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Cure urinary tract infections with alka-seltzer.

Submitted by Don

Just dissolve two tablets in a glass of water and drink it at the onset of the symptoms. Alka-Seltzer begins eliminating urinary tract infections almost instantly-even though the product was never been advertised for this use.

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Don - you would understand if you were a female Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-08
Alka-Selter does NOT work for UTI - give me a break! First know cause then cure can be cranberry juice to probiotics to antibiotics. Know the reason you have UTI first - then take proper action
Don't Work! Comments By: Nancy on 2004-11-11
The most effective cure I tried is cranberry juice.
Works for me! Comments By: anon on 2004-11-28
I've had good luck with the Alka Seltzer cure myself. Only works if you take it right at the onset of symptoms, though. (I don't understand why it works either; maybe the Alka Seltzer is somehow able to kill the bacteria?)
It has worked for me every time. Comments By: Sarah on 2004-12-13
I have had 4 UTI's since I heard about this treatment, and the symptoms have gone away within 30 minutes of taking it every time. I always repeat it 4 hrs later, just in case. A doctor told me it would take 8 gallons of cranberry juice to cure a UTI. This takes two tabs.
I can't belive it, but it works! Comments By: Sandi on 2005-04-17
I've tried everything from pure unsweetened cranberry juice (didn't work and was GROSS!) to tons of high-quality probiotics (which got expensive and didn't work). I've always had to resort to antibiotics until now. A friend told me about Alka Seltzer and it sounded too good to be true, but it worked!

I am THRILLED to not have had to suffer another round of antibiotics!

Will Try Comments By: Sharon on 2005-05-26
Next time i have a UTI I'll give this a whirl. I usually try to buy the generic cranberry juice since its not mixed with grape and others like Ocean Spray. It works but usually takes a day or more and several glasses. So if this really works in 30 minutes or so, I'll definitely try it.
Worked For me Comments By: Sara on 2005-07-21
I have been suffering for a long time with UTI's and this really works. It's not the only method I have used but certainly the fastest. I would suggest anyone who get them regularly try this tip.
Takes about an hour for me, but works! Comments By: anon on 2005-07-25
Alka-seltzer is a freakin' miracle. I also follow it up with a huge glass of green tea (several bags) and a bunch of honey in it. I drink that while i'm in the bathtub taking an epsom salt (sea salt works too) bath. A UTI is the most annoying sensation I have ever felt. Drink lots of water and tea!!!!
Amamzing! IT WORKED! Comments By: Brandi on 2006-04-11
I woke up and instantly felt the symptoms and knew I had another UTI. Luckily, my mother told me about alka seltzer. I dissolved 2 tablets and only 15 minutes later the symptoms started to dissapear. Thank God! I am so bad with antibiotics.

It's a miricle in my eyes.

absolutely works Comments By: sm on 2006-05-19
has worked for me every time and does not require any trips to the doctor or antibiotics! I think the key is to take the Alka-Seltzer right away and take it a few more times during the day. Relieves the pain immediately.

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