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Cold sore. Use vodka or gin

Submitted by Anne

Another cure my Mother swore by, was to dab perfume on the cold sore, or, any spirit such as Gin, Vodka etc. It stings like crazy but does work.

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There could be worse... Comments By: KW NZ on 2006-03-08
Well Vodka or Gin...would be such a shame if you accidentally swallowed some! I will tell my husband to try it...might be more pleasant than salt! :-)
yep youve got it in one Comments By: mol on 2007-12-04
strong perfume and vodka is brilliant im 16 and my mum has bin using vodka for my coldsaws for years. and its especially good when your on holiday you can walk around with a vodka minature and dnt get pulled for underage drinking lol
yes Comments By: s on 2008-10-29
ye vodka or any type of spirit is very good i would reccomend it!
What a load of crap- try bye bye blemish drying lotion!!! Comments By: myspace.com/ryl83 on 2008-12-04
Hi I get gold sores on my cheek- i'm a singer, and it is a pain in the arse isn't it? or rather face!! lol I've tried EVERYTHIN!!! Was the night before a gig and my cheek came up with the grimmest lookin cold sore you could ever wish for- I was gutted!! tried gin, vodka. didn't work. then I tried bye by blemish drying lotion- and it has alchohol in it - but best of all its designed to dry up redness! day after it was hardly there- gig went great, covered it up with a bit of makeup- bit dry, but moisturiser got rid of dryness. brill stuff. go to www.byebyeblemish.com but in the uk, i buy it from boots.
if this is any good for u... hope it is. not nice thing is it ladies??


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