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Cold sore help Lysine

Submitted by Ela Spire

For those people who get them chronically, the over the counter supplement "Lysine" will help prevent getting them. You must take it every day for it to work!

The following was sent in by tomandiane

Hello~I suffered for years from cold sores. They are embarrassing, not to mention ugly! I have heard that they come on from stress, and that makes sense to me, as many a time a new cold sore would pop up a day or so before a major happening! Bad timing! I was told to try L-Lysine, which is an amino acid, taken by millions of people.

L-Lysine is a food supplement. I purchased some at a local drug store the very day of a newly sprouted cold sore, and when I got up the next day my cold sore was not completely gone, but it hadn't gotten any bigger than it was when I took the L-Lysine! I continued to take it and for me, anyway, it seemed to stunt the growth of the cold sore. From then on, at the first hint of a cold sore, you know, when your lip starts to tingle a little, and you can feel that little tell-tale bump?

From that day on, I've yet to have a cold sore get any further that the first initial feeling. It has done so much for me!

Ask your pharmacist about it today!

Visitors comments

L-Lysine Comments By: V. on 2004-08-20
Proven healing booster. Also works for "below the belt" cold sores (aka: herpes).
I took lysine for a month and have had no sores since Comments By: anon on 2004-10-21
I used to get cold sores monthly. I took l-lysine for 4-6 weeks about 18 months ago and have not had one cold sore since then. My son was also prone to cold sores, did the same and has had no recurrence yet. (I bought 2 jars of lysine tablets and one is still unopened as we haven't needed it!)
I agree Comments By: May-c on 2005-05-20
I have used L-Lysine everytime I felt one coming.
No help at all... Comments By: H on 2006-02-21
I have suffered with coldsores all my life & have tried many a treatment. I was recommended Lysine at my local health shop. I started taking it every day in hope that it would help, when in fact it made it worse. I suffered from one coldsore after another after another.As soon as one cleared another appeared.As soon as I stopped take the Lysine & my latest coldsore cleared, they stopped.
Lysine Comments By: anon on 2006-05-11
Fantastic!!I use it everytime I feel a cold sore coming on.My son use to lick or touch his cold sores,they use to spread onto his face, until my friend told me about Lysine-within a week all the cold sores were all gone
Lysine is the Sh*t Comments By: Scott on 2006-09-20
I have been granted the gift of the fever blister since I was a little lad. A doctor told me about "Lysine" and that I should take it as a pill twice a day. It works, but now I just drink 100% whey protein from GNC. It has 1770mg of lysine per serving, and a lot of other good things for your body. I stoped drinking it for about a month due to no money.. and guess what I now have a fever blister.. great
l-lysine and peanuts Comments By: kitschy on 2008-07-31
the lady in the health food shop told me that often cold sores are caused by a depletion of amino acids. It took me a long time to discover that i got a cold sore whenever i ate peanuts - these must have reduced my amino acids - if i ever get the first signs of a tingle now i take two L-lysine tablets and it usually disappears. If i can't take them quickly and it does turn into a cold sore i use nail polish remover to treat it.
Patience Comments By: LaKenya on 2009-01-25
taking 3 tablets a day when you feel a cold sore coming on will either prevent it if it hasn't come up yet or shorten your outbreak. taking lysine too often like any other drug your body can build up a tolerance to the medicine.
it works Comments By: annoyed on 2009-04-07
l-lysine works to help the healing process, and if you take 1000 mg a day its suppose to help eliminate them, with me it did not eliminate them but it did reduce my outbreaks and since i take it on a daily basis when i do have an outbreak it seems to work alot faster
Terrible!!! Comments By: funkepunke on 2009-11-10
L-Lysine not only didn't help, but made 4x as many cold sores appear and made them bigger than I've ever had them!
Awesomeness Comments By: recoveringapril on 2010-07-07
I've been taking 2 Lysine a day for many months and it has helped tremendously. Have not had a cold sore to speak of. They show up briefly, don't form into anything and then simply go away. Never gets to that painful, unbearable stage. I love it. Only $3 a bottle.
It does work Comments By: Anni on 2010-07-08
I get coldsores since I can remember, have tried everything, nothing really helps.
Then my dentist told me about Lynsine, and while it does not help to prevent coldsores in my case, it helps in getting read of them, in some cases they never even break out.
I do have plenty of triggers for my coldsores, any fruit with acid like pineapple, oranges (including OJ), tomatoes(it sucks not being able to eat pizza anymore), as well as stress, and in some cases chocolate seem to trigger my coldsores.
I have adjusted my diet accordingly and do not get coldsores as often as I used to, but when I do, in addition to a very strong prescription drug I swear by Lynsine.

Not good for me! Comments By: Sufferer on 2010-07-21
I took this and also had the same problem of one after the other for a couple of weeks and worse than nay ive had before....back to the drawing board for me! :(
GONE IN 2 DAYS. :) Comments By: Twenty Elephants on 2010-09-24
I had a cold sore tingle and a few bumps on Thursday morning. I went a bought L Lysine capusles, i took 8 on the first day during the day, i also crushed 2 lysine tablets and out the paste on top of the cold sore. Friday morning i woke up, the cold sore bumps had gone and I had just a bit of pinkish skin. so i took 2 more Llysine tablets and just to make sure i crushed a tablet again and put it on the sore.

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