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Sore throat, Cure a sore throat with Coca Cola

Submitted by Tania Nordstrom

Drink coca cola! Gets rid of the ache in your throat. Also, if you gargle with it, it acts much like an expectorant.

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sore Comments By: rita on 2004-09-09
it dont work
no way Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-18
Coke Cola is the really bad! Even when you are just drinking it when you have a sore throat it burns like fire!!
really bad Comments By: Anon on 2004-10-01
when I drink water it hurts, when I drink coke, I'm half dead. it just brings more pain!
Works for me. Comments By: Connor on 2004-10-11
Great idea, it relieved the pain wonderfully. Thanks!
man thats really stupid...cold cola causes sore throat Comments By: mohit on 2004-10-31
Coca Cola causes sore throat to me
True,True Comments By: Morgan on 2004-11-13
The pain is worth it. It really works.
I can swallow easier now,Thanks.

nice. Comments By: Taylor on 2004-11-28
it actually worked for me...didn't permanently relieve the pain but it did well enough.
Man.. that's the stupidest thing i have ever heard! Comments By: Natalie on 2004-12-20
It doesnt work. It just hurts more and makes it harder to swallow food and drinks!!!
OW!!! Comments By: anon on 2004-12-21
If anything it made it worse!
To Make this work for some people Comments By: Anon on 2005-01-03
For some people soda (pop, cola ect.) will only help if its flat or in the syrup form.
P.s. this works well for an upset stomach too.

Worked for me Comments By: Nick on 2005-01-21
It works but only temporarily.
works better than not drinking it Comments By: WILL on 2005-02-24
I tried it and its working. The pain isnt completly gone but it has dulled at least 70 percent.Now lets see how long it lasts.
Two words: Medical School Comments By: Robert B. on 2005-07-15
The pain was so unbearable, I would have suffered less eating a pineapple whole.
depends. . . Comments By: Anon on 2006-08-06
i did try it. . it did work, but it also burnt my throat. . .i think it depends on the root of ur problem, i have glandular fever. . therefore i dont have any bacteria to kill off etc. its a virus and all i can do is wait it out and put up with it really. so i wldnt say that certain things do or dont work, just that it depends. . .
HELPS!!!!!! Comments By: Jessica Davis on 2007-05-01
i tried it and but i drank sprite and it helped but my sore throatisnt that bad, but it's really scratchy and hurts when i cough or swallow. I have a thinkg that might help someone with the same kind of sore throat, just cough all the gross stuff out and it kind of drains it all out.
Hope it works for you!!!

nope Comments By: SOMEONE on 2007-05-01
i think you should eat like something crunchy like chips or cheesesticks because they are kinda hard and so it rubs against you throat and it feels pretty good....

Aw hell's no this doesn't work!!!!!!!! Comments By: coke *is* crap on 2007-11-17
Coke was the reason I got this damn sore throat!

Besides, Pepsi rules!

you people are crazy. Comments By: katter on 2008-02-21
everyone's all mad cuz the coke just made it worse. hahahhahahaha
I should come here more often...anywayz I'm gonna go try it.....

30 seconds later

wow Comments By: tmac on 2008-02-29
i cant believe this helped it coated my throat thanks it didnt even burn to bad
Sugar BAD! Comments By: Amos on 2008-03-29
The High Fructose Corn Syrup in Coke will only feed the bacteria in your throat and in the long run make it worse. The carbonation may make it temporarily feel better but when you are sick you should avoid ALL sugar products.
IT WORKS!!!! Comments By: 'Anon' on 2008-04-10
It burns on the first glup, but after that my sore throat slowly disappeared.
depends Comments By: kodiak on 2008-04-26
I think if you get the fountian version of coke, it works. the more concentration of syrup the better. my friend just gave a coke at the theater and slowly sipped on it and my huge sore thoat went away.
DO NOT DO THIS Comments By: Big Dave on 2008-04-28
Its fact that coca cola and sugery drinks affect your throat, as an actor i know about the throat and the body of acting and actors never should drink fizzy drinks before a production is cloggs up the throat and affects signing and projection.
i can imagine this only causes more pain.

Hmmmm Comments By: syeda on 2008-05-01
It contains loads of sugar so i think it would tend to make the bacteria more active....

Or maybe it would burn away the yuck stuck in my throat...lol

Have a coke and a smile Comments By: Mr. Koolaid Man on 2008-05-13
just not when you have a soar throat lol
tonsilitis Comments By: alfie on 2008-06-30
i had some pepsi when it wasnt as bad but if i have some now im afraid it might burn...if u no of n e thing else that could help please write on this board in reply to this
no! Comments By: anon on 2008-07-28
just like everyone else has said, it will only get worse!

instead, try tea with a spoonful of honey in it. works every time for me!

NOT SURE?!?!?! Comments By: Leckz on 2008-09-09
Ive got the baddest sore throat ive ever had in my life an im soooo unsure if to try the coke! i think i'l giv it a try coz i cannot take the pain!!
The Truth is Out Comments By: Sam on 2008-09-07
Hi All,

Yes it's true Coca cola will relieve the pain of a sore throat, mainly cause there are so many un-natural sugars found in Cola that no bacteria can survive in it.

But sugar is not the way ppl, rather gargle warm salt water.

Its Gross, I know I know. but it is the best to kill anything. Even Garden snails... *Evil Laugh*

OMG!! Comments By: ami x on 2008-09-14
I think it works Comments By: Silja on 2008-09-23
for me anyway, I think
I drink coke whenever i have a sore throat Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-20
Whenever i have a sore throat i drink coke, it really helps heal my throat, it rids me of my sore throat, so it works for me.
wtf Comments By: anon on 2008-11-25
there's a reason why medication was invented. god.
It can prove something Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-03
If it burns like everyone else then I probarly have something other than a sour throat :/ i took one gulp and it didnt do nothing it didnt even burn.
it works! Comments By: maria on 2008-12-04
i m due to have an op tomorrow and i m desperatly trying to get rid of my cold and really sore throat, i v just tried diet coke with anti-oxident and it's slowly going away - just to get rid of the sniffels now :-/
woohoo! Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-16
thanks for this now i can say, "mum, my throat hurts... can i have another coke please?!"
It hurts so good!! Comments By: Brian Young on 2008-12-22
I love taking in a constant supply of cold coke when i get a sore throat. It hurts but in a good way and ends up dulling the pain a little. The burbs are delightfully stingy :)
NoO0!!! Comments By: Glossy on 2008-12-24
No it dont work...
but try hot water with lemon and honey...
it works perfectly.

Man it does work! Comments By: kaeton on 2008-12-28
When i got the stomach virus i had diarreah and my throat was sore i went to school though because my doctor said it wasnt contageous the kind i had so when the bell rang to go to the buses i stopped by to get a coke at the snack bar, and when i was drinking it on the way home my throat started clearig up and my stomach didnt hurt so the next day i was feeling way better becaus i drank cokeall that nght and knw that it is bad for your teeth and it hurts when you drink it but c'mon just brush your teeth and get over it you pansy
Yep. It works Comments By: Andy on 2008-12-29
I discovered this by accident. I Had a pretty bad dose of flu (including a bad cough and a sore throat) the symptoms only started to improve when I started drinking coke! INTERESTING FACT: Coke was actually first introduced as a medicine back in the 1800's
I THOUGHT OF THIS TOO! Comments By: piratesmvp04 on 2009-01-28
This is a great idea, but I'd like to add a few extra tips that I discovered with this. To get long-term relief,

1. Start sucking on a cough drop with 6 mg Menthol (amount is important).

2. Half-way through sucking, drink some Coke. Your throat will burn twice as much because of the cough drop, but it's worth it.

3. Suck the rest of the cough drop.

4. Drink some more Coke if necessary.

Your throat should now be good. One more very important pointer. PEPSI DOES NOT WORK WITH THIS! Pepsi does not have the same bite that Coke has, so it won't work. I tried it today, and the relief didn't come, so trust me.

YES! Comments By: dotty on 2009-01-21
all i had was a sore throat nothing serious, but i could barely speak. I had cough sweet .. and then come cola and it completely refreshed me. amazing :)
Ummmm Wow? Comments By: Bunny on 2009-02-10
Its kinda burned. but not really. Its feels a lil better but i have a cough tht hurts lol. but oh well
i dunnoo... Comments By: rachel on 2009-03-05
i really wnat to have a berocca tablet n tahts fizzy but will it make my throat worse?
it's my glands that hurt tho so i dno wether i shud risk the fizz or not...

yay :-) Comments By: anon on 2009-03-18
ThiS ReallY WorkeD!
MY ThroaT IS StilL A BiT Sore...
BuT It'S DefO BetteR ThaN B4!
FankkkkkK UuuuuuuU!!!!
xxx :-)

Funny Comments By: Nicc101uk on 2009-03-23
Coca cola used to have Cocaine in it, which has a numbing affect. All these people recommndig this must still think it contains cocaine.
wow ! Comments By: Abby on 2009-03-25
i didn't have any coke in the house, so i tried root beer, and now i'm all better.
thanks (:

Warmed Coca-Cola Comments By: Alex Mane on 2009-03-27
It's actually a very popular sore-throat remedy to warm a glass of Coke in the microwave or to stick the can in some warm water.

I've worked in restaurants all my life, and anytime I've come in sounding like a frog, the cooks will warm up coke for me. It's something that their grandma did for their mom, and she's done for them, etc.

Sure does help me.

You don't want the Coke to be hot like coffee or tea, just a tad warmer than room-temperature.

I've also been told that warmed Coke will help an upset stomach.

Has anyone else heard of this?

Thanks! Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-17
That actually helped. It hurt at first but then it got better
IT kinda DOES!!!! Comments By: J-ME on 2009-04-18
It does!. kinda^^ it treats soar throat(if u guys are talking about tonsillitis!). i tried and it helped! well a bit! after drinking a glass of coke, my throat was a little better! (well, of course, while drinking it kinda hurt. like it was burning!) but there was a little catch!.. when i had a drink i felt a little better and after a while, my head started to hurt aswell! and my sore throat got a little more sore! haha! soo in conclusion, it helps, but just for a short time!. THERE'S IS AN EFFECTIVE AND MUCH MUCH BETTER WAY!!!. GURGLE A CUP OF HOT WATER WITH (MAYBE) 6 TABLESPOON OF SALT!!! THE SALTIER THE WATER IS, THE BETTER THE RESULT AND THE FASTER THE CURING!!!
HELP ME SOMEONE PLEASE Comments By: meeeee on 2009-04-24
i have rele bad tonsillitus, i always get it and its always this bad or worse.. im now at the end of my tether and no matter what i drink nothing helps .. i try having drinks with ice and i try have warm drinks to see if that will help and nothing stops it or ever remotely numbs it. the pains gets so bad its becoming hard to talk and i could cry :( someone pleaseeee help
sashaxxx Comments By: sasha on 2009-05-06
there is nothing that cures a commen sore throat but just experiment a bit even a hot hot shower or bath could help as the steam soothes the trought but all u can do is sit and wait it out unfortunatly :'(
=) Worked for me Comments By: Lollyxx on 2009-05-18
I woke up with a really sore throat, found it hard to swallow and couldnt talk. After a can of coke i could just about talk and the pain was relieved! A few cans later i could talk a bit and eat with no problem. The next day it was 100x less painful so it certainly worked for me!!!
OMGOMG WARM COKE HELPS! Comments By: BAGER>nomoresorethroats on 2009-06-14
THANK YOU TO THE DUDE WITH THE CHEFS!!! I tried it, and MY GOD IT HELPED!! ALOT!! I can talk without pain!*hugs dude with the chefs* it burnt a lil with swallowing it, but after that, it was fine!!

It works! Comments By: rs on 2009-06-29
Believe it or not cola came through.....It works!
mtn dew Comments By: anon on 2009-07-16
it worked best for me it works by this ok so you know your saliva gets thicker with sugar as you drink soda well the thicker your saliva is the better it will feel on your throat because the slower it will travel down your throat also i tried gargling with salt water well the only problem with that is that you got to do it repeatedly over and over and over again. With the soda i choose mtn dew it helped me ALOT for some of you i think it dint work why im not sure but i drank mine cold and it took the pain of swallowing away and i can actually talk now. I fell better i drank two of them to make the effects longer you guys should try it to also try this. Get a cup mix some honey with lemons about one lemon ill say and about 5 seconds of holding a container of honey down. Mix it and drink also try hot tea it doesnt matter what kind it will make you feel better. If you have any ?s ask ive had a sore throat for 5 days and i been geting better from this thing called robiticing i think look it up. Dont swallow it quick let it slowly sink in your throat i dont know how to explain but you will see what i mean. Well hope i been some help. If any of those dont work try hot sause with honey and i dont mean hot sauce from taco bell people im talking about the real kind just mix it with honey the peppers in the hot sauce contain more vitamin c than a glass of orange juice. If you want to know how i know this well i love learning about everything thats how.
it sortaa works Comments By: Asheca on 2009-07-29
it worksw a little but i dont see much difference.
havent eaten for 3 days...very swollen throat Comments By: HetfieldsShavingRash on 2009-08-26
.... apparently cold drinks dont help
so i thought I try room temp flat coke
surprisingly went down ok...less painful than water???
but then had a but of a sting 2 minutes later

cant say it cures it...but it is drinkable....as long as its room temp and flat.... taste factor nil !

its ok Comments By: omar on 2009-09-28
i used salt in coke and it worked for a short period,but at least it had a good affect and nice taste
yes yes yes! Comments By: hannah on 2009-10-11
I'm not hundred percrnt better but its certainly helped! Thanks!
wow the pain has eased Comments By: kathryn on 2009-10-19
this worked for me, gave me temporary relief, thanks for the tip!
It was not permanent Comments By: B C on 2009-11-04
It worked for like 5 second intervals. Afterwards, all it did was burn like a mo-fo!!! Ugh, i need something better
Awesome Comments By: Angel86 on 2009-11-23
I currenly have Acute Tonsillitis and Glandular Fever, since getting discharged from hospital yesterday (Sunday) was on an IV drip as I couldn't talk/swallow breathe. I got home and tried many things like limes as they're supposed to be good mixed with honey and salt, it had no effect. I then tried Cola and thought I'd gargle it which then brings up the crap and stuff at the back of your throat :), so hopefully a speedy recovery is on it's way!
no! Comments By: natasha on 2009-11-29
it dosent wor at all. i think its the cause of my oar throat. ive drunk alot over the weekend and when i drink it it hurts even moree!
Warm ribena Comments By: Jaz on 2009-12-09
Warm ribena is the answerr make sure its nice n gloopy... goes down a treat!
ALMOST FREEZE THAT BABY B4 YOU DOWN IT IN ONE Comments By: sore throat nic on 2009-12-19
Great tip but I found if you chill the coke way down low just before it freezes it has a great numbing effect that does seem to work a treat. You can feel it freeze those fiery glands. Great! Only one downside it is not a good idea before bed because you will lie awake all night with the caffeine.
it does work, however there are better alternatives. Comments By: charlotte, (med student) on 2009-12-23
Coke does soothe the pain temporarily, but lemonade is much more effective. Peferably homemade lemonade as the lemons are good for sore throats aswell. You could also infuse some lemon slices in boiling water (much like lemony tea) and add honey to sweeten, honey has antibacterial properties and together with the lemon provides an effective way to soothe and fight an infection, though this wont help fight viral infections, it will still soothe the pain. But if you really want to soothe a sore throat, you might aswell go and buy some strepsils. They're full of anaesthetics to numb the pain(I like the honey and lemon ones).
coke and lemon Comments By: anon on 2009-12-28
Coke and slices of lemon put in the microwave. It does help.
woke at 2:58am with sore throat Comments By: cinthia on 2010-01-06
I heard about this remedy before but never believed it worked and never tried it until now. I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible sore throat, so first I tried honey and limon, didn't worked it just sooth it but it was still there. Fustrated, I tried and GARGLE the coke (it initially hurted but then it when away) and when I spit it back up all the mucus came along with it. I hope that's a sign it will go away. It feels much better.
Wow retartdss Comments By: Doctor on 2010-01-06
this is a rumour also known as a placebo your told it'll make your throat feel better when the reality is it doesn't do anything the best thing for a sore throat is a small cup of water with a lot of salt in it an gargle an spit
little help Comments By: anon on 2010-02-07
not the best but works. it all depends on how u gargle it the deeper u gargle the better
It Works!!! Comments By: Sergio on 2010-02-09
when you drink coca cola or sam's cola with a sore throat, it burns like hell at first, but about 10 minutes later it starts to make for throat feel better that you can eat without your throat hurting. try it, wait than feel that its better
STREPSILS peeps! Comments By: trustmehaha on 2010-02-13
drink a glass of water, not hot nor cold nor warm, just room temperature. then take 1 strepsils (the 'extra strong' one) , repeat every 2 hours the moment you wake up until u sleep, BELIEVE ME, EVERYTIME I HAVE SORETHROAT, IT ONLY LASTS FOR 2 DAYS, thanks to God who create smart brains that invent this remedy. haha. goodluck!!
GOOD GOING DOWN BUT STINGS LIKE NOTHING ELSE!!!! Comments By: openskies2009 on 2010-03-31
I have been down with a bad case of sore / strep for the past 5 days often waking with chills. I finally went to see my doctor and he gave me zpack antibiotics. on the second day on these antibiotics I asked him if drinking carbonated drinks would be a problem, he said it shouldnt. I guzzked down about four Big K Grape sodas throughout a period of a day and it felt TERRIFIC until later that night my mouth began to profusely bring forth saliva and when ever I tried to swallow it would hurt like I was swallowing RAZOR BLADES!!! MY ADVICE IS STAY AWAY FROM MR. SOTA!!!!
Oh please Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-03
Coke worked just fine for my sore throat :) Sure it will burn a bit at first, but it really does help get rid of the cough and "tickle."

All of you who are complaining really should suck it. I'm sorry, but you should have thought ahead about the side effects before trying it. I mean, coke is a fizzy drink with "zip"..Did you honestly expect it to not sting or burn? Haha.

It Definitely Works Comments By: Izzy on 2010-04-16
I have an incredibly bad sore throat. I went to a Taco Truck for lunch today, and I got a small burrito and sprite. I was going to get an Arizona, but I figured that I will probably waste 90% of it. I ate the burrito, and I could not stand the pain when I was 1/2 way through it, so I threw it away. A few minutes later I was thirsty so I dared to give the sprite a try. The first sip hurt a little, but after that, the next sip was pain-free, and it did not hurt at all. I guess it was a natural instinct, because I chugged the whole can in about 15 seconds without realizing it.
alternatives to coke Comments By: anka iv on 2010-06-27
you can mix even parts of honey and lemon and have a spoon every once in a while. let it dissolve in your mouth. Or you can have a spoon of olive oil. It burns, but also coats the throat very well. Make sure you don't drink anything else for some time after the oil treat.
ice cream Comments By: lewis on 2010-07-13
best think for sore throat is ice cream and lots of it
coke makes it worse Comments By: darren on 2010-08-09
every time i take coke it causes a sore throat,red sore patches on the roof of my mouth,i think its the high citric content in coke that does it
Coke, ginger ale, bland fruit juice or water Comments By: Elaine Patrino on 2010-08-13
You could use almost any ice cold liquid. what's going on is that the inflamed tissues are being cooled which reduces the swelling. I used baby fruit juice at first because it's bland. I put it into a cup with crushed ice and sipped it through a straw. My agony began to subside, then I tried coke with crushed ice and that worked too. The coke has to be slightly diluted or it will burn the throat. The crushed ice is the key.
Emm. Well. What can u except? Comments By: Why does it matter? on 2010-09-07
I have tonsillitis and I did this. Well, It makes the pain go away for like... 5 secs But then my pain just comes back worse than EVER! Try Diet Coke. DONT GARGLE IT but drink it. It doesnt do anything. But Coca Cola makes it hurt
not bad Comments By: furber6799 on 2010-09-11
its help aout 75% still a little sure but not as bad as it was before the coca cola
BUT I DRINK COKE ANYWAY...! Comments By: Chloe on 2010-09-28
haha worked for me but i already had coke in my glass by me when i found this! good for me but does always work for others. :)
Helped me Comments By: SQUIDWARD32 on 2010-10-08
It helps me like magic.
It works Comments By: Unknown on 2010-10-10
I had sore throat this weekend and just a few minutes ago I drank and gargled some coke and it worked.

It works Comments By: Unknown on 2010-10-10
I had sore throat this weekend and just a few minutes ago I drank and gargled some coke and it worked.

Sore throat? Comments By: JD on 2010-10-18
Careful...don't confuse sore throat and strep throat. For strep throat you will need antibiotics.
definitely works to some extent Comments By: you tell me on 2010-10-20
last year i accidentally did this. the reason being is that, i had a sore throat in the morning, and then later at school that day, me and my friend had a soda chugging contest using 2 liter soda bottles. i bought a mountain dew (yes, i know its bad for you) and i chugged 3/4ths of it, and after awhile, the pain went away. weird story, im not sure if it works 100, but it def worked that time
Worked for me Comments By: christina on 2010-10-23
Ive had a sore throat for 4 days was told to try this and i went 2 hours without a sore throat!!! It does burn at first but it was worth lasts longer then the salt water
Yes , it Helps. Comments By: Tony on 2010-12-02
For some people it may not help , but it works for me if you.
1. Open the can
2.leave on the side of the kitchen for 1-2 days
3. Drink , warm , hot or cold the choice is yours.

Also does diet Coke make a difference?

Suprisingly Good Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-28
I was NOT confident in trying this, but it surprised me, and worked pretty good. When a spit it out, I could actually see some of the mucus that was in the back of my throat. It was kind of gross but I feel a lot better and can talk easier.
Coke Not Recommended!!! Comments By: albert on 2010-12-30
Sore throat actually caused by bacteria infection, and the most vulnerable part of the body is mouth and throat. so it attack the weakest part of our body before it spread and grow in population, so normally you will get sick after sore throat, like having flu, harsh voice, tired, sometime really sick and u have dizziness. DON'T drink coke or other carbonated drink during this period of time because acidic drink will actually lower your body immune system to fight against bacteria and viruses.
The best way of medication is using saturated salt water(little water added with plenty of salt until it cant dilute anymore), stir it until saturation point reached. then GARGLE it.. but don't drink it. repeat this process 1 to 2 hours interval. it will kill many flu viruses and suppress the quantity of viruses that doing damage to your body. Hence your flu will be lessen and you will not feel as tired as before. try it and it work. all these because of biology knowledge. salt is hostile to living matter, gargle salt water will make your throat inhabitable to living viruses. TRY IT NOW!!! or you can go to pharmacy or clinic to ask for sore throat gargle liquid, it work the same because it will kill germs. SO DON'T TAKE COKE AS IT WILL MAKE YOUR FLU WORST!!

Medical advice: coke:)! Comments By: Serena on 2011-01-01
When my 9 year old had her tonsils out and was ready to come home the nurse told me to give her plenty of cola to drink. Apparently it removes the white fury coat off the throat to minimize infection! So if it's recommended post tonsillectomy then I'd give it a go for just a sore throat and also tonsillitis:)
Well it sorta worked Comments By: Cindy on 2011-01-17
The pain i had was horrible i didnt use coca cola
You can use any soda like fanta i gurgled it and its easier to swallow it only hurts a bit now thanks :)

Sore throat help!!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-18
Well when u have a sore throat it may hurt but what I did is I gargled salt and warm water and if that doesn't work you can have tea with some honey and lemon and that cured my sod throat in 2 DAYS!!! Hope it works.:)

Coke! Comments By: Jen on 2011-01-29
I woke up with a sore throat. it was dry and it hurt alot i couldn't even swallow. I immediately went to buy some coke and the first minute i swallowed the pain was gone. The syrupy gas bubbles made it feel so good and got it moist again.

Remember people you might have sore throat or strep throat. If it's infected then it's probably to late to try the coke remedy.

This works Comments By: Kris on 2011-02-22
If this stuff can clean up battery acid, I beliee it can clean more than that also.

For all you people who are saying it hurts too much... Comments By: dracki on 2011-03-16
Please be aware that it depends on the type of syrup used in the soft drink you drink. I would recommend Pepsi instead of Coca-cola because Pepsi is sweeter and in terms of fizziness it is better for the throat - if still to fizzy shake it for a while
Oooooh awesome! Comments By: Kurtoooo on 2011-05-08
It worked for me, I think the comment about the so many un-natural sugars in Coca Cola is true, I gargled it burned for like a split second, doesn't hurt..
not so bad for me Comments By: Jacqueline on 2011-05-14
my grandma tells me to drink sprite, but at the time i only had orange soda so i sipped on it a little and it helped clear my nose nicely hah ( i could breath). As bad as its said to be some good can come from it :)
it works Comments By: ahmedOo on 2011-08-04
whenver i have sore throat i go n get 4 bottles of coke and i drink them slowly and try to gargle , and also i use strpslz , nxt day im so ok :D i knew that since b4.
HAHA my mouth was itchy well close to sore but WOW Comments By: Soon to be Dr. Sarah Allen on 2011-10-20
WOW my mouth was so itchy goddamit!!!!!!!! OUCHIES close too feeling sore and bam I am at internet cafe and was thinking mabye coke would kill it then googled it saw this page well clicked on the first link BAM POW i drank it someone said it has unusual stuff in it which would kill any bacteria BAHAHA SO TRUEE! YAYY my day can go on :) thaaanks guys lol well thanks COKE! as the saying goes dont believe it till you try it hahah
50/50 Comments By: ukchick on 2011-10-25
I am drinking sprite and will gurgle with salt water afterwards, the fizz on my throat feels amazing like when u swallow dry toast or crisps it scratches a bit and feels nice and makes my throat feel a bit better but im scared of the sugar making it worse so I wont do it often x

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