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Get a ring off your finger wih windex

To get a ring off your finger spray windex on the ring and then slip it off. Windex is better than lotions because it doesn't damage the stones. As a bonus the ring is shiny afterwards.

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If you need a ring off quick do this! Comments By: Teresa on 2004-08-09
My finger had swollen and my thick wedding band was stuck.

I tried ice but it made the ring shrink too. I tried holding my hand above my head to stop the blood flow until my whole arm was asleep. Evan oil lubricant. Nothing worked until I used window cleaner, which I was very sceptical about.

It worked in a flash and now my finger is saved from certain death!

Thank you!

Glass Cleaner Works!!! Comments By: Dee Dee on 2004-12-04
My wedding band got tight after drinking tonic water and started to turn my finger purple. I tried cold water too but the ring got smaller too! Then I tried the glass cleaner and instead of just pullng it off I twisted the ring down my finger - it worked great!!
With panic setting in - Windex gets a WIN! Comments By: Jeff L. on 2005-01-26
I too tried everything, arm over head, lotions/oils, and just as my purple finger got me panic-stricken...I saw your tip on Windex, and it twisted right off!! THANKS!!
Windex works for a stuck ring on a finger! Comments By: holly on 2005-02-01
I tried soap, ice, floss, and someone else pulling on it! The only thing that worked was WINDEX!!! Who would have thought! Thanks for the tip!!!
It works! Comments By: Darcy on 2005-03-04
Gotta say, didn't really believe the tip until I read all the responses. Definitely tried the lotion, soap, oil, ice options as well. The windex worked -- I'm converted.
My Fat Greek Wedding Comments By: Gene on 2005-03-05
I thought it was just a line in the movie, but Windex does work for everything. I just proposed to my girlfriend last night and she was determined to make the ring I got her fit.

She got it on but couldn get it off. Of course we started with the usual dishwashing liquid and cold water to no avail. We tried the glass cleaner at first and nothing happened. we thought we had to have "Windex" brand. Not so, We were doing 2 things wrong the first time..

The first thing we did wrong we squirted her finger one or two times. make sure you give your finger at least 4 or 5 shots and second "be patient" slowly but surely work the ring off. It worked so good the ring slid right off her finger and on to the floor. That was hardest part; we couldnt find the ring once it slipped off. It all worked out and we are headed to the jewlers now to get it sized properly

save your butter for cookies Comments By: Anon on 2005-04-23
I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my wedding band wouldn't come off after holding it above my head, cold water, butter, soap and olive oil (polyunsaturated!)The glass cleaner worked after squirting my finger at least ten times and working it over my knuckle bit by bit. Thank you
Unbelievable!!! Comments By: JM on 2005-04-29
As I sprayed on the Windex, I could tell it was going to work. It was incredible. It still took a few minutes to work the rings off and it hurt a bit and my finger was very red - BUT it was totally worth it.
dont waste your time!!!! Comments By: ronda champney on 2005-05-02
i also tried eveything and it totally works i tried on my moms wedding ring and it wouldnt come off i was ready to go 2 the hosptal and get it cut off but isaw this and tried it and it litterally inly took a minute to get off butelavate it and ice it for 5 - 10 min. and keep your hand elevated to take it off
A++++++++++++++++ Comments By: Sceptical at first... on 2005-05-27
My husband did not think his ring was going to come off...he was ready to cut it off with some pliers, then like always I got online to do some research and sure enough we ran across this and YES IT WORKED, be patient and have someone spray while you wiggle it off, we sprayed like 10 times...oh and it was not WINDEX, it was window cleaner in an aerosal can...

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