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An old West-Indian trick for Hiccups

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

When a baby has hiccups the best way to get rid of them is to take a peice of string (from baby's clothes works best) and wet the string with your saliva, then circle it around your fore-finger (index/ pointer finger). Rub your thumb and fore-finger together and take it off of your finger. It should be the shape of a "O". Place the wet "O" string on the baby's forehead. The hiccups disappear like MAGIC!

Visitors comments

Absurd Comments By: lou lanton on 2004-08-07
This is very silly, and the detail! Why does it have to be my saliva not regular water? Ridiculous.
whatev Comments By: me on 2006-05-09
Now did Tipking put this in here to see how many ridiculous tips they could get, because this one HAS to take the cake!
I'm giving my solution 5 stars Comments By: cher on 2006-05-09
because it works everytime! If you really want to cure your baby's hiccups, give your baby refrigerated breastmilk. I do that every time my 3-month old starts getting the hiccups and they are gone in no time. It can't be warm milk, though, she'll have the hiccups all day. Give it a go and see for yourself!
Warm-Up Hiccups Comments By: Mary Acevedo on 2008-02-03
Baby Hiccups' Wrap the baby with his or her baby blanket. Wait a few minutes the warmth of the blanket helps the Hiccups stop.
. . . . Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-05
It actually has to be red string from any cloth, and you do have to use your own saliva
It Actually Works Comments By: Cortney. on 2009-03-20
I see my mother and aunt do this all the time to my baby cousins. I dont know how, but as soon as the string is on their head, they stop hiccuping almost instantly.
OMG Comments By: Guerline on 2011-08-11

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