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Gatorade can relieve headache pain

Submitted by Don

Drinking two glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache pain almost immediately-without the unpleasant side effects caused by traditional pain relievers.

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warm or cold Comments By: HEATHER on 2004-12-14
TipKing says: I would not think that it would make a difference either way

didn't work for me Comments By: debbie on 2005-11-04
Been fighting this headache all day and NOTHING has worked
Cha It Works Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-08
It always seems to work for me!
IT WORKS! Comments By: Peaches on 2006-10-31
I woke up this morning with a migraine headache. I dranked 2-20oz bottle of gatorade and immediately I felt some relief. IT WORKS!
gatorade relieves headaches Comments By: anon on 2007-08-30
I woke up with a headache and it stayed with me ALL day. I remembered reading an e-mail that said two glasses of Gatorade would help. I was desperate so I tried it. It worked I didn't evan need two glasses just two big gulps. So Cool!!
No real relief yet.. Comments By: Sandi on 2008-02-16
I have drank the normal 2 cups recommended (which takes alot for me because I can't STAND Gatorade). Anyway, I am not getting any real relief yet (just waves of nausea which are probably related to the excruciating headache). I will update if it gets better. By the way, how long should it take?
gatorade and migranes Comments By: Michelle on 2008-02-27
I have suffered migranes since I was seven years old. Once I hit puberty, I got them twice a month...when I ovulated and when I began my menstrual cycle. In any event, been popping pills forever. I did start drinking gatorade at the first sign...also started using it to take my meds. Sometimes one gatorade will do the trick, other time I need to drink 5 in the course of a day. It is remarkable how less painful the headaches are...also how quickly they disappear. I haven't had to fill my prescription for 2 months now...I don't think this remedy is in my head (excuse the pun). Anyone have a guess as to why this works? My husband thinks it is both the elecrolytes and potassium...I'm just thankful someone told me about it.
UITSTEKEND(Dutch for excellent) GATORADE Comments By: JazzyJean on 2008-03-12
I am sure glad to have found this site. I was, for some minutes, sick with migraine and I was just taking chances that I would find some study about Gatorade and headache relief and well, I stumbled upon this!

Gatorade has always been an excellent alternative to my pain relievers whenever I am having migraine. I have, by chance,drank this wonder drink while beset with a terrible migraine years ago. By miracle, my terrible headache disappeared.

I then came to realize that GATORADE isn't just your usual power drink or soda boost. It is power packed with electrolytes which helps to open up cells, thereby oxygenizing them . We usually have pain too when we lack the adequate oxygen. As a health practitioner,I came to realize why Gatorade gave that sudden result and since then on, I came to rely on Gatorade for a speedy relief.

Glad that other people have discovered this natural alternative to headache.


I't suck's Comments By: Revia sha on 2008-09-29
I woke up with a migrain and went to sleep with a migrain right after i drank two glasses of "gatorade" it didnt work at all so the next morning when i went to school i passed out and realized that it was bettet to go see a doctor!!!! dumb gatorade drinks. throw it in the trash.
Cured a caffeine withdrawal headache Comments By: Arkansas Teacher on 2008-10-08
I have been advised by a cardiologist to quit drinking caffeine because of an irregular heartbeat.
I woke up with a mega caffeine withdrawal headache this morning. Several glasses of gatorade later...it was gone...ALL DAY! Seriously, I teach high school, it worked even with a full day of teaching classes.

Okay, it works. But WHY does it work? Comments By: Glenn White on 2008-11-21
I wake up with headaches during the winter time because the radiator in my apartment dries the air (and me) out overnight. I've noticed that gatorade relieves these headaches faster than anything else, but I want to know why. Is it possible to get the electrolytes (or whatever nutrient my body needs in these cases) from a source that is not so sugar-laden?
Not working yet Comments By: Kesha on 2008-12-03
I have had a horrible headache since lastnight. Tried everything and drank 32 oz of gatorade and it does not work.
headache relief Comments By: rbc on 2009-01-01
gatorade works for me. i drink a 20 oz bottle whenever i feel a headache coming on. i've had migraines almost my entire life and this drink has been a great help, enabling me to be able to reduce pain meds.
Gatorade can sometimes help Comments By: Barbara on 2009-01-06
I've had headaches all my life. I've gone through withdrawal from analgesics (due to rebound headaches) three times. I'm now on a combination of migraine medication but still have dull headaches. Trying to stay hydrated, I got tired of water and had a 20-oz bottle of Powerade (same as Gatorade) and felt better. I did this three days in a row, not believing it was the Powerade. I decided to Google Gatorade and headaches, because I couldn't believe there was a connection. And I found this site. I now have a large supply of Gatorade. It does not work on all headaches and any headache sufferer needs to see a doctor. However, for those dull headaches that won't seem to go away, I find a bottle of Gatorade really helps.
It works for about 10 minuets. Comments By: Mary on 2009-04-07
It works for like ten minuets then I can feel it rumbling up a little bit again. I'm not saying gatorade doesn't work... but It just makes it feel like the headache is trapped inside. Ouch!
silly Comments By: alex on 2009-04-27
it works!!!!! .........as same as ANY liquid if you are dehydrated, pain will settle in you head then the "magic' gatorade come to play..you guys give me headaches!!
it works Comments By: ronald on 2009-05-11
it works if your head ache is just starting not when its so bad you cant take it. take tylenol and anacen or other combination pills this really works
Migraine Cure Comments By: katedouglasiam on 2009-06-15
My mom actually told me about this tip. I've suffered from migraines almost weekly for years. I've found now that if I drink one Gatorade every day it actually seems to reduce my migraines. Since I started this routine, they come only once every month or less. If I stop drinking a Gatorade a day, they start coming back more frequently. It obviously depends on the person and what is causing each individual's migrains, but for me..it worked wonders!
Headache cure Comments By: ken on 2009-08-13
Got a really bad headache? Buy some natural peppermint leaves ground up.. should be in any natural foods store. Put about four large tablespoons into a large mug, fill with boiling hot water and steep for about 15 min.... seperate leaves and drink it, relax for about 15 min and your headache will be gone..
Headache Comments By: SatiaRadhi on 2009-11-25
my wife going to try it now
gatorade and headache Comments By: llu on 2010-02-24
I get severe headache and vomiting once a while, I googled "gatorade heals headache", I got the following answer-


Gatorade can help a migraine headache mainly by assisting with dehydration. Dehydration can be a cause of migraine, or it can (through nausea/vomiting) cause a migraine to become worse. There are many migraineurs who end up in the ER, not because of pain, but because they require essential fluids.

If you are having trouble keeping fluids down, you can try taking one tablespoon of Gatorade, every two-five minutes. You want it to be room temperature, because the shock of cold to your stomach can cause vomiting when you are already in that state.

I think dilute it is a good idea.

Enlyten Electrolyte Strips Comments By: Clayton on 2010-03-02
Enlyten Electrolyte Strips work much better. Plus Enlyten Fix-It Recovery Strips!
i havent tried it yet Comments By: spider on 2010-05-27
i havent tried it yet just read about it. but when i have a mirgrain i will try anything.
Hot Comments By: Bob on 2010-07-24
I have Gatorade in a cooler that the ice melted and got warm. Can I just re-ice or is the gatorade now not good to drink.
I woke up with a headache Comments By: Rusty on 2010-10-23
I woke up this morning with a headache and drank 2 bottles of Gatorade and it went away . DUUUHHHHHHH its the first sign of dehydration !
Gatorade migraine cure Comments By: dhansonca on 2011-01-11
Having had a resurgence of migraines recently (3 or 4 a week for 3 months) and noticing that I seemed a bit dehydrated I started taking Gatorade 2 or 3 times a day. This is my 23rd consecutive day without a migraine. I thought "this is nuts" so today I googled 'Gatorade and migraines' and found this site; maybe I wasn't so nuts after all. I know some foods and weather, etc. are triggers for me but clearly something is going on here. Try it, it can't hurt. In the meantime I'm counting every day ...
Waking Up With Headaches Comments By: RJ Teich on 2011-01-20
As much as I do not like taking pain relievers constantly, I find that if I take two (no more than three) PM pain relievers a half an hour before I want to go to sleep with Gatorade, it not only works for me fast, but I don't wake up with a burning headache. I just wish I could leave a bottle on my nightstand, but once it's opened has to be refrigerated due to the fruitose and bacteria.
Suffered 20 years Comments By: Mcraze on 2011-07-05
There is something about the drink that works. The pain is so bad that death for some feels like the better alternative. Blindness, nausea, pain like nothing else I have ever felt and with one drink of an electrolyte filled drink, the pain is gone. Call it stupid, but there is something to it. If you don't suffer, if you don't feel as if life is being taken away from you everyday, every time you get one, don't knock it. It works!!!
This does work. Comments By: Jessie on 2011-07-28
I have tried drinking as much as five glasses of water, different juices and fruit and none of these have worked. The only thing that has stopped a migrane for me without having to wait it out for a day or two is getting a saline IV drip from the hospital or chugging back to bottles of Gatorade (or power aid). Potassium and sodium are both essential in the proper function or nerve cells with a missfuntioning in the brain during a migrane. There are serveral different known causes for migranes but for me this works everytime within about a half hour.
I was skeptical... Comments By: Kathleen on 2011-08-04
Well I had been suffering with migraines for many years..when i got the headaches..they would last for 3 days and I couldnt do much other than lie down and suffer..dreadful..I drank water trying to keep hydrated ..but nothing worked..then a friend told me about gatorade..she said it works, but I should take it just when the headache begins..last eve..I felt a migraine coming on and i dreaded 3 days of it..I drank an entire lime gatorade and the headache dissapated and I was able to sleep! WOW thanks Julie for the tip!

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