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Sure way to cure hiccups with a brown paper bag

Submitted by Ken

Sure way to Cure Hiccups

  1. Get a brown paper bag
  2. Place the opening over your nose and mouth
  3. Hold it firmly in that position
  4. Now breathe heavily through your mouth about 5 times in and out of the bag
Carbon dioxide stops the hiccups

Visitors comments

Thank You Comments By: Courtney on 2005-04-27
Thank You so much for the tip! I am 14 years old, and all of a sudden I hic-cup. It freaks everyone out, including me!

It Worked,Thank you Comments By: Nancy on 2006-02-13
I told my husband to just hold his breath, that should work. Only for me, I guess. This trick did the trick and he is a very happy man! After reading some responses to other cures I cant believe some people actually had hic ups for 3 to 6 days. My husband was ready to shoot himself after 30 minutes! Thank god for the internet!!
Really works Comments By: Brenda on 2008-01-18
My job includes taking phone calls. I had to turn my phone off when I got them. After 20 minutes I resorted to the internet for cures and yours worked. I did have to take more than 5 breaths, about 10 but it worked.
thanks Comments By: mike on 2008-08-29
i really thought you were full of shit but it worked great!!!!!!!!!!! yes
Surpisingly WORKED! Comments By: Maggie on 2011-03-15
I thought the paper bag was a joke and too good to be true. Desparate to be rid of the hiccups I decided to give it a try since the water & sugar method failed. It actually worked! Thank YOU so much!

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