of warm/hot ribena it tastes great and really works make ur ribena with cold water add half squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of honey then heat in microwave for about 2 mins yum yum

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