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Cure urinary tract infections with alka-seltzer.

Submitted by Don

Just dissolve two tablets in a glass of water and drink it at the onset of the symptoms. Alka-Seltzer begins eliminating urinary tract infections almost instantly-even though the product was never been advertised for this use.

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Don - you would understand if you were a female Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-08
Alka-Selter does NOT work for UTI - give me a break! First know cause then cure can be cranberry juice to probiotics to antibiotics. Know the reason you have UTI first - then take proper action
Don't Work! Comments By: Nancy on 2004-11-11
The most effective cure I tried is cranberry juice.
Works for me! Comments By: anon on 2004-11-28
I've had good luck with the Alka Seltzer cure myself. Only works if you take it right at the onset of symptoms, though. (I don't understand why it works either; maybe the Alka Seltzer is somehow able to kill the bacteria?)
It has worked for me every time. Comments By: Sarah on 2004-12-13
I have had 4 UTI's since I heard about this treatment, and the symptoms have gone away within 30 minutes of taking it every time. I always repeat it 4 hrs later, just in case. A doctor told me it would take 8 gallons of cranberry juice to cure a UTI. This takes two tabs.
I can't belive it, but it works! Comments By: Sandi on 2005-04-17
I've tried everything from pure unsweetened cranberry juice (didn't work and was GROSS!) to tons of high-quality probiotics (which got expensive and didn't work). I've always had to resort to antibiotics until now. A friend told me about Alka Seltzer and it sounded too good to be true, but it worked!

I am THRILLED to not have had to suffer another round of antibiotics!

Will Try Comments By: Sharon on 2005-05-26
Next time i have a UTI I'll give this a whirl. I usually try to buy the generic cranberry juice since its not mixed with grape and others like Ocean Spray. It works but usually takes a day or more and several glasses. So if this really works in 30 minutes or so, I'll definitely try it.
Worked For me Comments By: Sara on 2005-07-21
I have been suffering for a long time with UTI's and this really works. It's not the only method I have used but certainly the fastest. I would suggest anyone who get them regularly try this tip.
Takes about an hour for me, but works! Comments By: anon on 2005-07-25
Alka-seltzer is a freakin' miracle. I also follow it up with a huge glass of green tea (several bags) and a bunch of honey in it. I drink that while i'm in the bathtub taking an epsom salt (sea salt works too) bath. A UTI is the most annoying sensation I have ever felt. Drink lots of water and tea!!!!
Amamzing! IT WORKED! Comments By: Brandi on 2006-04-11
I woke up and instantly felt the symptoms and knew I had another UTI. Luckily, my mother told me about alka seltzer. I dissolved 2 tablets and only 15 minutes later the symptoms started to dissapear. Thank God! I am so bad with antibiotics.

It's a miricle in my eyes.

absolutely works Comments By: sm on 2006-05-19
has worked for me every time and does not require any trips to the doctor or antibiotics! I think the key is to take the Alka-Seltzer right away and take it a few more times during the day. Relieves the pain immediately.
Works Wonders! I promise!!! Comments By: Lindsay on 2006-07-26
I can take Alka-Seltzer and no longer feel a thing within 15-30 minutes. Sometimes the symptoms come back, but it's no where near the discomfort it gives off prior to taking it. It's always a good idea to take it at least once more. Read the directions on Alka-Seltzer to make sure you don't take too much, but I use as needed without taking more than you should take within 24 hours. It truly works! I make sure to remember this remedy EVERYTIME I get a UTI!!! I honestly can't believe that Alka-Seltzer doesn't advertise that it helps with UTI's. They have no IDEA how many more consumers they'd get!
Thanks for the great tip!!!!! Comments By: Melody on 2006-08-11
I took three doses of the Alka-Seltzer, two tablets every 4-6 hours and after the third dose, the symptoms were completely gone. This is certainly a more cost effective remedy as well.
Worked for me and thanks!!!! Comments By: Wicked Mystic on 2006-08-30
Drank the alka seltzer the first dose did not work fast enough for me (my uti came back with a vengeance) so I took a second dose and felt it work right away, not I don't mean to be to graphic, I felt a slight burning sensation in my bladder where I felt the pressure and then felt great after that. I kept drinking plenty of water afterwards just to stay on the safe side. I will definitely keep alka seltzer close by me. Thank you very much for the tip!!!
Never Again, total agony! Comments By: mr r johns on 2006-09-06
Never have I been in so much pain in my life, within the forty minutes in which I was in agony, so bad it took nearly two hours to pass water. a few hours later had to be seen by a doctor, as the pain was easing very little, didn't feel any relief til late that night, perhaps after whatever the alka seltzer was flushed out? never again.
you BET IT WORKS!!! Comments By: J.R. on 2006-10-22
My dad has a catheter since he was paralized...every month the nurses come and change the catheter for him and EVERY month within a day or two he has a UTI...it's "chronic" so they say...I read about Alka Seltzer and thought, WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOSE?? Three months ago when they changed his catheter, I gave him 2 tabs of Alka Seltzer and waited...NO UTI; next month, same thing...this month same thing. He's NOT HAD ONE INFECTION SINCE TAKING THE ALKA SELTZER. Would you believe me if I told you we were SOLD on it???
Alka-Seltzer seems to work. Comments By: kim on 2006-10-22
I heard about Alka-seltzer helping with UTIs just recently and decided that if I had another one I would try it. Well, I woke up this morning with wicked UTI (I've had them for YEARS) and decided I would try it. Well, within about 40 minutes the pain started to ease and within 2 hours I felt perfectly fine. I'm going to follow up tonight with one more glass of it as a preventative. My thought is that there is something in the pH in the Alka-Seltzer that must do something to the bacteria that is sticking to the lining of the bladder. Whatever it is, I'm glad I heard about it. Every time I go on antibiotics I get a raging yeast infection and I didn't want to get back on that roller coaster again!
WORKED FOR ME Comments By: Joe Meric on 2007-10-13
I've been on antibiotics for almost four months now. As soon as I miss a pill or run out of drugs the infections comes right back. VERY PAINFUL It only seems to treat the symptoms. I tried the Alka-Seltzer tip, (with some honey in it), and within hours felt relief. My diet is very acidic so to avoid further infections I am consuming more alkaline producing foods, drinks, and herbs. I've never had the lower back pain, bleeding or puss, so for minor infections I think this idea worked best for me. THANK YOU.
M I R A C L E C U R E!!! Comments By: Samantha on 2007-04-16
WORKS, is really all i have to say!!!

Took 1 glass of it and goodbye nasty UTI!!

Thank you for sharing this, no more long waiting at the clinic and expensive antibiotics for nothin'

My 5 year old says Comments By: Michelle on 2007-07-05
I read about this and thought, good grief it can't hurt her. I dont' believe in over-using antibiotics and all the other natural remedies have only somewhat helped, more for maintenance. But once the burning started and frequent urination, I knew we were back on our way to the Dr if we didn't nip it in the bud. I bought the lemon-lime flavor and added a sweet n low (I know, not the best, but one can't hurt her...) just to make it taste more like "sprite". She drank it down and the next time she peed it didn't burn! She also seemed to pee MORE that time and really perked up afterward. I gave her one more glass the next morning just to be sure. We'll keep up the acidophilus and cranberry just because those things are good for her anyway but this alka-seltzer tip is AWESOME. I'm sure it's altering the ph in some beneficial way. Great!
Tried EVERYTHING! Comments By: Kiss-the-Cook on 2007-07-06
I've been plagued with UTI's for eons. Luckily I worked for doctors and could be treated often, but found I was almost always on antibiotics. Not good. I also had to wait until my symptoms were unbearable before the bacteria was measurable on the test. So, I resorted to cranberry pills and acidophilus. Those worked great but became dreadfully expensive and as soon as I stopped the UTI's came back. With this cure I was skeptical, but decided to test it. With my next UTI I went in and got tested positive and refused meds. Of course my doctor thinks I'm already slightly whacked for trying other alternative cures for simple maladies. I went home and took the alka-seltzer and returned two days later and tested negative. At that point the doctor doubted the first test, of course. All I know is I felt relief within a few hours and I didn't get another for months back for months. This makes me a believer!

Just a thought: UTI's can be caused by a few different bacterium and some people are more sensative to their onset of UTI's. Perhaps timing or type of bacteria or both factors play into others not finding relief from this seemingly miracle cure. I'm just grateful it works for me!

Alka Seltzer works great! Try this if you are aspirin-sensitive! Comments By: Kris on 2007-07-12
If you don't have Alka Seltzer on hand you can also dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of pure baking soda in 4 oz. of water and drink at the onset of symptoms. It works just as well as Alka Seltzer. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda!) is a main ingredient in Alka Seltzer. This way you avoid comsuming the aspirin that is contained in Alka Seltzer - for anyone sensitive to aspirin! It also doesn't taste as nearly as bad. Both remedies have worked wonders for me.
Alka Seltzer is Amazing for treating UTI's Comments By: Haley on 2007-07-14
I get UTI's maybe once or twice a year and I'm always skeptical about taking prescription drugs to cure it. At the onset of my most rescent UTI, I did a search on home remedies to cure UTI's and found a site that highly recommended Alka Seltzer as a cure. I began taking the Alka Seltzer and like a miracle I was cured by the end of the day. Trust me it really does work! I'll never take another antibiotic for a UTI again.
Both sides of the argument have merit Comments By: Ben Weare on 2007-07-29
Hello everyone
It's interesting to see the mixed results, and its encouraging to see that at least for some this tip has provided some relief!
The science behind this is quite simple. When you have a UTI (which is a general name for a range of conditions affecting the Urinary tract) you have a bacterial infection. Taking Sodium Bicarbonate (which someone rightly indicated is the main ingredient in Alka-Seltzer) causes your urine to become more alcaline (less acidic) and actually kills off some types of bacteria. So, for some types of infection this leads to relief, for others it doesn't...hence the mixed comments. Alka-Seltzer may be even better than pure Sodium Bicarbonate, because of the aspirin...but as someone rightly pointed out, so people cant take aspirin.
If will say this, the comment that the author does not understand because he is not a woman was a rather unfortunate comment, and a sign that the person making the remark was an idiot!

Life Saver! Comments By: Texas Girl on 2007-07-29
I had been feeling a little sluggish yesterday, but today woke up with an extreme burning sensation and blood in my urine. I had this happen a few years ago and remembered the diagnosis of a bladder infection from my doctor. I knew I wouldn't be able to stand the pain until Monday, so to Google I went for help. I ran across the Alka Seltzer cure and figured I had nothing to loose. Oh my gosh, I felt better within an hour. I took one more dose four hours after the first for good measure and will probably take one more before bed. This stuff works great and I would definately recommend it!

Alka-Seltzer Gold has no aspirin in it Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-27
If you are sensitive to the aspirin, order Alka-Seltzer Gold from your pharmacy or online. No aspirin. Unfortunately, most pharmacies don't carry it regularly.
Worked like a charm Comments By: rc on 2007-09-16
read this, bought it, 15 minutes later... pure relief.
Hooray! Comments By: Happy Day on 2007-09-21
I heard about this alka-seltzer trick from a friend but had never tried it. I get UTI's every few months, luckily I havent had one in about 6 months (longest I've gone) until yesterday. Over the day the pain got worse and worse and I knew just what I was in for. I was already in horrible pain, canceled my dinner plans and was actually in tears.

I took the alka-seltzer...didnt feel anything really obvious, but went to bed about 2 hours after and woke up, peed....didnt feel a thing. i will take another one this morning and make sure to ONLY drink water and milk for the next few days.

Im crossing my fingers it doesnt come back. Dont have insurance and Im broke at the moment....so antibiotics would be hard to even find the money to pay for. though they have always worked for me if I can do this I am VERY happy.

Alka Seltzer plus Horsetail Comments By: Col on 2007-10-09
After years of suffering horrible UTI's I read about this and tried it this morning at the onset of my most recent UTI. In addition I took Horsetail, which has natural silica and ta da! Instant relief. Usually within an hour of discovering I have a UTI I am in agony. I will always keep Alka Seltzer on hand and recommend this to anyone.
ouch Comments By: oh god! on 2007-10-28
this is my first time ever getting a uti and i was having very sever lower back pains! im a poor college student without insurance so i needed a solution.. i took the alkaseltzer and with half hour my back pains were much less severe... i do recommend trying this and taking a pill called d-mannose i heard it works like a charm!
Alka-seltzer Comments By: tiffany on 2007-11-02
I am pretty sure it works faster than anything i've used before i am glad someone told me about it. try it you might be surprised I was!

ALSO helps yeast infections! Comments By: Sira on 2007-11-09
I suffer every month with yeast infections, regardless of my diet changes. I was told I would have to deal with it since it is caused by hormones. I was in such agony, and decided to try the alka seltzer because a friend said my PH level had to be off. I had a raging yeast infection for 1 1/2 weeks. Not even monistat touched it. Not even my nystatin prescription cream. After 2 doses of the seltzer, my symptoms, the burning and itching and pain were greatly relieved. I'm seriously amazed. Could I have found my cure?
Does any antacid work? Comments By: Me on 2007-11-12
Just curious of any other antacid tabs or meds work. I've had UTI issue a lot this year and I am willing to try Alka Seltzer! Thanks for comments.
Alka Seltzer Comments By: BP on 2007-11-15
I have just half hour ago, taken Alka Seltzer for a urine infection and now, feel no pain at all... I got this tip in an email about a week ago, and deleted the email, but kept this tip in my head, and I'm so glad I did... Will be the first thing I head for now if the need be.
It Really Does Work! Comments By: Sarah on 2007-12-12
I had to go into A and E at hospital because of the pain caused by a UTI to which i was prescribed a 3 day course of antibiotics. I finished that but 2 days later it came back with a vegence! Didint feel like sitting up hospital all night and found this site. I didnt have the original alka seltzer i only had the sainsbury brand but to my amazement it actually has worked everything is back 2 normal!
Works like a charm Comments By: KBrown on 2008-01-23
I have suffered with UTI's for about 3 years now, and I recently tried Alka-Seltzer along with a cranberry pill. In a short period of time, I was back to normal.
Works every time Comments By: Kerry on 2008-03-04
Saves a trip to the doctor and very cheap... especially for someone like me who gets them often!
It works very well! Comments By: Kty on 2008-03-25
Well, I've had numerous UTIs and have used antibiotics, cranberry tablets and juice and the alka seltzer remedies. The alka seltzer treatment is the best for mild cases of UTI. I'm a scientist of sorts and I agree that you have to be careful since bacterial infections can 'hide' for ages in the body, a low level infection that you don't notice much. If you use alka seltzer and it doesn't work I would suggest seeing your doctor, but for most mild cases this helps clear out the bacteria giving your body a chance to cure the infection. Using probiotics is great for boosting your immune response and I use them after I've had an infection and taken alka seltzer over a two day period ( if I run out I just drink low dose bi-carb soda every few hours ). It does work but be careful!
Feeling Better Comments By: Relieved on 2008-04-17
Wasnt feeling so well yesterday and the day before and remembered about this email stating that alka seltzer cures UTI's so I thought it couldnt hurt......to my surprise I woke up feeling better this morning. Saved a bunch of money AND feel better. Thank you Alka Seltzer!
Alka Seltzer has 1000 mg of citric acid Comments By: anon on 2008-04-14
I read the comments and just tried it so i cant say it works yet but i did read the package and it contains 1000mg of citric acid so im assuming that might be what helps. Thats got to be more then cranberry juice.
Alka Seltzer has 1000 mg of citric acid Comments By: anon on 2008-04-15
I read the comments and just tried it so i cant say it works yet but i did read the package and it contains 1000mg of citric acid so im assuming that might be what helps. Thats got to be more then cranberry juice.
Thank GOD! Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-15
I'm PRONE to UTI's I'll get tehm even when I do everything right. When I tell my mom she gets mad. I've had four. I'm really hoping that this works! Thank you who ever "discovered this". Yes, It is really random!
Hope it works! Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-26
My sister told me about Alka Seltzer. I just took 2 tablets and havd drank several glasses of water today. I have had UTI's for many years, off and on. I read in a couple of the comments that it works on yeast infections. I was wondering if anyone knows if Alka Setzer works other female bacterial infections caused by PH balance being off.
Amazing, It sounds like a joke, but... Comments By: anon on 2008-06-01
This worked wonders. I used it about an hour after the symptoms appeared, and about 45 minutes later, the symptoms are gone. I thought this was one of those urban legends, but it worked!
tried it, it didn't work Comments By: deb u on 2008-06-29
It may work for some people, and it doesn't hurt to try because alka seltzer actually balances the flora in your intestines. It didn't work for me. Still trying to find the perfect cure without antibiotics.
Definitely works! Comments By: Melissa on 2008-07-07
I have had 3 uti's in the past month. I heard about the alka-selzer through an e-mail and was too skeptical to try it before. I wish I would have tried it because it would have saved me Hundreds of dollars on doctor bills just to get the antibiotice. I got a uti on Saturday and the alka seltzer worked by that night. I feel great now!
has worked everytime Comments By: bobbi on 2008-07-13
i have used alka seltzer for this for the past 4 years or so, and i have told everyone i know about it. everyone that has tried it, it has worked for. i manage a retail store and whenever one of the other women start talking about thinking they are getting an infection i go buy them a single pack and tell them to take it, and it has worked everytime
I Couldn't Believe It!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-14
I caught a UTI over the weekend and would have had to be in unbearable pain until Monday afternoon. I found this website and tried the Alka-Seltzer. The first dose stopped some of the pain, but the second doses cleared up everything. I don't have the urge to pee or that nasty burning sensation anymore. Thanks for the tip!!!
I believe Comments By: Ann on 2008-07-25
I first felt my syptoms on Monday, but didn't remember the Alka-Seltzer trick until last night. I took a dose before dinner and another before bed. Woke up this morning and it's all but gone (probably b/c I waited a few days to start). I've brought 2 more doses to work today and expect to be cured by Saturday morning. FYI - for those who don't know, you can buy your own UTI test strips at local pharmacies too. And, I heard that you should use the original Alka-Seltzer vs. any flavored; cold/flu, etc...
Why it works Comments By: mbiscuits on 2008-08-08
Alka Seltzer is very alkaline (hence the name). Bateria in the urinary tract need an acidic environment if they are to thrive, so you are killing the little guys by changing the pH of your urine.
It's True, It's True Comments By: Katie on 2008-08-11
In desperation at 4:15 a.m. I searched the Internet for ANYTHING to make me feel better from the UTI symptoms that woke me up until I could call the doctor and found this advice. I took 2 tablets dissolved in cranberry juice (two birds, one stone) and was better and back asleep in 45 minutes. It completely cleared it up. Alka-Seltzer is magic!!!
Did work Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-19
I have tried cranberry juice and it never did the trick. Tried the two tabs and about 20 minutes later, it worked!
I was unsure but now I know it`s true... Comments By: Rebekah on 2008-08-18
I have a birth defect concerning my kidneys and so I was diagnosed with Chronic UTI`s :( I have had surgery on my urthra to get it dialated which worked for only a couple of months and so I have been in and out of docters and emergency rooms in severe pain over this problem and I just recently...or so it appears became immuned to the antibiotic. I woke up 2 mornings in a row in so much pain, I had blood in my urine and I was taking Bactrim ds pills,cranberry pills and vitamin c and alot of water and not much was happening and I was still hurting so I went on google and tried looking for pain relief and I ran in to this site! Thank God I did! I have been pain free and I havent taken any antibiotics in 2 days only alka seltzer and water!!! I was scared to try it at first but once I did, I was proud of my bravery :)
It does work with flavor as well Comments By: Diva on 2008-08-25
I tried the flavored kind and it works!
Quite frankly I'll try anything! Comments By: Dee on 2008-09-07
Its certainly sounds better than antibiotics so worth a try!
Unbelievable!!!!! Comments By: Dawn on 2008-09-13
I have never had a UTI like this before. The pain was horrible. So horrible that I almost went to the ER...and I don't have insurance and make too much to qualify for any financial help. I read about alka-seltzer and thought it was worth a try....I would not believe how well it worked. I ended up having to take it a few more times, but I think my infection was really bad-- I definitely didn't catch it at the onset. Each time I took it, my symptoms subsided within a few minutes.
Relief! Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-24
I was desperatly searching the cupboards for something to help me, when i noticed the alkaseltzer. I started to think, can this help me? A bit of common sense told me to try, and i logged on to see if someone else had tried it... Well here i am! I had a full nights sleep for the first time this week! WOO HOO! Lol!
It works Great, but If I stop taking it Comments By: Lil on 2008-10-01
It works great but if i stop taking the sodium bicarb the UTI comes back. Have tried it for 2-5 days then stopped taking it and the Uti is back.
How long am i supposed to take it to completely get rid of the UTI???
Please help anyone!

helps but doesnt cure the infection Comments By: anon on 2008-10-14
The alka-seltzer helps with the pain but does not cure the infection. I got a uti on Friday so i took alka-seltzer and azo thru the weekend but still had to get antibiotics on monday.
just took some! Comments By: Jessica on 2008-11-29
I knew about this tip and had tried it when I had my last infection, but it did not work. I think it might have been because i took it when my uti was already pretty serious. Now this morning I woke up with yet another case of painful symptoms. I took some about half an hour ago and I already feel great!
IT WORKS NO JOKE Comments By: Jessica on 2008-12-02
My fiance was away in Cali for two weeks,when he came home we made love like bunnys! by the third day he was back home I had a sure case of a UTI. I get them all the time especially after alot of sex. I have had 4 or 5 this year alone. Ive wasted aot of money on going to the doctor and paying them 70 dollars just for them to tell me what I already new I had! I rememberd the Alka seltzer remedy from the internet and gave it a shot. I was in so much pain i didnt want to move i just wanted to stay in the bathroom. I took Extr Strenght Alka Seltzer and an AZO within and hour i could at least move around. However i had to take two more doses of the ALKA, one 4 hours after the first and the second dose 8 hours latr. Im back to normal and with each dose the symptoms were less severe. Im so glad it worked for me, I was really doubtfull at first.Doing more research I heard that after alot of intense sex that it is beneficial to take a dose of alka seltzer to alkaline the bladder and for prevenitive care, which I will defly do.TRY IT! I WAS SO SKEPTICAL BUT IT REALLY WORKS! I cant say anything more!
Doesn't not kill the bacteria causing the UTI Comments By: Marie on 2008-12-30
Alka-Seltzer is only akalizing your body to not feel the pain. Its not killing the bacteria that is causing the infection, only antibiotics can do that.

If you feel you have a UTI, buy an at-home test kit (SOLD IN MANY DRUGSTORES AND RETAILERS), if you confirm a UTI, then seek professional help. If no UTI present, then you just need to alkaline your body and have at it with the Alka-Seltzer.

WORKED FOR ME Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-30
Just tried the Alka Seltzer for a very painful UTI. Within 30 minutes, my symptoms were totally gone...I just started with the UTI so maybe I caught it early.. Also drank lots of Cranberry Juice and Water. So hopefully it is gone!!! If nothing else, I will sleep tonight instead of getting up every 20 minutes...
It works. Comments By: Vimilimitex on 2008-12-31
I learned of this from my accupressurist. I took it before I went to sleep last night and all symptoms were gone this morning. Saved me an hour's driving time, 45 minutes at the doc's office and a $20 office visit fee.
So far- so good! Comments By: C on 2009-01-01
Woke up with what I knew was the beginning of a UTI - I have gotten them since I was a teen - and dreaded the thought of antibiotics AGAIN. Found this site but didn't have any Alka-Seltzer so I took the 1/2 tsp of baking soda with a packet of EmergenC and 1 hour later I feel MUCH better! Will do it again in about an hour - but so far, so good! THANK YOU!!!!
From the urologist Comments By: Amanda on 2009-01-20
I spoke with my urologist about this theory and he had no idea as to what may cause a "healing" due to the ingredients in alka seltzer. His suggestion to me (and has been for years) id to drink plenty of lemon and lime juices. Reason being, the acidity levels of the citrus are like a magnet to any bacteria in the kidney/urethra. It will not cure an infection, but will help stay them off. It also helps keep kidney stones from moving. So if you're drinking lemonade or doucing your salads or chicken with FRESH lemon or lime juice, you're really doing yourself a favor.
Really works!!! Comments By: Carolina on 2009-01-03
I've been having UTIs for a while now and the reason is simple: i'm really really bad when it comes to drinking water. One of these night the pain started after i had just gotten back from a night of 2 pitchers of beer. I just wanned to die. Got home around 11 pm. It was already 2 am and the pain was just increasing. Woke up my husband to go buy me some medicine. Could remember some on-the-counter medicine that promissed instant relief but just couldn't remember the name. Got on line to try to find the name and found this site. Thought to myself "It won't hurt to try"..even though i really didn't believe it could take care of it..i was in lot of pain and discomfort. In two hours the pain was gone and i felt asleep. But the key is: You have to take it every four hours until the symptoms are gone..one time only is not enough.
So Far So Good... Comments By: New York on 2009-02-03
I read this post after one of my approximately 4 per year UTI's came on about 4 days ago. I am really watching money right now and cannot spend all the dollars on visits and antibiotics and whenever I complete a course, I break out in a rash as the antibiotic leaves my system. But it is so difficult to sleep and to work with the increasing pain of the infection. So I went and got some alka seltzer and generic OTC tablets to see if it would do anything. Completed my first day, taking 1 dose every 4 hours and I can still feel a little when I urinate but it is certainly unbelievably better and almost no pain. So thanks all for the much-needed information and relief. xxx
After having to wait in the ER for 3 hours the last time I had a UTI and getting prescribed antibiotics at $13 per dose, I was determined to fend off this infection myself. I used the usual cranberry method, but it wasn't working, so I looked up alternatives on the internet. I tried the barley water, and alka seltzer. I was feeling better within the hour, and a day later, at 98%. Now, I'm pretty sure the UTI is gone, but just to be on the safe side have taken one last dose of Alka-Seltzer. It has an ingredient that causes drowsiness, so I decided to do plain old baking soda in water during the day, and I'm pretty sure it's the sodium bicarbonate in the Alka-Seltzer, and the baking soda that did the trick. I can't believe it worked, but it did!!!!! Really worth it!
i jus took it Comments By: mel on 2009-02-22
now lets see if it works, ill be back wenever it goes away, or if it doesnt. i am a broke college student that doesnt have insurance, so hopefully this will cure it!
it doesnt work! Comments By: mel on 2009-02-23
wot, it helped me out a lil yesterday, but today the pain seems to have worsen, errrs, now im heading to the docs! goodbye paycheck! this advice sucks!
Desperate Comments By: Mary on 2009-03-09
Just tried the Alka Seltzer...will get back to you...was desperate! If it works, "thanks" in advance!
Relief Comments By: SpecialK on 2009-03-13
Suffered throught the night with UTI. This morning I remembered the Alka Seltzer remedy (was kinda doped during the night/had surgery yesterday). Took the AK and had pain/urgency relief 30-45 minutes later. I am female who gets frequent UTI's.
OH levels and what bacteria! Comments By: J on 2009-03-30
This is true your PH level is what it is, which works for E-coli bacteria,(e-coli which can survive in acid ph levels.) which is a-lot of the time the factor, however if it is a different infection which can be,.....then you need the CRANBERRY 100%, and wild Juniper, ETC. cranberry doesn't JUST, make your urin acid like, it also has anti-bacterial agents in it,- and also helps the bladder walls to rid the bacteria from them, (by not allowing them to stick to the sides of the walls) It has to be 100%pure cranberry,- the kind you have to mix WATER with, ONLY, because regular cranberry juice usually has other juices in them and water and sugars, which makes it WORSE and the sugar allows the growth of bacteria.......there area a-lot of anti-bacterial herbs that can help with this too. If you can't take ASP, then try just regular baking soda, which will alter your PH level. It is to do with Acid and Alkaline levels, you can also purchase Ph stripes from a health store to see where you are sitting at, and research it and you might find out some interesting and helpful info.
definitely worth a try Comments By: amy on 2009-04-19
i have suffered with UTIs since i was 11 years old and i am now 47. i have tried d-mannose, uva ursi, juniper berries, cranberry pills, cranberry juice, olive leaf pills, peppermint tea, etc...
i usually get 3-4 screaming monster UTIs a year. doc treats with sulfa meds and pyridium. today i woke up with the beginnings of a UTI, dosed on over a gallon of water and took 4 alka seltzer type meds (walgreens- with aspirin). i felt better within 20 minutes. will update later in the day and see how it goes.

I Works EVERY Time!!! Comments By: sara on 2009-05-08
I actually woke up the other day and could feel one comeing on and imeadiatly took alka seltzer and could feel it working within the first 30 minutes. Im about to go to paris in a few days so im glad i have a product that works for me. anyone that says it doesnt work didnt try this at the first signs of simptons. if yo do this to late it will not work. I also ad in cystex its a really good cranberry pill you can find it at cvs walgreens really any drug store.
ENO / Alka Comments By: marie on 2009-05-21
I was in pain agony for 2 days. I bought 2 bottles of 100% cranberry juice 14.98 a pop and I drank one with no dilution at all. I drank 2 pots of herbal tea. I took strong pain killer and nothing worked.
since I did not have alka -Seltzer I took ENO which is similar.
wow it's been less than 15 minutes and I am pain free and no urgency to pass water.
Thank you so much. I will pass this tip on to every female I know

HALLELUJAH! Comments By: all better now :) on 2009-05-27
this is a miricle!it totally works. you have to catch it early though. if its been more than 48 hours it's too late.
A doctor told me this! Comments By: anon on 2009-06-04
A doctor told me to try this, but she said you must do it immediately at the onset of symptoms and it HAS to be the kind of alka seltzer specifically for the stomach. She explained that the reason this works is because something in the alka seltzer will not allow the bacteria to stick to the walls of the bladder and when you urinate it sweeps the bacteria out.
WOW is all I can say! Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-16
I've suffered from UTI's for years and had rounds of antiobiotics and visits to walk-in clinics and urologists. Not any more! I read this blog and tried alka-seltzer (also taking D-mannose in powder form along with it) and NO MORE INFECTIONS! Really, just try it! It's unbelievable! I'll feel the tell tale pain and burning start and after taking alka-setzer and D-mannose, the symptoms are gone within 30 minutes!!! Now I take it regularly and I just wanted to thank the person who started this blog and shared this information with everyone! I tried everything else, including the 20.00 internet "grocery store remedies" and they didn't work like this does! (Also, I got ripped off by that so watch out! I purchased the 20.00 thing and then they kept charging my credit card for a bunch of other medical newsletters, etc, that I didn't order!)
Works!!!!! Comments By: Sue on 2009-06-18
Works- sometimes I have had to take 2-3 packages, but it always clears it up!
Another alternative is Uva Ursi Comments By: BP on 2009-06-19
I have had great success using Uva Ursi. You can buy it as a tea- kind of bitter-or in capsules. I usually do three-four doses a day for 5 days. Even after the first dose the pain was gone.
Does Work Comments By: Lori on 2009-06-23
I work in a lab and I am able to look at my urine under a microscope. I felt a UTI coming on and I looked at my urine and it was full of bacteria. I went home that night and tried the alka seltzer and looked at my urine again the next day and there was next to no bacteria.
I was convienced that it was just the aspirin in the alka seltzer that made the symptoms go away...but there has to be some truth to the argument that alka seltzer kills or inhibits the bacteria.

Symptoms Only Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-27
It got rid of the symptoms on day one. Day two was pure agony so I went to the doctor. I had taken 3 packs of the alka seltzer at this point and they said I still had bacteria and gave me a prescription. Definitely helped with the symptoms though.
It works for me! Comments By: Jeannie on 2009-07-06
I have tried this remedy three times now in the past 11 months and it really does work within minutes! I've only had two diagnosed UTI's in my life, but I know the onset symptoms; in my case, it's going to the bathroom incessantly through the night. If and when evening approaches and I think I'm going to start that back and forth trek to the bathroom, I go and get ONE AS tablet, dissolve it in two inches of water and go to bed. I take only ONE because I am on medication for blood pressure and don't want to compromise things with too much sodium or caffeine. I sleep through the night and don't have another problem. What I can figure is that we have a pH balance that gets out of whack...perhaps with too much acidic junk in our diets. The Alka (as in Alkaline) Seltzer immediately puts the system back in check...even if it's for a short enough time for our body to catch up on it's own. We need to have a healthy balance between acids and alkaline, so eating lots more fresh veggies and fruits is essential.
YES ALKA SELTZER WORKS!!@ Comments By: jamie on 2009-07-19
YOU BET IT DOES. I am 43 and had chronic uti's most of my life. That is until a few years I read about alka seltzer!! At the first sign I drink this and wala it is gone.. Even when i thought i was having back pain, (i have disk problems from a car accident).. I have thought it was that and tried alka seltzer just in case and I felt amazing in a couple days.. it kills the bacteria I did read a very good article that explained why on line...
I felt like a weight has been lifted off of me. Comments By: Janet on 2009-07-31
About 2 weeks ago I had horrible back pain. I have no insurance so I was really worried about it. I babied it, put on heat pad, nothing helped.

Then I started having a burning urination. Painful. But the back pain was simply the worst.

Then I remember this website and started looking up natural remedies for UTI.

I bought some alka seltzer last night. This morning I felt a tremendous difference. Now I don't think I strained my back I think it was the UTI!

No more pain. I cannot believe it! I'm so glad this blog exists. This literally saved my sanity. I was really getting depressed about my back pain and even more so worried something was terribly wrong with me.

I now remember my Mom and Grandma used to keep baking soda and Alka Seltzer as a staple in the house. Now I know why.

no more prescriptions Comments By: Dee on 2009-08-23
I read this cure in an email about 3 years ago and tried it. I had averaged at least one uti a year due to my sweet tooth. It actually worked and I have not had another prescription for a uti in three years so please share this info with your friends. Never hurts to try a simple fix when it works for so many.
Alka-Seltzer Comments By: just a helper on 2009-08-30
Alka Seltzer does not advertise due to FDA regs and not doing the testing etc regarding Yeast/UTI infections BUT, it does work excellent for me and why not try it when it is such an easy thing to do to stop the suffering. However I know WHY it works. The yeast in the vaginal area is all slippery and producing a slimy type environment making it an excellent way for the bacteria to go up up up into the bladder and beyond. When you drink the Alka seltzer, it goes thru the body and down and out the urethra. As it goes, it takes out the slimyness if you will, making it harder for bacteria to climb up so to speak. If it don't work for you many factors may exist that prevent such. Perhaps yours is too strong and you need something more, perhaps you have something else, but if you have a regular yeast infection, brought on by the overgrowth of such due to antibiotics etc, it is a wonder cure. Drink that cranberry juice, never did work for me, does for my mom but she drinks it by the gallons before getting relief. Two treatments with alka-seltzer and mine is all cleared up. Good luck and check w/ your doctor before you start any medical regimen to be sure it is safe for YOU. ALso be aware you could have something more serious ....and not know it.
Not a maricle for me... Comments By: amber on 2009-09-04
I took the alka-seltzer i have had this uti for a week now and it has not changed nething, its only the second uti in my life and its the worst. I have been drinking water, cranberry juice, and staying away from dairy, caffine, spicey foods. nothing will work....
I don't know why but it DOES work! Comments By: Sarah M on 2009-09-14
I heard this tip about 3 years ago and have cured 5-7 UTIs in that time period doing this. But there were a couple times when I didn't do it as soon as I felt symptoms and those times, it didn't work. It helped, but I still had to get antibiotics those two times. I do not understand the how of it, but it works.

And if you already HAVE an infection, use D-Mannose powder. Buy it at a health food store and use 1 tsp dissolved in water every few hours. Absolutely incredible!

Alka Seltzer Is Helpful But Not A Cure Comments By: Marisol on 2009-09-18
Alka Selzer helped with the pain so I would not suffer before I could get a perscription for antibiotics, but it did not CURE my urine infection.
Still Hopefull Comments By: MOMO on 2009-09-26
I woke up this morning and made love to my husband, almost immediately after I felt the nagging discomfort of the UTI coming on. I remembered getting an e-mail that mentioned AS as a cure for UTI and like some of the other bloggers I have no insurance and cannot afford $125 for visiting the Dr. right now. I took two tablets about 12 noon, fell a sleep and woke up about 12:40 with incredible relief...I don't think it's gone yet though so I have been drinking lots of water and I am about to take another dose, will let you know the outcome.
Alka -Seltzer works! Comments By: Natalie on 2009-10-01
It works as it has the same ingredients as the medicine used to treat UTI.
And I am sure its cheaper also.

testing now Comments By: rice on 2009-10-02
woke up, got on train to work, stepped into office and BAM, burning pain. so annoyed :( i have cranberry and other stuff but i've been battling this for over a month now and want to try something new. just bought alkaseltzer, waiting for it to dissolve. will update later today on findings. sigh.
alka -seltzer Comments By: sharon on 2009-10-06
i've been dealing with painful uti's since i was a teenager and have tried everything. a friend of mine told me about alka-seltzer i was amazed at how fast and how well it worked. so for anybody out there dealing with this problem i urge to just try it out. what do you have to lose. it worked for me everytime!!!!
Works for a few days Comments By: Kelly on 2009-10-16
I took it about a week and a half but it doesn't get rid of it, it came back a whole lot worse, now peridium doesnt even work for it :( I can totally see it working for some people but not for me
IT WORKS FOR SURE!!! Comments By: Kiley on 2009-10-17
I've had reoccuring bladder infections that have escalated into the kidneys many times. I've been hospitalized 4 times because of it. I read that alka seltzer does the trick in a chain email. I tried it the next itme it came around. i had already had symptoms for 3 weeks before I tried it, and it still worked within the first 24 hours. Believe me, the 3dollars beats the hospital bill!!! It's awesome to be able to just rest awhile, drink the fuzzy magic potion and await the miracle! For those that are critical of it, I doubt you've been in enough pain to actually get desperate enough to try it. But when you do, you'll become a believer too!
I havent tried it yet Comments By: judi in the mountains on 2009-10-27
I havent tried it yet, but to the girl that said she gets a horrible rash after taking antibiotics. Im wondering if the antibiotic was Sulpha or Cipro based. I have taken that for years for UTI and all of the sudden after this last dose I became allergic and was covered with a horrible itching rash from the insides of my ears to the bottoms of my feet. Very uncomfortable!!! I will try the Alka Seltzer on the first onset next time. Im buying some today. Cranberry tablets,taken daily, help prevent them also.(if you remember to take them EVERY day.
Alka Seltzer Gold Comments By: N. on 2009-11-10
I've heard many say that the regular Alka Seltzer containing aspirin aggravates UTIs..(since it's an acid) Alka Seltzer Gold..does not contain aspirin but works very well for UTIs..and doesn't elevate the ph balance to acid levels which are often the cause of the pain/rather than the infection
Hmm... Will this work? Comments By: Skye on 2009-12-10
I am on day 3 of having a very painful UTI. This is only the 2nd UTI I have had; The first developed when I was pregnant almost a year ago. I waited 8hrs. at the hospital and was given antibiotics. They worked, but the total after everything was added in, was over $1000. Luckily, my insurance at the time covered it. I have no insurance at the moment, and dread going to the DR. again. I've researched alot of sites, and sent my husband to buy Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cranberry Juice, etc. I just found this site and sent him to get some Alka-Seltzer. I am praying that this will work!!! Cross your fingers for me! And even if I find no relief, I thank this site for atleast giving me the advice! =]
Constipation? Comments By: Tiffany on 2009-12-11
Does anyone get constipated while having an UTI????? Every time I have one I'm constipated an it's driving me nuts cause my burning will not go away without relieving the constipation.
Alka Seltzer totally works!! Comments By: TW on 2009-12-31
I get UTI's often, and i'm constantly drinking cranberry juice...well cranberry does nothing for me. I needed another cure for that annoying pain. So i tried a tsp of baking soda in 8oz of water, UGH that junk tastes horrible! So i tried alka-seltzer, which is sort of like a baking soda tablet, EUREKA!! I WAS CURED!! IT WORKS....
IT REALLY DOES WORK Comments By: CarlaJ on 2010-01-05
Oh my goodness I was very unsure if this would work or not I was suffering and in horrible burning pain from symptoms of UTI I do not have medical insurance and can't afford a giant doctor bill so I decided to look on the internet for anything that could help me have instant relief and came upon this website about alka-seltzer and decided to try it I rushed to the store at 2 am and got some once I took it I had instant relief in about 15 min. So I do recommend to anyone who suffers from uti to try this it really does work.
FYI...... Comments By: Jennifer Rogers on 2010-02-09
I am very susceptable when it comes to Urinary Tract Infections. And yes a UTI is the most agonizing pain in the world, in my opinion. I am sure others would agree. I have given birth to 5 kids, naturally, and would do it again to prevent having another UTI. A friend of ours is a Registered Nurse and she told me about Alka Seltzer years ago, unfortunately I forgot all about this pain relieving little miracle. Three days ago I woke up and went to the bathroom, only to find that I had blood in my urine and the pain of urinating brought tears to my eyes. It literally felt like I was trying to pee PEBBLES!!! I went to the ER that same day and tested positive for a UTI (I wasn't suprised). The nurse gave me a pill (Bactrum) to take while I was there, gave me a script for Bactrum, and advised me to pick up a package of Uricalm (Azo with cranberry). I did as I was told, this was not my first circus with a UTI. It has been three days and I have taken my antibiotics as prescribed, and the Uricalm as directed on the box. I have yet to have any relief from the antibiotic or Uricalm. The Uricalm has made me nauseated and I have even thrown up three times today. This has been an awful three days, the pain has been unbearable, so I decided to hop online while strattling the toilette trying to prevent from puking, and I ran across this web site, and remembered that Alka Seltzers have worked for me in the past. However I use to take Alka Seltzer the first day of symptoms, and I am three days in with this agonizing infection. I decided to give it a shot, it's worth a try. I will try anything at this point. I took Alka Seltzer about 45 minutes ago and the pain as somewhat eased. I need to go pee but too scared of the pain that is lurking around the corner. I am going to continue with my antibiotics, for extended BUTT KICKING BACTERIA measures!!! I plan on taking another dose of Alka Seltzer before I go to bed and another in the morning. The Alka Seltzer did help with my nausea and eased the herendous pain. I was curious as to why Alka Seltzers work for certain people and not others so I called our nurse friend.
The Sodium Bicarbonate is a warming antiacid. As the SB travels through the system it tends to heat. The heat from the SB enters the bladder and eases the pain. The Citric Acid in the Alka Seltzer destroys certain foreign bacterias. Key word being CERTAIN. Women are more prone to catching UTI's because of the extra tissue and surroundings in a females abdomen. Certain bacterias can nest in these tissues (so it's like a hideout for bacteria). Citric acid can kill present bad bacteria, but only if it is present, the citric acid cannot hunt for the bacteria, which is why Alka Seltzers works for some and not others. This is one reason why taking Alka Seltzer when you first notice the symptoms, kicks it in the butt. However if the bacteria is in hiding, Alka Seltzer will only flush away present bacteria, and the bacteria hiding out will present itself in a harsher manner. So it is always best to see a doctor just to be sure the infection is completely gone. But if money is tight, and for those who cannot afford insurance, Alka Seltzer is worth a try. It has worked for me in the past, and it has given me relief when nothing else worked.

all UTI are not the same Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-12
I have never tried Alka-Seltzer for an UTI however I do work in a doctors office even with an antibiotic all UTI's are not cleared. A culture report tells the doctor what type of antibiotic an individual infection is susceptible to. Some are resistent to most antibiotics others are cleared with almost any antibiotic. Thus maybe it is the same with an Alka-Selter each UTI is an individual infection all cannot be treated the same.
RELIEF...A Miracle..ALKA SELTZER ANGEL Comments By: Sleepy Girl on 2010-03-29
I tried it- it worked! I also made my own 1/4 tsp baking soda and water and a squeeze of lemon. I hope it last thru the night. I will update tomorrow!
Definitely Works Comments By: Erika on 2010-04-09
Worked for me both times I tried it. Amazing! I agree with the nurses comments that it may not work for every UTI though, there are different strains of organisms...but give it a try! Sooooo much better than going to the doctor's office!
Felt Better Almost Immediately THANKS Comments By: Wendy on 2010-04-20
I have had a recurring feeling of discomfort and frequent urge to urinate without much urine - and I used the test strips I found in the drugstore and they indicated that I did NOT have a UTI. But, I tried the Alka Seltzer anyway, and the discomfort is gone, right away. I have been drinking lots of cranberry juice also, and limiting my intake of artificial sweeteners (including diet soda). Also increasing water intake. So, maybe as another reader posted it what is relieved is the PH imbalance - just speculating. At any rate, I am grateful for the relief!

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!! Comments By: 21 on 2010-04-20
don't know why or how - all i know is after 10 years of suffering and being on meds and going from doctor to specialist to naturopath - i have found long last relief with ALKA-SELTZER and I am grateful!! To the person who figured this out - THANK YOU !!!

Helps for sure Comments By: Shaddowz on 2010-05-22
Well yesterday afternoon I was in some serious UTI discomfort. The burning would last after I weould pee for hours. Since yesterday was fridayu prolly no chance of getting into a doc this weekend. So I remember getting this in an e-mail. I have a course of antibiotics the doc gave me before when he thought I had a UTI. Turns out I didn't and I never took them. I am also reluctant to because they hacve horrible side effects like posible tendon seperation. And so on. (insane) So I decided to try the Alka-Seltzer. I have taken 2 doses and it's not gone but it has helped my symtoms tremendously. Almost no discomfort. I am off Monday and if there is still discomfort I will go into the doc and get a different script one with out so many harsh side effects. BTW the one they gave me last time was Ciprofloxacn 250mg look them and the side effects up. Crazy. One of those cases the damn side effects are worse tham the problem to begine with.
Helped didn't cure Comments By: Shaddowz on 2010-05-26
I posted earlier this week and wanted to let everyone know ho I came out personally. I went to the doc Monday and I still had a UTI. Thought the tells were all trace amounts. Teh alka-seltzer helped with the symtoms to where I had almost no pain. So my verdict is if you got symtoms take it to help with the symtoms but don't count on it curing it. it may cure some but it didn't mine. Goodluck everyone!
Definitely Helps Me Comments By: Long-time sufferer on 2010-06-23
I suffered from chronic UTIs for ~7 years...every month around my period. After seeing GYNs, primary care physicians and urologists, I finally had a GYN diagnose my particular situation - maybe someone can be helped by this.

She explained some women have less 'covering' tissue around the opening of the urethra. Just prior to your period, those tissues shrink - making access to that opening more available to bacteria. Mid-cycle, those tissues swell up and protect the opening.

She prescribed the lowest dose of birth control pills which keeps the tissues more evenly swollen throughout the cycle. The first month of taking them, I had NO UTIs for the first time in 7 years! I took them for 6 months and then stopped taking them...and was fine for gosh about 18 months or more. I almost forgot abotu them...until this past weekend.

I went back to the Alka Seltzer remedy and it is still effective and I swear by it. To maintain this 'good state' I will go back on the pill for a bit to get my body chemistry evened out. I had a tonsillectomy last month, so I think my chemical balance was disturbed by taking all the drugs from that, plus the stress and most probably due to not being able to eat a proper diet - couldn't swallow much.

Definitely guzzle water as much as possible starting about a half hour after your first dose. I drink about five 16 ounce bottles on my first day of curing a UTI...PLAIN water - none of that powdered flavouring which feeds bacteria. If you have fresh lemon or lime, that's fine to add...I like a slice of cucumber in my water...but no sweetners! Good luck!

So far so good Comments By: beth on 2010-07-16
I usually have pretty good luck with cranberry pills if I take them early and often enough. I tried the alka seltzer and with just one dose I am feeling better. I will probably take a second dose at the prescribed time just to be safe. thanks for the insights
Works for me! Comments By: Superhero Spouse on 2010-07-21
I've had about 1 UTI per year for the last 30 years. I discovered the Alka Seltzer cure and so far it has worked for me every time. I

I take it the minute I feel the onset of a UTI and continue to take it until I am feeling 100%.

Thank you!!! Comments By: anon on 2010-07-21
I was very sceptical about Alka-seltza, And then I tried it. I woke up this morning feeling very uncomfortable and realizes I had a UI. I read up on how to get rid of it without antibiotics and I saw this tip. It started to feel better after about 30 minutes.
Here goes nothing..... Comments By: Claudia on 2010-07-22
I hate having UTI's. My co-worker said that she heard that Alka-Seltzer cures UTI. So its a year that I get UTI on and off, I had to search a site that people actualy see results, and saw a lot of positive results. So I have nothing to lose. I'm taking the extra strength, here it goes...... I'll let you guys know if it worked.
Only Cures Symptoms Comments By: somerandomguy77 on 2010-07-27
Alka Seltzer helps with UTI because it removes acidity in the urine and the blood.

Aspirin helps reduce inflammations.

Both of these help deal with UTI symptoms(pain), but if you are looking for a cure go see your Doctor for antibiotics/therapy - and drink lots of water and cranberry juice, proven cures.

Alka Selter Gold is a winner! Comments By: Charley on 2010-08-03
Alka Seltzer Gold (I have only found at CVS) can be very helpful if you have a UTI. Since UTI's can be caused by yeast or bacteria this is a good solution ....excess acidity allows bacterial growth. Alka Seltzer Gold, which is only sodium bicarbonate and Potassium Citrate, no drugs added, is a great treatment for candida yeast infections and also changes environment in bladder from acid back to more alkaline which keeps bacteria from growing. I find this to be a very good solution and use at the first sign of UTI...it has always helped me!
Skeptical but I think it worked Comments By: Optimistic on 2010-08-13
I was skeptical of this but considering that I refused to pay an $40 immediate care fee for a $10 prescription I felt like $10 was worth sparing on alka seltzer and cranberry juice. I think it worked. I dont know the symptoms of others but my first sign is stinky, cloudy, and burning pee. I took the alka seltzer around 4 yesterday. I didnt experience immediate results like everyone else. But i have drinking only cranberry juice to clear up what the acid may miss. This morning I woke up and it did not burn to pee nor did it stink and usually it does in the morning. My pee is also starting to clear up in color. Ima take some more alka seltzer today and drink nothing but cranberry juice and see my results tomorrow and report back.
It worked . . . i think Comments By: No longer skeptical on 2010-08-14
I said that I would check back. Its been 2 days since i took alka seltzer and drunk a whole jug of 100% cranberry juice. For the people that have not tried it do not get discouraged by the people saying that it is the asprin fooling you. It has been almost 20 hours since I did another dose of alka seltzer and my urine has cleared up and it does not burn nor stink. There is no asprin that can do such and i know for a fact that no 325mg asprin is relieving pain that long. So idk what the cause of anyone else uti may have been but mine was from having what they call rough honeymoon sex and this worked.
Thank God!!! Comments By: anon on 2010-09-10
Had the familiar symptoms of a UTI, I get at least one a year, and immediately called my doctor for an antibiotic, which always knocks it out in a day or two. Was prescribed a 10 day round of Cipro, and symptoms seemed to be diminishing. Was symptom free for a week until they came back with a vengeance! I called my doctor and was prescribed another 7 days of Cipro. My urgency and frequency to pee was intolerable. A woman at work asked if I had tried Alka Seltzer, as that was her cure for them for years. I had NEVER heard of Alka Seltzer helping a UTI before, but was desperate to try ANYTHING!!! I tried my first dose, and within minutes, my urgency to pee diminished somewhat. With the next dose, it diminshed even more. I couldn't believe it!!! I have completed my second round of Cipro, but have been using the alka seltzer whenever my urgency feels like it's coming back, and it works. All I can say is, plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is!!!!!!!!
LADIES...DON'T WIPE FROM BACK TO FRONT Comments By: Doc on 2010-09-26
Don't forget ladies if you wipe from back to front you can get a UTI! Wipe to the back!!!
Gods gift Comments By: Yvette lopez on 2010-10-25
I was suffering for 24 hours and couldn't even walk. I read about baking soda and alka seltzer so I mixed the 2 and it was gone with in 20 min!!

Be just as careful when using home remedies! Comments By: D on 2010-11-03
I had a UTI last week and took 3 cipro pills, but had to stop because of numbness in my face and arm (side effect). I thought the UTI was coming back a few days after I stopped the pills, so I put baking soda in water 2x a day for two days and then once yesterday. I went to the doctor today and my urine was clean. So I don't really know if it was the probiotics or the baking soda that cleared it up.

I'm only rating this tip 2 stars though because BAKING SODA CAN BE DANGEROUS. I didn't know this until after I took it and now I'm concerned. My urine is really cloudy because it's so alkaline and I'm going to need to drink lots of water to flush it out. So if anyone wants to try this, USE CAUTION and you should probably only do it 1x a day for a max of 3 days.

Worked for me! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-08
The "urelle" numbing med didn't work but the Alka Seltzer did! Will always keeps some on hand now.
It is like magic Comments By: Tia on 2010-12-05
Alka Seltzer does work and so does baking powder or baking soda. I was in agony two nights ago and my husband fixed me 1/2 tsp of BP in an 8oz cup of water. Took some Tylenol and slept till 10:30 the following morning.
Sold as a urinary alkaliniser in Australia Comments By: Maria on 2010-12-08
In Australia it is sold over the counter under a different name (with same active ingredients) specifically to relieve the pain of UTIs. My doc told me to use it as a pain reliever rather than the red tablets used commonly in the US. I still take the antibiotics, but use this in conjunction to help with the pain. If you try this alone, just be very vigilant for a few days to ensure it is in fact working and not just masking the pain.
Another tip is to go to any health food store and buy pH test strips to see if your diet is part of the problem with recurring UTIs. Oftentimes, we could help prevent them with diet and water along with all the usual tips from doctors.
I'm not a doctor, but I hope this helps out a bit. Just be careful if you feel pain after stopping any home remedy.

Ugh, not again! Comments By: Ana on 2010-12-27
I just randomly got a UTI because me and my hubby had sex last night. I didn't pee afterward. So this morning I had that all too familiar burning. Ugh! Bad enough I already have a cold and my period is due; talk about a double whammy of pain and discomfort! I have Alka Seltzer but not the Gold kind. I can't get to the store right now and my husband is at work, so I guess I'm just out of luck. I don't have any cranberry juice on hand. I'm doubtful on using the Alka Seltzer I have here even thought I have a cold because it has aspirin in it and I have already taken Advil for my period pains. Ugh, this is not gonna be a good day! And I have my 2 babies to look after. =(
Wow! Comments By: Kathreana on 2011-01-12
I have suffered from random UTI's since I was young. I know how painful it is. (ouch!)I just resently had one. Lastnight i was in some pai but not nearly as bad as today. I finally looked up some ways to cure it. So when I started to drink the Alka-Seltzer I cant stand the taste bu i got halfway threw it and I already feel a million and one times better.

finally relief! Comments By: bb on 2011-03-08
I was on antibiotics constantly for years for uti's. Now whenever I have symptoms I take alka seltzer with a teaspoon of d mannose added. This works better than antibiotics and without the side effects! This is a miracle!
with all the tools available why don't people research? Comments By: Moster on 2011-05-20
I heard the alka seltzer remedy several places so I looked up the ingredients and then a source said it was alkalin but I know it contains aspirin so I wanted to use "the" ingredient not the meds. it is so easy to find out things and not just copycat or take others "advice" which can be deadly. Just a thought we can all do to make sure something is safe.
Why Alka Seltzer and baking soda work Comments By: Naomi on 2011-05-16
This is directed toward females.

If most of your bladder infections follow sex, the likely the source of your problem is an infection of your vagina. Semen is the perfect food for bacteria, including bacteria that are not the normal, "good bacteria" that keep the bad ones from taking up residence in the vagina. They are also likely residing on your partner.

When there is an overabundance of vaginal bacteria, they will spread in your urethra and bladder. To add to misery, many of these bacteria produce acid, which contributes to the burning sensation during an infection. Alkaline urine neutralizes the acid attack, and may inhibit growth of the acid-producing bacteria. An alkaline-oriented diet also is more healthful (more fruits and vegetables, less meat and starchy carbohydrates). Acidic fruits convert to alkaline in the body, which explains why lemon juice may help ease symptoms.

I understand that most of you are trying to avoiding paying expensive doctors and medications by going to a website such as this. However, be very cautious about home remedies, such as putting yogurt into your vagina. It may be the wrong strain of Acidophilus bacteria. Baking soda may work, but it may lead to diarrhea or an electrolyte imbalance. Respect the package directions for Alka Seltzer. If your interventions are not successful within a few hours, go to the doctor and insist on a urine culture, which will identify exactly which antibiotic is appropriate. It beats a festering bladder problem that leads to a kidney infection. And donít forget to ask if your partner should be treated.

Naomi, a Registered Nurse

It's not a cure, but it's awesome Comments By: Anna on 2011-07-18
The infection came on strong and seemingly out of the blue on Saturday night. It was extremely painful to urinate. 25 minutes after taking the alka seltzer, I could urinate without much pain. It's not a cure by any means, but it sure helped. I also drank liters of organic unsweetened cranberry juice and several glasses of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in water on Sunday. I felt 1000% better by time I saw my doctor on Monday.
Alka-Seltzer works for UTI's Comments By: minmon on 2011-07-27
Worked for me as well. I started feeling the symptoms while at work and it got worse as the day progressed. When I got home I took 2 tablets and lots of water, later that evening I was back to normal.
Used baking soda instead Comments By: Tl on 2011-10-22
I had a uti come on quickly at 8pm on a Friday night. No Drs open until Monday, husband at work with the car so no way to get to the ER until morning. At 8 pm I was having to urinate every 10 minutes, within an hour it was so frequent I would go and by the time I had washed my hands I would need to go again. I ended up literally staying on the toilet for 2 hours straight just letting it trickle out of me, pain increasing as time went on, and drinking water to try to flush out the bacteria. I figured I was in for a long night.

Luckily I had my phone and was able to search the web for temporary relief. I came across alka seltzer/baking soda. Decided I had nothing to lose. I mixed a tsp with a tall glass of water and drank it, followed by another glass of water and took my spot on the toilet. At first, trickle trickle. Then within minutes it stopped. I was able to hold it for a few minutes, then 7, then 8. Pain was decreasing. I went to bed and was getting up every 30-45 minutes for the first couple hours but no more pain. Then I slept for 6 hours without interruption.

This morning, I have a bad headache (not sure if that has anything to do with my baking soda cocktail) but my washroom breaks are back to normal. I will go and buy some alka seltzer today because it's already in a dosage that is safe and take that a couple times a day until im confident it won't be returning.


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