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Pressure point to Get rid of hiccups!

Submitted by Sandy

I found this in a reflexogy book. There's a pressure point in the crevis between your nose and upper lip. Press here with your finger for about 30 sec. It works evertime. Any time I tell anyone to do this they laugh, but are totally amazed when it works.

Visitors comments

This doesn't work!! Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-25
We tried it so many times at so many differnet angles, it never worked.
TRIED AND IT WORKED! Comments By: John on 2004-08-31
I've had the hiccups for almost three days (and still going) and I could get it to stop for 15-20 minutes about 1 out of 20 attempts of other methods. This method works everytime the first time, though it would only last 15-20 minutes like all other methods, but at least it is more successful.
This works Comments By: Rick on 2004-09-02
Had the hiccups for over an hour....very annoying and frustrating! Tried this method and it worked the first time! Sweet!!
woo! Comments By: Lindsey on 2004-09-16
Wow, I had some really annoying hiccups and just pressed and now they are gone! I can sleep now!
It definitely works...thanks! Comments By: Jenny Craig on 2004-09-28
I was just experiencing severe hiccups, and I decided to go online to see how to get rid of them. I then stumbled upon this site and tried the pressure point exercise out of curiousity, and it worked. They are now gone! Thanks!!!
yay Comments By: jaw on 2004-10-12
worked great for me :-)
The Pressure Point Relieved my Hiccups!!! Comments By: Brandie on 2004-10-18
I was sitting at work and had the worst hiccups ever. I decided to go online and look up how to get rid of them. I came upon this and decided to try it and it has worked so far. Thanks.
Awesome Comments By: mikey on 2004-10-19
worked for me
Ha Ha Ha Comments By: sssss on 2004-10-25
your right I started to giggle when I tried it but it worked
WHEW Comments By: JIM on 2004-11-02
WOW Comments By: Bible Babe on 2004-11-03
Thanks! My upper lip hurts a little but it beats having the hiccups!
It works! Comments By: SDahl on 2004-11-03
I usually use a ts. of sugar, but am at work. I work in a library that is usually pretty quiet so I was embarrassed to be so loud. Tried your method, and it worked right away. Wait until I tell my little boy. He'll love it!
too funny Comments By: SAMANTHA on 2004-11-29
My son asked me look up how to get rid of hiccups. I found this tip. We tried it a few minutes ago. AND IT WORKED. TOO FUNNY.

no way Comments By: Domenic on 2004-12-17
it just wont stop! please make it stop!!!
thx! Comments By: me on 2004-12-23
i was having a hiccups and it was bothering me soo bad. so i went on google and read your thing and tried it and it worked! then i ran upstairs and told my sister. thx now i dont have to hiccup
greatest healer ive ever seen. Comments By: patrick jay on 2004-12-25
it worked immediatly I was amazed and relieved. I cant wait for one of my friendss to get the hiccups,I might make some money.
give it a try Comments By: steve on 2005-01-08
it actually works.. my fiance did it to me and they stopped instantiously. try it for yourself
NO WAY! Comments By: Kristen on 2005-01-19
Didn't help me one bit!
THEY ARE GONE!!! Comments By: Robyn on 2005-01-22
I was desperate and it worked like a charm! I'm a teacher and look forward to using this with my students.
worked! Comments By: kaz on 2005-01-23
i have had painful hiccups for the last hour. worked first time...ta very much!

this is amazing Comments By: btsoom42 on 2005-02-09
had hic ups for 2 days. worked first try.

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