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Cold sore cured with toothpaste

Submitted by Karis

Put toothpaste on your cold sore during the night when you sleep, this will help the blister dry up and heal faster. It is a little painful at first, but the pain goes away in 5 minutes or less.

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Toothpaste Really works Comments By: kimberly on 2005-03-17
My cold sore has been getting bigger and bigger. And it was really sore. I have been searching for really anything. I had an operation recently and was under general anesthesia my mouth has been really dry....then I woke up with a cold sore. I have use carmex and camphor...but it was sore and painful. I did not have anything around the house except for toothpaste and about 3 min aftter I put it on...the pain has gone away. I am very optimistic about it healing the blisters. Thanks for the person who suggested it.
I HATE COLDSORES Comments By: JENNY JACOBS on 2008-08-06
cold sore Comments By: chris on 2008-08-17
dam this really works toothpaste took my fever blister away very qiuck thanks to who ever requested this
Brand Comments By: taco on 2008-08-20
I find that the only toothpaste that works for me so far is colgate total, as a rule I dont use it to brush my teeth because it ends up tasting like shit, but it works great for the cold sore
Bull Comments By: sarah on 2008-09-20
I did this and I woke up with two.. twice as big! it was hideous. im never trying this remedy again! and i dont suggest anyone else to either.
Been doing this for years, only thing that works for me. Comments By: Dylan on 2008-10-13
I have been doing this to my fever blisters for years, but it's important that you use a baking soda toothpaste, as I think that's what helps most. Perhaps baking soda would be enough, but I have had such good results with this, I haven't tried the baking soda alone. I use toothpaste, not just at night but anytime I'm at home and not going anywhere (which is often when I have a fever blister.)After about an hour or two I use a wet paper towel to gently remove the toothpaste and reapply it.
COLD SORES Comments By: ryan on 2008-11-12
Okay I know this will sound funny but if you put a little dab of YOUR OWN poop on the cold sore, it will go away overnight. this was recommended to me by a dermatoglogist. i am greatful to have learned that such a nasty thing can treat cold sores. try it. it does work.
IDK? Comments By: (Yaz.Myn] on 2009-01-29
okay so the last few weeks my fever blister was just one but in the next days i noticed little bumps form my first reaction do i have a diease?!?!(but i ddnt) im desperate its all over my top lip so i put half toothpaste and half neosporin..hope it works.
Currentky trying this Comments By: Becca on 2009-05-06
Iam 12 years old and I have also recently had a major operation. I woke up this morning with what i thought was just a spot on my lip. But now its at blistering stage and i figured it war a coldsore. I am trying the toothpaste remedy and it sure stings , but i hope it will of cleared up by the morning. Thanku very much x
Definately. So far anyway.. Comments By: Rochelle on 2009-07-24
just tried the toothpaste thing. it made the blister flat and dried it. i've read somewhere to use baking soda? so i used arm&hammer toothpaste which has baking soda in it. seems to be workin! (repost tomorrow to see how it looks when i wake up) :/
Ouch! Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-22
Oh no, toothpaste seems to be making mine worse..it's now more swollen. Is this normal? Uhh, hate these things. Pray this works!
Toothpaste THEN neosporin worked :) Comments By: Molly on 2009-11-26
Hey, just wanted to repost and let y'all know it's day 3 of my blister (and Thanksgiving Day) and it's almost gone! I wish the family was getting together tomorrow instead, so it'd be MORE gone, but at least I can be thankful that I came to this site and read the toothpaste remedy.

As I stated in my other comment, the morning I woke up with that blister on the corner of my mouth, I popped it with a sterile needle, drained the fluid out, spent the day dabbing it with rubbing alcohol, then went to bed w/ a huge dab of white toothpaste on it. In the morning, blister was GONE and in its place (this was yesterday) was a small dark scab. I spent the day making sure it was constantly covered with neosporin, but by about 2 or 3 pm the scab had moistened enough and pretty much fell off (helped a bit - but don't pull it off if it's not ready! Mine was already separated from the skin so I just gently lifted it off).

Spent last night (night two) with neosporin on it, woke up this morning and washed it gently with a q-tip and peroxide. Dried it off with the other side of the q-tip and bits of dry skin came off. Re-applied neosporin - I think by the time I take my shower and get ready for Thanksgiving dinner later today, it'll be ok to just wash it lightly in the shower, try to get all the dead skin off of it that I can (as long as it's wet and ready to come off) and put a small amount of concealer on it to hide the bright pink of the new skin.

I'm tellin y'all, this worked for me SO well. I think it's more of a 4-day remedy than a 3-day, since it's not 100% gone today, but this beats the heck out of a two-week cold sore like in the past!

Thanks everyone!

IT WORKED!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Comments By: Molly on 2009-11-25
I woke up yesterday morning (two days before Thanksgiving w/ ALL of my family members) with a cold sore, already turned blister during the night. After freaking out and cursing, I got on the 'net and came to this site - I found all of these comments about using toothpaste, or toothpaste and salt, but very few saying how it turned out.
Yesterday I took a sterile needle and popped the blister(s) and got all the fluid out that I could, using the needle long-ways to push it out. Washed and dried the sore, then dabbed it with rubbing alcohol. That hurt, but I wanted to keep it from getting infected. I did that throughout the day, kept dabbing it with alcohol every few hours.
Then at bed-time, I covered the thing in a gob of white toothpaste (KEY - IT MUST NOT BE GEL!) Went to bed. Woke up - blister is completely gone and just a tiny, shrunken up scab. Now I have carmex on it to get the scab to go away - but on second thought I think I'll put neosporin on it. I can't believe it's already a scab on day two, this is so rad. If the scab's gone by tomorrow I'll let y'all know.

TOOTHPASTE?? Comments By: Wonders?? on 2009-12-07
well i have a cold sore, once again.. you see these things come and go all the time.. i hate them cause they are embarrasing and since im only 15 people in high school with all of the immature people who make fun of me for it and some even say i have a disease :( its not fun so i would like a good way to get rid of it fast (now i have two!!) that wont make it worse.. someone please help!?!?
does it work?/?????? Comments By: fay on 2010-02-20
im gonna try the tooth paste thing to day coz this cold sore is really getin on my nerve i can feel it on my face as well il post tommoz nd tell u wat happend : )
i need help Comments By: alissa on 2010-02-23
i have tried alot of things for my cold sores they come back every year .....make me very depresses .....i will try the toothpase thing i hope it works because i won't go anywhere until its gone if u have any more advice please please tell me .....btw i rated 5 beacuz i havent tried it yet
ouch!! Comments By: Angeline on 2010-03-25
i have had toothpaste on for 2 days now and my cold sore is scabbed up but its HUUUUGE and swollen still. with the toothpaste on it stings soooooo bad but im trying to deal with it. I dont know if thats normal or if i should take it off. but my cold sore is scabbed up, yellowish, and swollen
garlic Comments By: anon on 2010-05-16
i have a sore and i use garlic on it , when i put it one it hurt soo bad bu just the the sore dried and now it dosent hurt that much so i think yuo need to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!
garlic Comments By: anon on 2010-05-16
i used a small bit of garlic and my sore started to hurt alot but i still had it one for 3 min (180 sec) and when i took it off i still hade pain for 2 sec later the pain was gone and my sore to like magic
oh yesss Comments By: omgitzmsbutts hmu on aiim on 2010-06-10
yo i got 5 blisters on my lips but i suffer widd them i ut toothpaste on it will it go away i hope so
It works!! (: Comments By: Tayyao on 2010-06-15
Sunday night I found a cold sore in the left corner of my mouth. I was so mad and I was freaking out, so I rushed to the computer and started searching things to do for cold sores. I ran accross a simple remedy, Put Vicks on your cold sore and it should be gone over night. So that's what I did. When I woke up Monday morning the thing was giant! Luckily it is summer break but it's still makes me really self concious. So all of Monday I popped the nasty thing, doused it in peroxide, rubbed a salt mixture over it(salt and peroxide) and put garlic on it. I did that ALL day. The swelling stop and it was pretty much dried up. But I wasn't taking any chances. So I mixed Colgate White and salt, and put a giant glob of in on the cold sore. When I woke up today(Tuesday) all that was left was a scab. I am seening my boyfriend later today so I am going to put more of the toothpaste solution on it little scab. Thank you so much! <3
Works Comments By: Aaron on 2010-06-28
Been doing this for a few years now... But damn does it burn on a fresh cold sore... Feels like a bee sting. Oh well. How us men suffer for looks. *Im typing this while I have a coldsore lol and in pain*
BLISTER Comments By: christina on 2010-06-29
ok.. so i have a blister 6-29-10 and it wont go away and ive went to the pharmacy to get medicine and started taking it today but tommorrow im going out to a big place and i dont know what to do. so i put tooth paste on it to see if it works hopefully it goes away if anybody knows about this please comment back and let me know how it went.
toothpaste works Comments By: anon on 2010-07-02
Toothpaste cures alot of stuff.
this is maybe my second experince with a cold sore in my life.... but the first thing that popped into my head was put toothpaste on it. and tooth paste also helps if you have a minor zit as well. seriously.I always use it cuz it dries it up.

coresore Comments By: jessica on 2010-07-13
i woke up 3 days ago with a cold sore and ive been using toothpaste on it since i knew it was a coldsore and its almost gone. i think this works really well and i reccomend it to people. keep reaplying the toothpaste as often as you can and it should be gone a lot faster then you hoped!
I Don't Know Comments By: HollyBerry on 2010-07-20
I have a cold sore right now and it's HUGE and its made all around it, even the inside of my lip, swollen! I am trying the Toothpaste thing and it stings, but I'm hoping its going to work. I have also heard the tea bag and the garlic thing. Do you just use powder garlic or what. I need some help please I want it gone in a few days not three weeks....
licorice salt bakin soda Comments By: Becca Sue on 2010-09-14
First DO NOT pop or pick at it I have suffered from cold sores since I was about 4 anything from weather change to my menstral cycle triggers it. Alternate ice (for about 30 seconds) and a cottonball soaked in milk (for the pain) if you aren't going anywhere a paste of baking soda and salt left on there through out the day will dry it up nicely...start treatment at the first tingly little signs and it will work beautifully also licorice (eating it) be sure the lable lists licorice mass as an ingredient seeing as most licorice in the usa contains anise instead of actual licorice..try old fashioned candy and if you are luck enough to find licorice powder(try your local health food store) it is amazing mix with a very little bit of vegetable shortening and use as a paste hope this helps good luck!!!!
tooth paste Comments By: ashley on 2010-09-22
I have had this cold sore for three days now and its not going away it hurts so bad that i am getting head aces. I just tried the tooth paste and its burning like hell is this gonna help?
Trying Colgate toothpaste with salt Comments By: Erik Corcoran on 2010-11-10
I've been applying lip ointment and it's been hanging on it seems for dear life.. now i'm trying the colgate white with salt oh Lord I hope it works.. its my girlfriend's birthday on Sunday and I really dont want a doozie on my face lol.
Toothpaste is amazing Comments By: Tee on 2010-11-14
I started developing a cold sore at work 2 nights ago. I came right home and put some abreva on it to stop it from spreading and then toothpaste on it while I slept and believe it or not, its very tiny, hasn't gotten any bigger and seems to be healing with that same regimen I say it works!!
it really works Comments By: asha on 2010-11-15
I have tried the toothpaste in the past and it works but a few months ago a friend recomended mus'go lota ointment so what I do is as soon as I feel a tingle on my lip I put some on it and it stops it from forming
Hoping it works Comments By: Maizie on 2010-12-14
Well.Last night I felt a lump on my top lip.It was only small.But I though Oh no.the dreaded coldsore.so I woke up this morning and it was all swollen.and I came on this website.and I have just put toothpaste on it.I hope it works.Because people always ask what it is.Im only 12 and I suffer with bad coldsores.since I was about 4 or 5.Ill let you all know if it works tomorrow.
Sort of worked -.- Comments By: Maizie on 2010-12-15
Well when I woke up this morning.the swelling went down.but it had a yellow scab.and it stung like mad!! But a few minutes later.it actually went.I still have the cold sore.but you can hardly see it.I wouldnt use it again though :/
cold sores Comments By: B Rocka on 2010-12-24
i think the toothpaste is working for my cold sore. it burns like hell
THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Andre on 2010-12-29
this really works thank you so much i have a party to go to in 4 days i wont be enberessed
i use toothpaste yeah it works? Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-18
i think who ever came up withtoothpaste for cold sore? i hurt a little you can felt it is work
HELPPP Comments By: Veronica on 2011-03-05
I have had a cold sore for about 2-3 days now.. i had one at first. then woke up with another small one right next to it. And its swollen and hurts. I have tried everything, alchol dried it out but didnt help. i hvae toothpaste on it right now.. but what do i do to get the toothpaste off? if i cant get it wet? And how long do i keep it on for?! I NEED HELP. ITS SATURDAY AND I NEED IT TO BE GONE BY MONDAY FOR A SPEECH I HAVE TO GIVE IN FRONT OF MY CLASS!!! :(( help me pleasee.
I have toothpaste on my lip now. Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-12
I was reading on another site, about toothpast and cold sores. I get a cold sore during times that I'm sick, stressed or when it's extremely sunny outside. I think the sun is what activated it, I read it on a health website, that that's what causes it to come out, or a low immune system. Anywho, I'd recommend (for people with a low immune system, like myself) to take vitamins! Maybe they'll come less frequently. And yes, use toothpaste.

I woke up yesterday, and my lip felt a little weird. Since I know how it feels when a cold sore comes, I'd rush to the mirror and examine my lip. I noticed a couple little dots. It kind of looked like small heat bumps. So I quickly did what my mom always told me to do, which is put salt on it. I thought that might allow it to come more. So I looked online, and found that toothpaste would work. Since I already use toothpaste on my very rare pimples, I thought ... What the hell, right? I DID IT!

The next day (today) it's hardly noticeable. It wasn't easily seen before, and I'm so glad I caught it before it turned into something huge. I leave toothpaste on it all day, I'm usually home. And I also sleep with toothpaste on. I'll remove it with rubbing alchol to see the progress. And it's damn near gone! Thank everyone Crest toothpaste!

I use, Crest it's a greenish blue paste. And it's for cavitys. Now it's perfect for pimples, and cold sores! Lol. Next time I'll buy arm & hammer! I'm so happy it's almost gone.

cold sore and toothpaste Comments By: John M. on 2011-03-13
It works for some, but it could make it really worse for others. The best thing is to see a doctor just to play it save.You might need antibiotics depending on your situation.
ToothPaste AND SALT MIXED Comments By: TYLER on 2011-03-16
LET'S SEE IF IT WORKS!!!!:( Comments By: TESTER!! on 2011-03-23
OUCH!! Comments By: Ahhh on 2011-03-23
Ok well I just did the toothpaste thing hopefully it will work it stings right now that means either something is happening (bad) or (good)!!! We will see
cross my fingers Comments By: hmmmm on 2011-03-30
I have been getting cold sores for a long time. It is usually triggered by cold weather, stress, or getting my period. I woke up yesterday with 2 huge cold sores, and one is on my chin which is extremely weird because I always get them on or right above or below my lips. This is the first time I am trying the toothpaste remedy, for there is a big percentage of people that say this works. I am crossing my fingers� hope this works!
COME READ MINE IT REALLY WORKS I PROMIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: angel piffer on 2011-04-26
it hurts really bad but i had plans to go some where so i tryed it AND IM STILL TRYING i was sitting on my bed and with tooth past and salt on my lip its really nasty looking but it works and if that dont work 4 u put tooth past on ur lip and go to sleep with it kinda impossible to u put a bandaid on it maybe that would work and it really works bc im 13 and iv tryed it any wayz when u mix it up it looks clumpy and stuff like that lol the clump may fall off ur lip if ur not still
it tast really nasty if it sinks in ur lip lol u look retarted but at least it will be gone well thats all really

Lysine Comments By: Steve McCarthy (lpool england) on 2011-05-06
Hi guys i too suffer with cold sores. Toothpaste does work for me. But if you take lysine regular (1 per day) it will keep your cold sores at bay! Well worth a try. I get no more that 3 cold sores a year when i keep taking lysine.
Cold sore CURE!!! 100% cure!!!! Comments By: Me on 2011-06-11
This really helps!!! I know it's a little weird but a friend of mine from Guatemala told me about this....... U have to have anal sex and then get the tip of ur partnes penis after and dag it on ur cold sore!!!!! This remedy works!!!!!!!!!
Toothpaste does work but u have to use salt also Comments By: Crystal on 2011-08-25
The trick is using toothpaste and salt together...U mix a dime size of toothpaste and a teaspoon of salt and make a paste/doughy appearance then apply it overnight and it dries the blisters up.. Then wash it off the next morning. (It will be swollen in the morning but the swelling will go away in an hour or two.
Re: Cold sore CURE!!! 100% cure!!!! Comments By: me2 on 2011-08-30
you are just an evil person.

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