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If your nose becomes really runny

Submitted by Mary Gold

If your nose becomes really runny, sniff a marker. The fumes will supress the nasal glands from producing mucus. It has basically the same effect as Vick's Vaporub.

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I CAN BREATHE AGAIN Comments By: Morgan on 2004-11-13
WOW Comments By: Kristen on 2005-01-18
I cant believe that it actually worked!! Ive been up all night on and off with this terrible runny nose. Benadryl wasnt working anymore, and I couldnt figure out what to do. I decided to look online and found this. I grabbed one of my Sharpies, and sniffed it.. instantly I felt better. Thank you for this great tip!!
concern Comments By: anon on 2006-02-08
sniffing a marker is a way of inhalence i wouldn't do it thats like sniffing white out
Kinda' did the trick Comments By: ANON on 2006-02-20
Tried it right away. It worked, but I wonder, for how long? Do I need to carry a Sharpie aound all day?
Wow Comments By: Phyllis on 2006-04-26
Didnt have no markers man
So used some glue
blotto or what

Hey!!! Comments By: Booger Dude on 2006-10-23
Well, it worked great, after a few minutes my nose started to burn. i did a small report... actually just letting it run by sticking tissue/paper towel in your nose will absorb the snot and pretty much stop it. Which color marker works the best?
OMG Comments By: The Lynda on 2007-02-15
I had the cold bad, googled on how to stop a runny nose and came across this. I tried it an it worked. I still have to breath out of my mouth though which sucks but at least my nose is not running anymore.
!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2007-05-11
YOU'RE A GENIUS! Although; it didn't quite help with my head ache.

but thanks all the same.

God Bless you Mary Gold Comments By: Erica on 2007-07-06
I love you.
holy wow Comments By: Patrick on 2007-07-15
It actually does work...
Ive been suffering a runny nose all day long... I googled for crazy remedies, since 3 different types of medicines did nothing, and found this.
I rarely believe what I see online, but I was ready to try anything.
It totally worked! No more drips! No more kleenex jammed up my nostrils!


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