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Put a urine on your cold sore

Submitted by Steph

I was just told a little tip to help get rid of cold sores faster. This may sound a little strange to some people, but if you put urine on it, it will totally dry up and go away a lot quicker. When you go to the washroom just take a kleenex or a Q-tip, get it a little moist and dab it on the cold sore. Sounds gross but it works.

Visitors comments

human waste and your mouth Comments By: Stephanie on 2004-08-17
That is sick not to mention the fact unhealthy who in their right mind would say hey lets try urine on my cold sore yeah it works!... you just forget about the cold sore because you have other health problems from putting PEE ON YOUR LIPS...
urine, really Comments By: Joseph on 2004-09-22
Reading the content of the cream I purchased to fix my cold sore, I read "Urea" as one of the ingredients.

There is plenty urea in urine, so this could work. And it is not that gross, come on.

Maui disbelievers Comments By: Whitepants on 2004-10-02
I told my friends all about this and they thought I was crazy. We've spent the last 30 minutes just making jokes about the possibilities of using urine for cold sores. Ha Ha Ha. If I were so desperate.
What?? Comments By: Sophia on 2004-11-01
Who in their right mind would put urine on their lips?? That's disgusting...
Unrine is sterile Comments By: Amy on 2004-11-07
Hey Stephanie,

'Human waste' as you put it (Urine) is sterile, it will not harm at all and is not unsafe. Get your facts straight. Don't know if this method works, wanted to state the facts.

Supporting this claim Comments By: Peebody on 2004-11-18
Urine isn't waste and isn't toxic. Easterners have been not only using urine topically for millennia but also drink their morning urine as a cure-all. Scientists have been studying urine's incredible properties for decades, and they keep deriving medications from it.

wut is this fool talkin about ^^^ Comments By: Nick on 2005-05-02
if its soooooo good for you then why does your body take it out of everything you drink and get it out of your body?? that doesnt make any sense at all.
gosh Comments By: Michaela on 2005-05-23
Learn your --snip-- --snip--. Even after somebody stated that urine was sterile and healthy, people comment and say it isn't. Before you say sh*t maybe you should research it. Urine is in fact sterile, and it amazingly good for you.
I've read that it heals cold sores. I've never had a cold sore to test it out. I am however trying the urine cure for acne. There are many ailments urine can fix. You'd be amazed.

Ignorance is bliss!!!! Comments By: Common sense on 2006-04-26
Urine is sterile! Pick up a book -- or do an internet search! If you had half a clue what is in the medications you take or the food you eat you wouldn't be making such stupid comments. ----- Urine on a cold sore? It could work!!!
Sterile Urine Comments By: Barrington on 2006-07-07
Urine is sterile. It should also have no smell when it comes out of your body. If it does you should think about getting checked out cause you probably got a UTI or and STD. The smell is added later when bacteria break down the urea into ammonia. Aside from putting p1ss on your face this actually doesn't sound that ridiculous.
Urne on a cold sore and other ways? Comments By: Kendra on 2006-10-24
Okay urone on a cold sore is nasty, but there is a possibilty that it may work. I just don't see me using it any time soon or.....never!!!
THAT'S WHY URINE IS A WASTE!! Comments By: KENDRA on 2006-10-24
look it up Comments By: princess on 2006-11-26
I just have to say that URINE is sterile and good for you it wont harm you actually its so sterile you could drink it. I have watched the NG channel and they did a whole show on it so it is quite possible that it would work on a cold sore. Just got my first CS so i'm going to try it.
Thank god theres people like u(that was a joke bi the way) Comments By: Bordcow on 2007-01-21
Right now Ive got toothpaste n salt on the most disguuuuusting coldsore ever.I know its ugly n horrible(coldsores) but do u have to say urine is the answer ,maybe you could get councilling.
Or maybe just put more urine on your face-whatever works for you

cold sores Comments By: cheryl on 2007-09-13
HI i live in New Zealand, and hey once again i have cold sores, i only have to see someone with a cold sore and the next day i have them it's bad.....i will let you know about the urine and if it is sterile or not because when you have them as often as i do and no pills or cream work,i am going to try it before i knock it.
Urine Comments By: Jessica on 2007-09-22
it really works! I try and it dry my huge blister right away!
phwoarrr.. Comments By: Georgie on 2008-04-13
isn't walking round smelling of pee just as bad as walking a round with a fat blister on your lip?
reality Comments By: reality on 2008-07-11
Ok boys and girls, the reality is this World War 1 veterans used to urinate in a rag and place it over their mouths to avoid breathing in deadly gas bombs/explosives used to kill them and guess what it worked!!! So if it can save lives and do the job of a gas mask I am sure it can heal a cold sore...if you are not sure do the reseach use the web!!!
desperate measures Comments By: Anne on 2008-08-19
ive had a giggle reading the comments, thanks guys!At present i have 2 huge coldsores on my lips and im off to the loo now and hoping the pee remedy works. Who cares, it could be worse, at least i wont smell of poo! Fingers crossed
Delicious! Comments By: Seth on 2008-09-03
Reading all of these comments are really making my day! Thank you all for perking me up!

I have heard using pee to dry out a cold sore is a great way to get rid of the fluid filled little b@st@rds on your lips. Urin is IN FACT sterile.

I have job interviews coming up! I'm going to try ANYTHING to get this leviathan off my face!

Reading all of this is making me have to go to the bathroom now! I'm going to try this! Wish me luck!

PEE IS MY SAVIOUR Comments By: Vee on 2008-12-19
Pee really works!! When I friend told me to put my first pee in the morning on my lip I thought.. yeah right, that's gross.. But this morning I was desperate, my cold sore had gotten worse, my lip was swollen, firts put ice on the sore then my pee. its gone down straight away!
works Comments By: bern on 2009-01-23
i am very troubled with cold sores and have tried absolutly everything going.... after my beautican told me this tip i have tried it.. as soon as it appeared and it was big.. for two days dabbing on urine it is gone... never came to anything at all... dont think to much about it... IT WORKS
I'll try it if my doctor says it's alright. Comments By: ZiZi on 2009-01-04
I have a cold sore, it's not really big but it's next to the corner crease of my mouth and it's now swollen but it's not like nasty or anything. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but i'll ask and see if she thinks i'm totally crazy or right =]
I'll tell you guys about it tomorrow.

i felt like i was peeing on a preg test. Comments By: anon on 2009-01-13
haha.. kindda akward.. putting pee on yourself. but i tried it. i have 3 right now and one is so big i can barely open my mouth to talk. i did this and put salt on them.. i hope it workks !! ill post later and let you know if it did.
YES Comments By: shasha on 2009-01-13
i have been using urine on my lips to treat colesores for about 5 years now it works amazingly also earwax works to i reccomend urine over earwax thoguh my science teacher of grade seven told me this remedy and he wasnt one bit wrong it honestly works dont knock it before you try it by far better then any cream i used
yes it does work Comments By: JOE on 2009-02-22
Yes i did it more than one time and IT DOES WORKS....also its very tasty,come on guys is ur own not THAT BAD!!!GIVE IT A TRY
DO proper reasearch Comments By: Dr. S.Taylor on 2009-03-02
I have been a GP for 25 years, and have ALWAYS told my patients to use urine for their cold sores. It does work, quite well in fact. Save your money! Use your pee.
silly silly silly Comments By: Kay on 2009-03-26
well well well Comments By: anon on 2009-03-27
never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would dab my own urine on my lip. usually a cold sore would last around 10 days, but here I am, only four days after a break out, and its all but gone. sure it may seem gross, but I guess Id rather this, than to walk around for the better part of two weeks with a nasty scab stuck to my lip.
pee Comments By: pam on 2009-04-19
well i'm desprate so i will try anything
YES Wee Works Comments By: Nicky on 2009-04-26
I always dab urine on my coldsores, it works everytime, don't waste money trying to find that product, you have the product right there with you
A little pee never hurt Comments By: on 2009-04-28
Okay--I thought I heard it all for healing cold sores; but this takes the cake!
We'll See... Comments By: WhatsThatOnMyFace on 2009-07-29
Ohhh I'm so upset.. I started to feel the tingle two weeks ago and I ran out right away and started using Carmex (my poor brother who suffers uses this...) and it went away! Sure enough the tingle came back last night (Tues) with a vengeance! I felt the tingle and applied the Carmex again but I woke up this morning (Wed) with a fat lip covered in tiny bumps that have already started to pop. I'm DEFINITELY going to try the pee thing. I have two parties this weekend and leaving for Myrtle Beach for a week on Sunday... No way this is gonna ruin my vaca!!! I'll let you all know!!
Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-07
Ok so heres my question. I have the oral virus (but it isn't active at the moment and hasn't been for 2yeras) and I peed on my friends face (who had an open sore on his lip) and he got a cold sore for the first time. He's a pretty dirty guy so we're not 100% it was contracted by me. Any remarks?
YUPP! Comments By: getoverit,fast. on 2009-08-08
Ive been struggling with the disgusting fact of getting cold sore since I can remember I'm 20 now and I still get the frequently, I've tried it all, from alcohol to abreva to lysine, and honestly it only stresses me out more. My dad and I were talking last night and as a joke he said to put urine on it. I laughed it off but since Ive been home all week off work bcuz Im too embarrassed to go out in public I was desperate, and after researching I tried it. Honestly it was a big scab last night I put some one last night, picked it this morning and its alot smaller, I just put some more on earlier this morning and I feel it working again. Its better than anything Ive tried.
THNXX!! Comments By: shorty :) on 2009-08-12
ok so ive been trying the pee thing for two days its gone down ALOT and now isd healing. I think using this wont have you go through the whole scabbing stage. i have two more days to get rid of this and hopefully putting pee on it would work. Isnt it amazing how God created us. whoever thought pee would help haha lol
it does work Comments By: joni on 2009-09-02
I just googled urine coldsores to see if it works and found this page. my friend told me about it yesterday when I was complaing that i can't afford abreva right now (after swearing me to secrecy- like she said "are you going to tell someone you rub pee on your lip"). I'm going out of town this weekend so anything is worth a try, and today my cold sore is already almost gone. It really does work. I also always put a big dot of toothpaste over it before showering to keep the skin layer from getting wet and coming off.
It works! Comments By: MP Spivey on 2009-09-22
Look I know it sounds gross and everything but in fact it does work and it does cure the cold sore a lot quicker than any other product I have ever tried. I tried EVERYTHING! I'm originally from Jersey so it's more common for people in the cold to get them. I went into the US Army and as an Airborne MP and I can put my word that it works. We can't always have the luxery of medications so if your told something works you will give it a try and I promise you that it works. I actually had one about 4 days ago and it's gone already so when you can find me a medication that can heal a cold sore up in less than 4 days you tell me and I will give a try!
oh my Comments By: mandii on 2009-10-06
i currently have one of those nasty cold sores and i have to be in a wedding in just a few days. and the most embarrising thing is to have a big blister on your mouth. i have been reading these comments and come to think of it pee just might actually work. im actually thinking about trying it. yeah it sounds nasty but who cares whatever works works
this works Comments By: Chelsea Meeks on 2009-10-28
l-lysine works very well if taken regularly. 500 mg a day will help them not appear, but if they do take 3000 mg. this works very fast 2-3 days!!! ive never tried putting toothpaste or urine on my cold sores. when you apply the toothpaste how can i take it off without it hurting ??
urine Comments By: neil on 2009-12-13
Sat here with 3 coldsores and 12 days to xmas so i'm going to give this a go! 37 years of this is quite enough!!! will post the results should i survive...
IT TOTALLY WORKS !!!!! Comments By: Sylvie on 2010-01-10
Three times tonight I took a little cotton ball and caught some pee. Dabbed it on my cold sore / blisters . Vwala - - - DRIED UP.
Why waste money on creams and other stuff. THIS WORKED FOR ME. And oh by the way, it doesn't taste like anything so in NOT grose.

Hmm, Quite good! Comments By: Hazel on 2010-01-10
I can't believe it's actually come to this but i tried it. I used a cotton bud/q-tip and one end had urine on it. I rubbed that end on my cold sore and on the cotton bud where i rubbed it it became a darker yellow, so i think it did actually sterilise my coldsore. it feels much better. Before that i had used 2 tea bags seperately and its gone down alot since this morning. Try it i hope it helps anyone xx
the bleach is tha best for coldsores Comments By: trabo on 2010-01-14
i was told bleach and i tried it and it works it brust and dries the blister with the quickness!!!
Lol.. xD Comments By: Rachel on 2010-01-28
Well, Ever since i have grown up my mother has told me that this is how to get rid of cold sores. I have never had one before, but my sister has. I have recently got my first cold sore because my sister used my chap stick -_- But! Urine is working for mee :) LOL xx
PEEPEE on mly lips Comments By: Peewee on 2010-02-24
Ok, I have been getting cold sore since i can remember as an african, people would say its a sign that you were about to fall sick, but your body defended itself, how true this is, God onlys knows but i have just recovered from a bout of food poisoning, got some antibiotics to deal with that one, only to discover dreaded cold sore couple of days ago, i read this page, and i am liking the urine treatment since its free. seeing some of the prices on this so call medicine has put me of spending on them. I think i am in the exploding stage on the cycle so i have started applying my urine. 1st application at 15.13pm , next will be when i go pee. Also maybe sweat as well could work, but am too lazy to work up a sweat so i'll stick with the pee... watch this space 24/02/2010 @ 15.13
PEEPEE on my lips Pt2 Comments By: mooky on 2010-02-25
Ok guys,
I must say, i don't really pay much attention to sites like this, but am so happy i did this time. After dabbing the infected area with warm urine (yuck!! a bit salty) i noticed a burning tingling, so i assumed it was reacting withe cold sore fungi, about an hour later, it turned into scabs, so now am just waiting for it to dry up and peel off, i thought of mixing the urine with lip balm, to stay longer as the pee just trickled down my lips, but i thought why waste a good lip balm, besides the partner my want to use it as well and i dont think she will like my pee all over her"! anyways woke up this morning checked the mirror, saw little sore bastards on other parts of the lips, I think you all know what i did next.. so in conclusion.. URINE destroys cold sores!!!.now thats some money saving tip.

Pee is a miracle cure :) Comments By: Josie on 2010-03-18
Not only does pee heal cold sores faster but it gets rid of athletes foot and stubborn warts! Pee isn't dehydrating like the alcohol based remedies so you don't have to deal with those big scabs.
urine IS natures own medicine! Comments By: ANSWRS on 2010-05-25
discovered the power of urine about 1+ years ago..and am still discovering more uses for it!
its in my health arsenal right along side H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), ACV (apple cider vinegar) & VCO (virgin coconut oil).
educate yourselves: there are plenty of cheap-natural-effective remedies out there that big pharma cant patent and would prefer to 1-keep you stoopid and 2-scare you off of..
in health!

OMY Comments By: LETS TRY on 2010-05-27
urine for cold soars Comments By: Casey on 2010-06-05
as gross as it may sound, urine (your own) is a natural cure for a lot of physical ailments. research guys, you'll be enlightened.
Shaving Comments By: Try it on 2010-06-06
This might sound like absolute torture but it works for me. I've ben getting coldsores about 20times a year for my whole life and I've gone through every remedy imaginable (though not this urine one) and I tried to make my own remedy.
If you purposely cut the area where the coldsore is/will be then add aftershave every hour or so, the coldsore will be gone in a small amount of days. The thing I like about my method is that although you now have scab on your face, you don't feel it. I hated that feeling when I accide rly pressed against my coldsore whilst eating. Now, nothing. Hope
it works.

Damn Comments By: Mike on 2010-07-25
Best treatment Ive ever done. I did the pee thing, then i used toothpaste to both take away some of the itch and get the smell away. Amazing.
hmm. Comments By: Linababina on 2010-12-05
Well, when I was reading these I was really convinced to do so. So I did. Although i had to drink green tea, to go pee I used it and put it on my lip...
NO results. my fever blister is still the same.. Someone HELP? what do I do.

.... Comments By: birdie num num on 2010-12-12
" human waste and your mouth Comments By: Stephanie on 2004-08-17

That is sick not to mention the fact unhealthy who in their right mind would say hey lets try urine on my cold sore yeah it works!... you just forget about the cold sore because you have other health problems from putting PEE ON YOUR LIPS.." must be a fun date. g

thanks 4 sharing Comments By: nikki on 2010-12-14
i have not tried this but recently studied in A&P that urine is sterile, so for a healthy individual there should be no problem putting on lips..
??? Comments By: Stacia on 2011-02-06
I have Been Getting Cold Sores Since I Was A Little Girl.l I Am 17 Right now and when i get them its the worst thing in the World!!! I have tried everything possible the salt mixed with water the salt and toothpaste that kinda works but not as fast as you want. i have used abreva and it is not as great as you think. The urine thing i am not to sure of because it sounds weird and nasty, but who cares. its your urine. I am going to try it. Wish Me Luck!!!
I have been getting cold sores for about 20 yrs Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-12
I have been getting cold sores for about 20 yrs and have never heard of pee on a cold sore! but i just tried and hoping to God it works on my 3 coldsores! Thanks for the tip guys!
urine WORKS! Comments By: goldendawn on 2011-05-09
I have both genital herpes and cold sores on the lips and I must say that urine really does work on both of these...very quickly.
My Grandpa told me so! Comments By: Joseph on 2011-05-25
I was still in jr high when my grandpa told me to use urine for a cold sore. That's what he said they would use when he was younger. i though he was nuts and ignored hhis advice. Being super self conscious of the breakouts I would have on my lip and no success with topical ointments, I gave it a shot. If I catch things soon enough it barely even appears. I heard this works for warts too.
ice and pee we will see Comments By: [email protected] on 2011-07-14
Haha this is just amusing....anywhoI currently have a humungo cold sore and I want it gone! I melted a whole cube of ice and dabbed a little of my pee on it I will let u know if it works:)
Urine (Pee)? Comments By: Stephen on 2011-07-22
Some of you suggests that using urine to apply on the cold sore is gross. Think of it this way, if you are willing to give oral sex, then having some urine near or in your mouth is not a big deal. Hey if it helps to cure the cold sore, why not? It's just a state of mind.
good advise Comments By: Erica on 2011-10-25
as gross as it sounds, this really does work. My boyfriends mom is a nurse..and i didnt want to believe her when she told me this. but. yeah. dont knock it till you try it is all i have to say...also, its probably not the best idea to tell people you put pee on your face lol i didnt haha

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