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Cold Sore using ether

Go to your local pharmacy and ask them for a small bottle of ether (should only cost around $2.00). Apply ether to your cold sore every hour using a q-tip. It's not a pretty smell, but it will dry your cold sore up quickly.

Remember, the ether should be handled with extra care!

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Excellent remedy I've used for years Comments By: Anon on 2004-10-21
I totally agree - ether is the best remedy I have found for cold sores. If you don't have ether, tea tree oil applied several times a day works well also (apply a little oil to your fingertip and press your finger into the cold sore hard for a few minutes).
Did this 30 years ago Comments By: Karen Berhow on 2011-04-15
30 years ago I was having regular canker sores (seemed to be tied to my mentrual cycle). My very old fashioned family physician told me about the ether trick. I tried it and it worked! At that time the ether came in a metal container that, once opened, couldn't be reclosed. So I had to open it then quickly (in a well ventilated place) transfer it to a glass jar. I would then take a q-tip, dip it in the ether, quickly reclose the jar and try to dab the q-tip on the canker sore before it evaporated. It was a tricky process but very effective.

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