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Vitamin B1 for Mosquito bites

To avoid mosquito bites in the first place, eat foods rich in Vitamin B1 or take a B1 supplement. The B1 makes you unpleasant for the mosquito to bite.

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Vitamin B1 for Preventing Mosquito bites Comments By: Meeseluvr on 2004-09-10
I have tried taking B1 for years to prevent Mosquitos from biting me, It DOES NOT WORK! They just love me and that Avon stuff does not work either. What else could I try that doesn't stink?
it works for me Comments By: kerry on 2004-09-12
I've tried the 100 mg for B1 as have the rest of my family and it works wonders for us. We still get a few bites but the ones we do get don't itch like normal. Also, if we eat bananas we seem to get more bites even with the B1
b1 does not work Comments By: nichole on 2004-09-16
don't believe it. i took 500 mg for 2 weeks before going to thailand and got over 15 bites. it did not work, but stuff called skeetolene from uk worked just like it says. it has eucalyptus citadora in it.
if vitamin b1 does not work try Comments By: carol on 2007-06-18
I was told to try garlic I am going camping this weekend and I always get eaten alive. so here is something new. I have also herd that mosqitoes do not like peppermnt and to put 15-20 drops of perppermint essentail oils in water and spray on yourself? we will see
Essential Oils Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-01
A blend of eucalyptus and lavender oils is supposed to work for a couple of hours.
works Comments By: bill on 2007-11-06
i got to spain twice a year and get biten at least 5 times. the last 2 times iv been over i havent been biten once taking B1 everyday. start 2 days before you leave
B1 Comments By: kevin on 2008-02-15
B1 works have been using it in the Australian outback for years 1 tab three times daily works for me
NOTHING WORKS! Comments By: Carol Coulson on 2008-03-12
I always get bitten all over by mozzies, which has stopped me going on holiday for 7 years!!! This year I did lots of research before going to Jamaica for 1 week in March 08. I took a course of Vitamin B1 before I went, took it while I was there, used Avon Skin So Soft Dry Body Oil, sprayed my clothes, body, curtains and bedding with Jungle Spray containing Deet, and STILL GOT EATEN ALIVE!!!! I actually got 7 bites on my face!!! The bites on my fingers look like small cauliflowers florets and go purple! I am off to the doctors tomorrow, as my local pharmacist thinks my bites could be infected and need an antibiotic. Holidays in hot countries are out for me from now on, as being bitten so much and the constant itching makes me feel so miserable, it spoils the holiday.

B1 Works!!! Comments By: Nick on 2008-04-07
I tried B1 last summer after hearing about it on the today show. After about 10 days on b1 100 mg 3 times a day I had 80% less bites. This it great since I walk my dogs daily at the park. I highly recommend you give it a try.
Urban legend Comments By: Pat on 2008-04-11
Canadian Armed Forces and the U.S. CDC have done studies on B1 v.s. mosquitos, and both found no measurable reduction in mosquito bites. Wish it worked, going to Costa Rica next week! I hate mosquitos!!!
Eaten Alive!! Comments By: Johan Meldrum on 2008-04-25
I have been biten so much my mosquitos over the years. I have ended up in hospital with severe bites to my legs and hands, as a result I lost circulation in my fingers and my legs went purple from the knee down for 4months and it was painful. I now have to contend with going out and getting at least 30 bites in 1 night. Oh and believe me they are big, swollen red marks. I have tried lots of things. But the best for me is to cover up, put on repellent, take B1 and just hope for the best. I dont know why they love me so much but my friends love it because if I'm around they never get a bite.
Good Luck

Vitamin B1 takes 4 to 6 weeks to help w/"quitoes" Comments By: Omie on 2008-04-26
Take Vitamin B1 for 4 to 6 weeks. I still get a few bites but don't get dozen w/in minutes.
It worked for me Comments By: Christian on 2008-05-20
I don't get the same reaction as my wife does when a mosquito bites me (she gets a huge red bump, I get a small red spot).

If I take Vitamin B1 for around 4-6 weeks prior to going I very rarely get bit at all and my wifes reaction to them is more like mine without the B1 i.e. small red spot.

So whether or not it is proven scientifically it works for us.

My advice would be to try it. It cost very little to try and it may just work for you too.

eaten alive Comments By: natalie on 2008-07-13
everytime i go on holiday i get eaten alive i am in cyprus currently writing this and i have over 150 on my legs, ankles and feet then around another 50 on my back and arms and they are still biting me. i have been reading all your comments and i dont think b1 vitamin is going to help me as everything else on the market i use to no avail. i went to the doctors recntly and found that my body does not produce the vitamin b12 so i am starting regular injections for this i am also wondering if this is the reason for me being bitten so much. if anyone knows anything about this please let me know my email address is [email protected]
Apparently, it's a TYPO It's B6 - NOT B1 that stops mosquitos from biting Comments By: Karen Boyd, C.Ht. on 2008-07-22
It's NOT B1 -- I don't know who started the erroneous information that B1 stops mosquito bites because it's actually B6 that stops mosquitos from biting. A normal amount of B6 in the blood makes a person unattractive to mosquitos because it is an ingredient that is almost impossible for them to tolerate and they will avoid you like the plague. When there is a lack of B6 in the blood, a person becomes as attractive to a mosquito as a rose is to a honey bee because the blood smells "sweet" to the mosquito, and just as a honey bee can smell the scent of a flower from hundreds of feet away, so it is with the mosquito to people with a B6 deficiency. B6 is genetically inherent and at least one parent is prone to being attractive to mosquitos also. In my own family, mosquitos never bit my mother and she had very little sympathy for the rest of us in the family who were plagued by mosquitos -- however, flys would find her. My father, on the other hand, could barely walk outside without being literally swarmed with mosquitos. He would slather tons of oily repellent that smelled like kerosene all over his exposed skin and yet they would bite him through his clothes. My brother and I inherited our father's malady although not as severe. And my daugher has called me from camp saying, "MOM, what's the vitamin that stops mosquitos from biting you?" (!)] Other outward symptoms of a lack of B6 in the blood can be a tendency to water retention, swollen ankles, hemmoroids, cradle cap in babies and in pregnant women it appears as intense morning sickness. There is an incredibly simple and inexpensive solution to all of these symptoms and they can be easily cured by taking 25 mg. of B6 three times a day with meals to start, and then 50 mg daily. B6 is water soluable and well tolerated without side-effects. Welcome to a bite-free future :)
Mosquitoes & B1 Comments By: Howard. on 2008-08-25
As a holistic practitioner of some 16 years' experience I can categorically tell you that it is B1 (Thiamine) that repels mosquitoes. Taken in large doses it is partly expelled through the skin and mosquitoes do not like it. It is a safe vitamin to take in these doses (typically at least 1500 mg. per day) as being water-soluble any excess is eliminated in the urine. All B vitamins are water soluble, by the way. It is important to start taking it atb least 2 weeks before travelling, and this is where many people go wrong, as it needs to accumulate in the system.
You can't prove it doesn't work so do it anyway Comments By: Ali G on 2009-03-05
Ha ha ha, 15 bites?? I've had that many on one foot! When I take B1 I have far less bites, had about 200 on my back on Magnetic Island, Oz. Wish I'd taken it then. They don't like garlic, but love perfume...and alcohol in your blood! But it's science, your scent attracts them or you give off a "masking" scent and they don't bite you, so slap on the deet.
smell! Comments By: Jane on 2009-04-09
This makes you smell SO BAD!!!! It comes out your pores and that is the point. That drives away the mosquitos. I don't even want to be around other people because i smell when i take it!!
Tiger Balm Comments By: Nancy on 2009-04-17
While traveling through Thailand and in Portugal I got huge quarter sized bites all over my legs. Some native Thai people told me to used Tiger Balm (which you can generally find in the Pharmacy and sometimes at Dollar Stores in Canada). Anyhow, I applied the Tiger Balm and within 15 minutes the size of the bites reduced by 98% and it had drawn out a fluid puss to the surface (which I just wiped off). I have photos to prove it.
It is simple chemistry folks... Comments By: Bob on 2009-05-20
#1 - Everyone's body digests, processes, and works differently than everyone elses. Keep this caveat in mind anytime you see articles about ingesting certain vitamins or attempting certain diets for claimed effects.

With this said, it may work for some but not all. As one commentor posted, my wife and I share very different reactions to normal bites as well. Mine are small and do not itch - she is not as lucky.

It is simply our individual body chemistry at work. RESULTS MAY VARY!

Natural Mosquito Repellent & anti-itch savior Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-01
Despite the bites from No-seeums I've found a natural repellent for mosquitoes: mix distilled water with 1oz grapeseed oil (or other), 10-15 drops of each essential oil: lavender, cedar, lemongrass & citrus (any you like). Shake it up and spritz it on. Reapply every 2-3hours - works like a charm! If you still get bitten; the itch from Noseeums is wicked try Zantac (150mg), recommended to me from a walk-in clinic Dr, the active ingredient in this acts to calm all the nerve receptor's in the body and the itch goes away! Wonderful stuff.
Vitamin B1 and B6 excellent mosi repellant Comments By: Paula Wilson on 2009-06-12
take vitamin B1 and B6 a month before your hols!!! No more mosi bites
Take 100mg B-Complex and call it a day! Comments By: J.P. TIverton on 2009-06-18
This does work, for me at least. Note alcohol and such will reduce the level of Vitamin B in the body. Also, Vitamin B and Potassium negate each other in the body and should not be taken together. That means no Vitamin B and eating bananas at the same time.
BITES Comments By: lemon lady. on 2009-06-18
Lemons are a great way to protect yourself from biting insects mosquitos etc, drink the juice of a lemon, and rub the rest on your skin, great repellent, and it will also take swelling and itching out of a bite just rub bite with a fresh lemon, add few drops lemon oil to final rinse on clothes also helps repel, from a lady who was plaqued with awful bites and swellings, i also take KWAI GARLIC TABLETS daily, i was told about the lemons by a GREEK lady whilst on holiday many yrs ago when she saw my bites, it also calms itchy skin, well it works for me.
B6 or B1...Brewers Yeast tablets work Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-18
i was told many years ago by an old trapper in the Canadian bush to take Brewers Yeast tablets, one a day for a month before venturing out. He had seen how many bites I had on me. The next year I did as he told me and 30 years later still follow his advice. For me it works and I wouldn't hesitate to say give it a try.
Listerine Comments By: Susie on 2009-06-18
At a deck party awhile back, and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayed the lawn and deck floor with Listerine, and the little demons disappeared. Tried this on my deck and around all of my doors. It works. Don't spray directly on a wood door (like your front door), but spray around the frame.
Cheapest fly spray Comments By: Richard Szwed on 2009-06-18
When you leave your holiday apartment in the evening walk backwards spraying the room with the cheapest fly spray you can buy making sure you spray behind curtains..Please make sure no edibles are uncovered.
At least your room will be safe on your return.
Can't help during the evening. I just make sure I spray all my arms etc but still get bitten and my wife never gets bitten.

mosquito don't bite me Comments By: Mona Hromiko on 2009-06-21
I take a multiple B Stress formula daily. Went camping for 4 days this past week in damp WI at Black River Falls and did not get one bit while those with me received an uncountable number of bits. Read about Vitamin B in Mother Earth years ago and have proven it's effectiveness on my children and myself ever since.
this changed my life Comments By: ladyjz on 2009-06-26
I am a mosquito magnet. I have had up to 165 mosquito bites at any one time (yes, I've counted). About 6 years ago, I was given this trip while traveling in Costa Rica. I couldn't believe it worked. Now, I use it all summer long. I know there are those who will say that my body chemistry has just changed, but if I forget for a few days (and I sometimes do) they are right back on me. I say give it a try - the worst that can happen is that you'll have a lot of vitamin B in your system for a few weeks. Better than DEET...
Canceling Out Comments By: Mike on 2009-07-01
Using multiple methods cancel each other out. Try 1 or 2 methods at a time.
mosquito Comments By: Patty on 2009-07-20
Well I haven't tried B1 but if you take any kind of herb blood cleaner the bites usually go away in 3 to 10 minutes. I have also increase my zinc and potassium I take like burdock it has high potassium in it. It has shown good results for me to keep mosquitos from biting.
Going to try B1 Comments By: Cathy on 2009-07-24
As someone who appears to be very tasty to our irritating little freinds,I need to use something that will really put them off. I get bitten by anything and everything and they always turn really nasty, at least 10 bites per day and thats in England!!! Its even worse in a hot climate. I have decided to try B1 Yeast Extract. Can anyone advise how many of these I should take a day?
B1 should 400mg/per day work so well! Comments By: Cannon Son on 2009-07-27
I'm travel in ASIA for 9 months, Pharmacy at RAMBUDE PHARMACY in Bangkok Thailand suggessed to take VITAMIN B1 400mg is work very well.

Very nice and helpfull Pharmacys in this shop name "RAMBUDE PHARMACY" the pharmacys team are knowledge and .

Some of my friends, she take only 100mg still bite cause to light for makeing smell

Therefore, recommended take B1 is 400mg not 100mg or less than 400mg.

Suppose you get bite will very low bite because they smelling you.

In the same time, the vitamin B1 is not accumulated in the body everyday you go toilet is out with the urine...

So good by natureal.

Cannon Son

shower in Malathion Comments By: Mike on 2009-07-27
Showering yourself in Malathion may reduce the risk of mosquito bites, or kill you. Well one way or they other the bugs will stop bothering you.
Comments By: John B. on 2009-07-30
It's really works. Actually the correct dose is 400 mg./day. I've got recommend from the pharmacy beside 7-11 in Rambude rd. Thailand. I went to Kong river in Laos and never get bitten compared to another tourists.
It works, but be realistic Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-31

I've taken vitiman B1 (when I remember it!). It always helps, but you have to be realistic. You can't expect to come out with no bites. I usually might get one or two, in places where I might get 20-30 if I didn't take it.

Magnet to bites Comments By: Barb on 2009-08-19
Can't garden, vacation , sit on the porch or play in the yard with the kids. I take a benadryl before I go out if I want to do any of the above. Avon is greasy. Off has a new dry spray that is great. Contains deet. Really works. If you really get bit up and have not taken a benadryl, then take one. You will feel better in a few minutes, maybe ten minutes or so.
Rub on Asprin Comments By: Val on 2009-10-04
I always get eaten alive and end with very itchy red lumps that keep me up all night scratching and wanting to scream. Someone mentioned Asprin to me so I tried and it worked for me! You wet the area of the bites and rub in an Asprin till it all crumbles and leave it on the skin to dry, sounds daft but it really worked for me. within 2-3 minutes the itching had stopped and the bites really shrunk in size. Lasted about 6-8 hours before I needed to reapply. After a couple of days....no more itching! Going to Mexico soon so will be trying B1 and also a load of Avon Skin so Soft which is used by British Royal Comando's to keep the little buggers at bay.
What to do AFTER you're bitten? Comments By: Karen on 2009-10-20
I go to Costa Rica for work about four times a year and was bitten so badly my legs were bleeding and two weeks later, still itching. Last two trips I had Xango Juice with me and after bitten, rubbed it on the SWOLLEN, ITCHY bites. Within minutes the swelling was gone and NO itching. I still cannot prevent them but I NO longer suffer! I will be posting something on my starfireblog page soon.
HELP ! Comments By: corina on 2010-03-17
I get bitten so badly and have read on here about b1 and b6 !! ?? i really really do not want to get bite as it completley ruings your holiday as my body is coverd in huge red itchy lumpy bites! can any one help do i take b1 or b6 ? OR can i take them both at the same time ??
Vitamin B Complex Comments By: Em on 2010-05-10
Hi, I have always suffered badley with mozzi bites whilst abroad, until a Pharmacist told me to take Vitamin B Complex with Brewers Yeast,start taking 2 weeks before you go. Every year I go away up to now I have to say it works on me, I've never been bit since taking them.

Also apparently lemon, eucolyptus and aloa vera keep them away too which I'm going to try it out and cake it on this year when I go to Thailand.
So I recommend trying the Vitamin B complex and yeast start taking 2 weeks before you go it can be bought from any chemist or holland and barratt. Good Luck.

B1 So Good!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Atit van der Ster on 2010-05-27
We been in Asia almost 4 months, my son always get bit until we found pharmacy in Bangkok recommended to take B1 400 mg per day, This is very natural way to protect the mosqutoes and other insects. Well, I know from other comment that some is okay and some is not work. anyhow good to try because it is just B1 and in the same time it not struct in the body when you go toilet with urien. so what, my family are take it and work greatfull.

Recommended for child, pracnancy, sensitive skin or other sickness who can not take malaria treatment medication.

Onions for Me Comments By: AYDIN on 2010-06-06
We had problems with mosquitoes every night while holidaying in my native Mediterrenian country.Like some people I like eating raw onions.I noticed that every time I ate raw onions at lunch I had no mosquitoe bites but my wife who doesnt like the smell of onions had quite a few.This happened every time I had onions.Onions does not seem to have the disturbing (for some people)smell of garlic
B-1 Urban legend Comments By: scoote1019 on 2010-06-27
B-1 does not repel mosquitoes. That is an urban legend. The US and Canadian government have done extensive studies on it and anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong. It is easy to say I took B-1 today and only had half the mosquito bites I had yesterday..but that dont prove anything..maybe there wernt as many mosquitoes out today as yesterday? There are too many factors in making a statement like that. You would have to have two people locked in a room full of mosquitoes (one taking b-1 and one not) to actually gauge the effectiveness..and guess what..the US and Canadian government has tried exactly that many times and B-1 has been proven ineffective.
Living proof it works! Comments By: Jane Buchanan on 2010-07-02
I lived in Barbados for a year trying all the sprays, roll on's, limes & garlic remedies....
I soon found out none of these worked, so got eaten alive...
On my return after taking Vit B for a month, not a single mosquito bite!!! : )

Worked for me Comments By: Nim on 2010-07-03
Uganda. Malaria territory. Vitamin B Complex for two weeks before hand and throughout my stay. Not a single bite!
DEET ME UP! Comments By: PVT on 2010-07-05
Deet is the best deterrent. Skip all the natural crap and just go with what works.
b1 or b6 Comments By: penny on 2010-07-11
i dont know if its vitamin b1 or b6 so i take both .in corfu last year i had 1 bite but it was very small red spot and not itchy.my daughter who did not take vitamin b 1 or 6 had a 106 bites i dont know which one it is but im coverd
Eatting alive too Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-13
I get plenty of bites from mosquitos but I don't want to give up banannas (they are one of my favourite fruits). Also since we have a pool, I can not put on repellent either (which is when I get bitten is when I am in the pool, I do have a shirt on, but the mosqutios ( try do my face&arms-since the rest of me is covered). What should I do?
I think I'll go mad with this itching Comments By: Frustrated Nana on 2010-07-20
Visiting family in Barbados. Tried every repellant and remedy known to man but have in excess of 70 bites while others have hardly any. If the mozzies like you, there's not much you can do. It's ruining my time with my 2 year and 4 year old grandsons. Constant itching, the only relief is while I'm in the pool or sea. HELP
My bites have nearly gone Comments By: Helen on 2010-07-28
I am about to go to Scotland and normally get eaten alive and react badly to the bites. I decided to start taking B1 to see if it works. I already had a large bite on my foot and after taking B1 for 2 days the bite has nearly disappeared and no longer itches, so even it it doesn't stop the little b*ggers biting it will hopefully reduce the reaction dramatically. Fingers crossed!
Give it a month Comments By: carrie on 2010-07-28
I got bitten alive in turkey last year, 21 bites only on my lower leg. I took B1 3 weeks before i went and my 1st week there and i didnt get many bites at all. I also left cloves of garlic in the kitchen of my apartment and there were no mosquitos in my apartment for 3 weeks. Might try odourless garlic tablets aswell before i go again and take B1 6 weeks before i go. They dont like the cold either so leave the air con on in your bedroom for about 20 mins before you go to bed.
Tiger Balm Comments By: Peter on 2010-08-04
I suffer bites from "noseeums" for many many years. Tried everything, but nothing works. Discovered Tiger Balm and my misery is history! Rub TB sparingly on exposed skin and voila! noseeums stay away for over 8 hours. It leaves no smell or stain. No side effects. Just avoid rubbing on eyes. Both red and white ointment works.
B1 doesn't work for me Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-06
I have been taking 250mg of B1 for nearly a year now, and am still covered with bites. An antihistamine tablet helps with the itchiness. I might try the B Complex with Brewers Yeast as a last resort because I don't really like covering myself with DEET.
Stick with the Vitamin B1 Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-20
We took it for a month (daily) prior to a trip and no one was bitten!! We continued to take it while away
IT REALY DOES WORK!! Comments By: Stevie J. on 2010-11-01
You need to take B1 for approx 6 weeks at 500mg per day. [ it's water soluble so you cant o.d. on it] After the 6 weeks reduce to 2 or 300 mgs per day. I had ulcerated legs with the terrible bites in SE Asia. Now I sweaar by Vitamin B1. You still get the odd one, but nothing to worry about.
does more than just deter mosquitoes Comments By: BEN on 2010-11-19
I certainly notice the difference if i take Vitamin B complex, I guess that includes B1 and B6 it also reduces the itch and size of the bites that you may already have. I can swear by it. Not sure how it reduces existing bites.
Which B vitamin is it supposed to be? Comments By: Jason on 2010-11-22
Everybody keeps talking about vitamins B1 and B6, but I first heard about this when I was a kid back in the 80's and it was B12; so what is it supposed to be (or is any B vitamin supposed to be effective)? Other than that, instead of just saying, "the US and Canadian governments have done studies," does anyone actually know where to find these supposed studies? Without being able to back up a claim with documented facts, it's nothing more than hearsay; no different than saying, "I heard that it does/doesn't work."
Vitamin B Complex Comments By: Gabriela on 2011-01-10
It's actually vitamin B complex, the full range of vitamin Bs that you are supposed to take; not only b1. Hope this helps.
I was impressed with B1 Comments By: anon on 2011-02-05
In 2004 I went to Cuba for a fortnight. I took a vitamin B1 supplement for 2 weeks before I went, whilst I was there and for a week after I got back. I got bitten only 7 times in 2 weeks and the bites did not react or itch, just a small red dot when normally they would itch like hell and swell. Does'nt stop you getting bit but certainly helps!
----- body wash----- Comments By: mik33 on 2011-03-09
for those people going to thailand go to a supermarket and buy the local brand of body wash with a picture of a mosquito on it. I went from plenty of bites to no bites, but shower frequently especially before bed. Also spray room with repellant every time you go out.
B1 works, even in the jungle Comments By: Kadana on 2011-03-16
I am allergic to mosquito bites and unfortunately they love me. I was living in the tropics and was plagued and miserable then I started taking B1 and within a few weeks had stopped being bitten. I then got complacent and stopped taking them a couple of times and every time I was bitten again. I went to the jungle in Borneo with my partner and stayed in a longhouse for a week, we could not find any DEET before we got there so just took B1 and hoped for the best, there was no fans, air conditioning, anything, open to the jungle and mozzies EVERYWHERE. My partner was bitten once and myself twice in our entire 6 weeks in Malaysia. It works for me but I know it does not work for everyone.
Insect Defend Patch Comments By: TMR on 2011-04-02
Try the vitamin B1 patch. Lower dose, better absorption. Vitamin B1 works by coming out of your sweat pores. Which means you have to be active, not sitting still for it to work.
B1 and B12 Comments By: B on 2011-04-16
I have recently bought B1 200mg and B6 100mg to try and reduce getting bitten. Can anyone advise on dosage and whether it's safe to take the 2 together?
this is garaunteed Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-08
this really works bounce sheets wipe them all over you and leave it in your pocket and repeat...no names are the ones that i buy,i didnt get bitten last summer at all up at the trailer
Take the right kind of B-1 Comments By: Cindy on 2011-06-13
I see a lot of comments pro and con for whether B-1 works - it definitely works! You just have to take the right one. There is mononitrate and hydrochloride. They do not both work for repelling insects, but they are both good for your health.
mosquitos and some other small biting insects Comments By: JR on 2011-06-16
which b1? Comments By: anon on 2011-06-17
Which vitamin b1 should I take? you said only one kind works, but you didn't say which kind.
Cactus Juice Comments By: sparky on 2011-06-22
I always get bit up. If my arms and legs are covered they bite my scalp. About 8 years ago I read about Cactus Juice in a magazine. I was travelling to Honduras soon so I tried it. It absolutely worked! It's the best product out there. It's all natural so it doesn't clog the pores. It has a pleasant, almost citrus scent. It comes in cream and pump bottle. The cream also has 20spf in it. Because it's all natural it washes away easily so you must re-apply often, especially after being in water or sweating a lot. Check out their web site.
B1 Works If Taken Long Enough Before Holiday Comments By: Sharron on 2011-07-03
My Daughter my partner and myself take vitamin B1 a few weeks before going on holiday and while iím away we come home with a lot fewer bites, if none sometimes. I used to come home with at about 20 bites sometimes really bad ones that would take months to heal
Always worked for me Comments By: Karen on 2011-07-12
My first trip abroad I got eaten alive, every trip after that I took vit B1 3x daily & didn't get touched.. We went to Barbados on honeymoon & both got eaten alive, went to the health shop & bought vit B1, and never got touched again!.. My hubby is currently working in africa & taking vit B1, says he hasn't been touched in the 2 wks he's been out there, while his co worker is getting eaten alive and has contracted malaria... I'm ordering him more vit B1 now.. Would recommend everyone try it, u have to take above the recommended dose to benefit.. I can only assume that's why it hasn't worked for everyone?!
It works for me Comments By: Louise on 2011-07-13
B1 works for me. I take it two weeks before I travel and rarely get bitten now where as before I was eaten alive. I also cut down on using perfumes and fabric conditioner which apparently attract mozzies.
Vitamin B 1 -may as well try it Comments By: Fee on 2011-07-30
It works for me, take it at least two weeks before you travel, and whilst there. Also, I use citronella or lemon pure essential oil. Put afew drops in palm of hand with after sun. Mix it up and rub on body-smells good, and mos hate it!
vitamin b1 did work Comments By: Mikegee on 2011-09-19
I have always suffered badly from mosquito bites while my wife has hardly been bitten at all. I was posted to a location in the Orinoco region of Venezuela and was sure I wouls be bitten to death. I took 100m mg of Vitamin B1 following suggestion from others and in three years in the jungle do not remember being bitten (honestly) Recent holiday in south of France I had forgoten about vitamin B1 As venezuela was years ago and I had fifteen nasty itchy and swollen bites in two days (wife had one) Tried Deet afetr first night and made no difference. Remeberd B1 on third day and have not been bitten since and have not used DEET either so I would say it works for me and it is worth a try. Obviously from some comments it does not work for all but worth trying as cheap and harmless.

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