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How I cured my brown recluse bite

Submitted by Cheryl

I cured my brown recluse bite by filling hole with baking soda over and over, placing bandage over it, until it drew all poison out and dried it completely. It looked like leather but it worked. Then I applied triple antibiotic ointment (like neosporin) to it until it softened again and filled up with skin. Now I only have a quarter sized pink spot where the hole was.

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If bitten by a brown reclouse, SEE A DOCTOR Comments By: David ogg on 2004-07-26
... and forget about these dumb home remedies!!! They can be deadly! My brother lost his whole LEG to one of these!
SEE A DOCTOR ASAP Comments By: Anon on 2004-11-23
Get the area professionally treated asap, this is a serious issue and can be life-threatening
pffft..... Comments By: tweek on 2008-08-22
sometimes doctors don't do anything. i've read that shocking the area with electricity helps.

if anyone's going to see a doctor about a bite like this, they should make sure they at least see someone who specializes in this sort've thing. if their regular doctor doesn't seem to know what he/she is talking about, move on.


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