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Knife and water for Hic ups

Submitted by Jodi

When you have the hucups this tip ALWAYS works, you may feel like and idiot but it works. Fill a cup up about 3/4 of the way with water. Place a knife in the cup and angle it so the knife it resting against the opposite edge of the glass and the bottom of the knife it against the bottom side closest to you. Drink the water with the knife resting against your forehead. Drink without stopping. The knife will force your head back as you drink at the right angle to get rid of those evil hicups. IT WORKS!!!

Visitors comments

its true Comments By: jaris mom on 2007-01-16
my 8 year old gets very upset when he gets the hicups, we keep trying many ideas but we tried this one and yes it actually works , thanks
Superb Comments By: seph on 2008-03-01
had the hic ups for a while, worked immediately!
ahhhh!!!!!!! Comments By: brittany on 2008-10-01
lol sooo funny.... it worked! I did not think it would but it did!!!!!!!!!!!

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