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Make Money Cooking and Baking

If you are great with your hands, cooking and baking, you can make money for spending on bills, for yourself and for all kinds of things you might need. If you have a skill for baking and cooking, you will find that there are many people out there who are going to want a good cook, a home made meal, a fresh baked item and so much more. 

All you have to do is find these people and you can start making money. Well, I am going to tell you a bit about how to make money cooking and baking. Once you get started, the entire process does seem very easy and you are going to enjoy yourself at the same time!

Let us take some of your basic recipes for cookies, brownies, deserts, and such. You can make double batches and sell them to retail stores. You can take orders from co-workers, neighbors, friends, and relatives and then make a profit on what you are making and selling. If you have a bake sale once a month or every other Sunday, people are going to rely on getting their sweet fix from you. 

Along with taking orders for every other Sunday or for a certain day of the month, you can take order for holidays. Tell those who want to sell for you that they get fifty cents or a dollar out of every order that they sell for you. That is an incentive to get others to help you spread the word about what you are selling, where you are, and how good your goodies really are!

Holidays and special occasion orders are going to involve catering, cakes, and specialty dishes what ever you might put on your list of available products. If you are great in cooking more than cakes and cookies, add soups, salads, and even main dishes to your order list. You can box foods of all types and sell them to other people who do not have the time to cook. When things get too busy, hire someone to deliver for you or have a pick up only situation. 

Along the ideas of boxed foods, soups and main dishes, you can also sell these items to small retailers who want to increase their business while giving their customers something new and exciting. Small retailers, not chains, are likely to give you the small business owner a try because you have something special to offer and they can buy as much or as little as they need or want. 

Selling to some of the smaller retail stores is not going to be difficult. Because many smaller retailers cannot afford to have a cook, a baker, a deli person, and a meat cutter, they will make purchases from you. You can take fresh baked goods in once or twice a week as agreed and in turn make a profit. 

If you find that your area is quickly expanding and that you have very little or no competition in the town where you live, you could consider opening a bakery and deli. A bakery and deli is going to give you all the space you need to create all types of cakes, cookies, breads, dishes, meals, soups and more. Because you have more space than you did in your kitchen at home, you can meet the demands of more retailers and more individual customers at the same time while minimizing costs. 

Besides taking orders for special customers, holidays, birthdays, and occasions, you can also start taking orders for weddings, retirements, office parties and such. Expanding into a variety of foods is going to give you an all around great market that you can make money from. 

Where can you advertise? Advertise on the radio, in the newspaper, and pass out flyers and business cards to every one that you know. Have others pass out your flyers and business cards in front of malls, shopping centers and where ever large amounts of people pass. Put a sign on your car, even if it is just a magnet sign, at least others will learn your name and what you do for a living! 

Remember that everything you do, every customer you serve is going to come back again when they are happy and they know you are doing a good job. Repeat customers are going to tell others about your business so always try your best to please the customer no matter what!

If you find that business is getting a little slow try offering a buy one get one free sale, like buy one dozen cookies get half a dozen free. Alternatively, try visiting with a few new retailers that are in your area that you have not approached yet about selling your goodies. You can offer your merchandise to additional retailers, and have them either then pay you when the item sells or just give your goodies back to you in XX amount of days. 

There are many types of chip and bread suppliers who do this and raise their sales at the same time. You do not have to be paid up front to do good business. Most retailers are going to prefer to pay you after the item sales, so they do not have any upfront costs. 

Do not forget, everywhere you go and everyone you know if going to become a potential customer if they are not already. Always have price lists in your car, in your pocket or ready to ship through email!

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