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Mosquito bites cured with hot water

Submitted by Heather

To treat the itch of mosquito bites, run the bite under hot water in the shower. Slowly turn the water a little hotter every minute until it has a burning sensation.

The hot water will take the antihistamine out of the itch and the mosquito bite won't itch for a long time!

Visitors comments

Hot water works wonders Comments By: Michael on 2004-08-31
I get in the shower after suffering numerous mosquito bites, I turn up the water gradually until its as hot as I can stand it, and I wash my skin. This makes the itch go away mostly if not completely.
hot water works on mosquito bites!! Comments By: michelle on 2007-08-02
after trying SEVERAL commercial lotions, sprays, etc. to relieve my close to 30 recently acquired mosquito bites, I tried hot water on them. It works amazingly! The only thing that took the itch away immediately, and the relief that lasted the longest.
stop the itching Comments By: clare on 2008-06-18
my left foot is covered in bites tried alsorts the best is the hottest water you can stand the relief is great
hot water kicks butt! Comments By: chad on 2010-06-14
hot water has always been a great remedy for mosquito bites! i also learned that a fast shot of really hot water down the back of your throat will instantly open your throat up if you're having trouble with asthma. forget the steam, pour some of the hot water out of the kettle and wait for it to not be so hot, but hot enough. it's amazing. i have had asthma trouble my whole life, and i used salbutimol inhalers, but the hot water worked just as good, and it was plain water.

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