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Onions for a high fever

Submitted by MELODY JANE

I have always heard a fever starts in the head area and goes away through the feet. When my son was small he ran 104 fevers everytime he got sick. I was told to dress him lightly and put slices of onions in socks and place on his feet to help draw the fever when it got too high. It really works.

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onions really work Comments By: Pixie on 2004-09-13
i have used onions for fevers my whole life all you need to do is strap the onion to the bottom of the feet and when the fever breaks throw out the onion. i know this works
IT WORKS!!!!! Comments By: Trish on 2005-01-25
My son has been hospitalized for "undeterminable" fevers....this means it was higher than 106 degrees, and the ER had no idea how high. As soon as I was allowed to put onion slices on his feet, then wrap with plastic wrap-to reduce smell, and put socks on to stay in place, the fever would be eliminated overnight. This was a trick I learned years ago while working for a pediatrician that still made housecalls! You cannot believe this until you try it! Any type of onion will work-be sure to slice it to create "rings".
Worked in my family for generations Comments By: Bianca on 2009-05-13
Whenever we have a bad fever that won't go down with medication we pull out some socks and start slicing an onion. Works every time at any age.
It does work Comments By: Jen on 2009-05-22
When my brother was little he ran a very high fever and my mom heard that onions helped. So she sliced an onion and put the slices in his socks then on his feet. Within a hour the fever started to go down by the next morning the fever was gone all together.
it works! Comments By: palida Boonyarungsrit on 2009-06-30
I thought it was a joke! but now i am actually having chopped onions in my socks
and my fever has gone down!

i question its powers... Comments By: anon on 2009-09-20
Why does it have to be an onion?? does it have to be or just the physical properties of the onion?
Onions Are Sweet Comments By: Dorcas McFadden on 2009-10-08
I have used onions for my daughter the last two times she has had a fever. I have also heard that garlic has the same effect, though I haven't tried it. I am curious about the reason onions work. Anyone know?
In Medical Literature Comments By: Bess W. Metcalf on 2009-11-05
This was actually part of medical teaching 150 or more years ago and I always thought it was a lame brained idea until I read this page. See quote from medical texts at http://sneakykitchen.com/Ideas/onions.htm
when tylenol and motrin does not work Comments By: Selena on 2010-01-06
My daughter has been in the hospital for five days with fevers as high as 104! Motrin worked at first in combination with tylenol. After a while it tookl onger for the meds to take effect. My auntie told me to slice some onions and put them on my daughters feet covered with socks. This worked better than any medicine she had been given! For all you skeptics out there don't knock it unless you have tried it.
Trying it out on my 7 month old Comments By: Deanna C on 2010-01-26
I know it will work but my husband is a skeptic... Ill let you all know ... I old you so will be in order
It Worked for me!! Comments By: Coco on 2010-03-26
My daughter had a fever close to 104 and was miserable. She gags on OTC meds and I was worried. I gave her a warm bath, dried her off dressed her lightly and put socks filled with onions on her feet. Within the hour her temp dropped to 101! I will definitely try this combination again.
Onion Comments By: Mr. williams82 on 2010-04-15
I tried on my 5 month old his fever was 101.4 I didn't have a way 2 the hospital it was like 12am I called my mom she said slice onions and dress him lightly , he fever was gone by an hour . so it really works...............
onion Comments By: monica on 2010-07-31
okay havent tried this yet. but explain to me how the onion helps?
onions work Comments By: shana marie on 2010-10-21
my two daughters ages 6 and 1 both had high fevers of 104 and i gave them both motrin and tyenol and still an hour later were still reading the same fever i put onions in their sock and with in twenty min their fevers droped to 101 and still dropping... the onion draws the toxins that creates fevers.... i recomend it to everyone i know
WORKS Comments By: Carrie on 2010-11-11
Whan I was a teenager I had mono and couldn't get out of bed and ran a high fever. My mom made me put onions in my socks and I was soooo mad until about 20 minutes later, when I could actually sit up and guess what... no fever!
Please try - it really WORKS!!!! Comments By: MT on 2010-11-22
I have used this technique plenty of times when my daughter was sick. It is truly amazing. I took her to the doctor and he asked if she had a fever. I told him she had one but I put onions in her socks and it was gone within hours. He was shocked to hear such a thing and didn't understand how the onion relieved the fever. He said he was going to do some research to find out why it worked. To be honest, I don't care what type of research he conduct - I will continue putting onions under her feet because I know it works. So when it start to smell like you cooking a pot of onion soup, you know that fever is being released into the onion.
I was skeptical Comments By: boebandme on 2011-01-14
I was skeptical about this working! My son is 4 and his fever spiked to 104! We went to the doctor and were told to just keep pushing fluids and advil and if this didn't work we would need to take him to the hospital. Desperate I tried an onion. Though I didn't slice it and put it in his socls he just carried it around. An hour later his fever is GONE!!! Everyone needs to try this
onions for fever Comments By: cindy on 2011-03-23
my grandmother did this to her kids, then in turn my mom did it to us, oneday my son ran a fever and nothing was getting it to drop so i remember that my mom used it , so I figured what the heck tried it and what do you know it worked. I asked my sons doctor and he said he found it in some medical book that it really does work
ONIONS WORK Comments By: Rose on 2011-04-09
My daughter had a 104 fever and motrin and/or tylenol were not working, I remembered when I was a little girl my Mom putting raw rings of Onions In my Socks, And it always worked on me So I Did the Same With My Daughter, Put the rings in her socks for a few hours And Her Fever Was Gone And Never Returned, I SWEAR BY ONIONS
does it have to be rings??? Comments By: Maya on 2011-04-25
do they need to be cut in rings or can it be just pieces of onions?? im trying it on my 19 month old son right now
his temp is 38.9 atm


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