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Cold sore? Use ear wax

Submitted by Vikki75

Apply ear wax to the cold sore and it quickly goes away. Can't say I have used this personally but have family members that swear by it.

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it does work!!! Comments By: britanie on 2004-08-13
earwax really does work my father said that is what they used back then and I didnt believe him but it really does work. I have no idea how or why but it does!!!!!!
earwax for cold sores really does work. Comments By: m on 2004-08-24
it really does
ear wax Comments By: Anon on 2004-11-29
I know it sounds nasty but trust me it works, as soon as you feel a cold sore coming put a dab of ear wax and it will never appear. I did it when I was younger I don't get them anymore but my son does and ear wax works and it's free
: ( Comments By: Josh on 2004-12-01
Was hoping this would work as I had seen quite abit of support for this on the net. Am seeing my girlfriend for the first time in ages and at this stage it looks like i will have a nasty coldsore. I'll try it for another day but at this stage its not looking good.
maybe it does work Comments By: Josh on 2004-12-16
it didnt work that first time but no sooner had that coldsore had run its course I soon felt another one coming up (I have...now had..a very stressful job). It was the morning of another long shift at work so in desperation I gave the wax thing another go, I then followed this up with a remedy that had been working for me for ages Gillette Series after shave gel "arctic Ice". Which I applied every few hours for all of the next day. Well the coldsore never developed, so maybe ear wax does help. Next time when it isnt so vital to have the coldsore fixed I will have to try earwax on its own.
Works great if you catch it in time! Comments By: Mookie on 2005-01-24
One of the older generations best kept secrets! You have to apply the ear wax the minute you feel the slightest tingle. If you wait too long, it will not usually be effective. For some strange reason....mine generally come on early in the morning, so it sometimes doesn't work for me if it has been forming all night.
Yep, Comments By: RW on 2005-04-11
I tried it over 30 years ago and I haven't had one since.
ear wax? Comments By: anon on 2005-07-01
in desperation and without my prescription for Denivir, i tried it.
Yep, works better than my prescription.
Who would've thunk?!!!

extreme outbreaks follow this: Comments By: Rhoda Hoarse on 2006-11-20
I've been suffering from coldsores since i was in school... the earwax method is definately the best i would regularly have huge coldsores that would cover my whole top lip...
for best results with the earwax mathod:

1) get to the coldsore as soon as possible...if your at the tingling stage you can stop it coming up!! - if your at t he blister stage you can prevent it spreading further.

2)clean the area gently with some alchol (just dab so not to spread)

3)get some ice and hold it on the area until numb, this works as a kind of hibernation methods - it slows the virus (seems even viruses hate the cold)

4)next is the earwax...start from the outside of the infected area and make your way in -it works as a barrier -because its your bodys own product it works as a barrier.

This will save you days of pain and embarrassment!

I works!! Comments By: anon on 2007-12-06
My grandmother told me about this years ago and it really does work. Stops it Cold!
i'm going to go play in traffic Comments By: depressed on 2008-03-21
I can't take it. I've tried everything. I woke up with 2 yesterday, one on each lip. I've tried everything, last night the ear wax. Today they are both huge. I can't leave me house for a week. I hate my life. I can't stop crying. I don't know why I get them so much and so much worse than everybody else. I hate those people who say, don't do anything and they go away. Yeah, yours do.
ear wax Comments By: Freda on 2008-03-25
Ear wax does work but taking a laxative works better. Fever blisters come from poison in the body. Try taking the herbal laxative smooth move. It works and the blister will go away quickly.
ear wax Comments By: nan on 2008-04-08
A older person told me and I get them so bad that the blister runs down my chin. I put a little ear wax and it goes away. NO BUYING stuff that don't work.
lol so does manure! Comments By: annemary on 2008-04-08
hasnt worked for me because i would gross out trying it!!!
might aswell use cat **"*!

Try it and you'll know for sure Comments By: Blossom on 2008-04-18
I cannot stand home remedies that aren't effective. I was grossed out at first, but I got desperate. Like others I've heard from, at first I wasn't sure that I was going to get a cold sore after all when it seemed to work. But I've done this every time I get that first signal for the last year and a half and I've not had a cold sore come up since. And now, if I don't have enough I have to admit that I believe in it so much that I have borrowed from my own kids. I know how gross that sounds, but you know what's really gross? - having one surface and weep all over people. If you can't bring yourself to do it, just keep this tip under your hat for when you have no other choice. And then you will wonder why you took so long.
Nail Polish Remover Comments By: Elecin on 2008-05-22
I've never tried ear wax but Nail Polish Remover is the best I've tried so far. It's very good for when you haven't caught it at the tingling stage. If you wake up with the blister already formed then pop the blister and quickly apply nail polish remover with acetone with a Q-Tip. Repeat every 30 minutes and it will kill the blister ASAP.
Works! Comments By: A on 2008-10-26
In my experience, ear wax will keep a cold sore from breaking through the skin if I use it at the first sign of a tingle.
Natural Remedy Comments By: Kristy on 2008-10-28
An older lady told me a long time ago, i wish i would have listened sooner! Clean your hands get wax and apply it with your finger at first tingle and it will not progress! What a Natural Remedy!
Hate Cold sores! Comments By: Joe on 2008-12-22
Have 2 as we speak! usually pop them and then use peroxide and then acne cream( it really drys them out) then lots of chap stick. going to try the ear wax thing next and let post back..
mine is going away Comments By: veronica on 2009-01-31
my cold sore is almost gone but im trying the ear wax thing. ive seen it on multipule sites!!!!
It works, I can explain it Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-13
The way the ear wax works is that it somehow keeps the blister from rupturing until it goes away. If you've have cold sores you know that they are very painful, then they burst and you have the oozing and scabbing. The ear wax - rubbed into the bliser - takes the pain out of and keeps it from rupturing. You continue applying for for a few days and the cold sore just shrinks away as quietly as it came. No pain, no oozing, no scab. It is an old indian remedy shared with me by a full blooded American Indian over 80 years old.
I JUST TRIED IT-IT WORKS! Comments By: Imabeliever on 2009-02-12
Working in a close office setting, one co-worker got sick and we ALL got sick. I was the only one who developed a fever and a cold sore. My co-worker said "I heard EarWax works." We had a great laugh all day here in the office, everyone offered to take up a EARWAX collection for me. Out of desperation and curiosity, I tried it when I got home. I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and to my SURPRISE, the cold sore had shrunk 1/2 the size! I only had a tiny amount to use because I clean my ears 2x's a day(Sorry-I couldn't bring myself to use my fiance's).I felt a sting immediately when I put it on. This sounds nasty but I'm waiting for the wax to build up again tonight so I can knock this cold sore out by Valentines Day! I know it sounds really gross but it really does work...instantly! Just had to give my experience for all those in question! No more Over the counter remedies for me!!
I promise that it worked. Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-19
I was sitting around some older people and I heard them tell a young girl that if she stick her finger in her ear and get some wax on her finger her cold sore will away within 24 hrs. I kept that advise in my mind, the next time I had an outbreak, I has a date the following day and was desperate. I tried it...It burned momentarily and then stopped. The next day I had no sign of a sore. The next time it popped up was years later after I took some antibiotics...It really works despite how gross it sounds.
gross but true! It works! Comments By: Sue on 2009-04-05
I was told about the earwax cure by two different people - I gave it a try and it really does work - I cured a really nasty coldsore by applying earwax as often as possible and especially at night - it was under control in two days - magic! I'd recommend it to everyone - give it a go.
Ear Wax: Cold Sore Cure Comments By: Kiyana Smith on 2009-04-08
Whenever you egin to feel the tingly sensation as if a cold sore is coming, apply a small amount of ear wax to the area where it is irritated and it will prevent the cold sore from coming. Apply about 2 times for it to completely not show up. I use it all the time!!!!!!
ear wax works! Comments By: Gayle Burkhart=Moyle on 2009-07-11
a pharmacist explained that the chemicle in the ear wax attacks the herpes virus and promotes faster healing. I have personally used ear was at bedtime and woke up to a nearly healed lip which would had taken 2 weeks to achieve. Gayle
not actually wax Comments By: Josephine on 2009-07-14
I used to get cold sores all the time. Then some one told me about this remedy - I was grossed out - but desperate times..... I don't need to actually get wax on my finger. As soon as I get any type of tingle I rub my finger in my ear and rub it all over my lips. And I keep on doing it until the tingle disappears and i've only had one minor sore in 3 years - that was when I didn't catch it in time.... I'm soooooo relieved to have sound this remedy.
Absolutely true! Comments By: heather on 2009-07-29
Had a terrible cold sore about 18 years ago...an old black man walked up to me and said his mother told him to use earwax, and if I didn't mind I should try as well...so in the privacy of my bathroom, and without telling anyone...I tried it and miraculously it disappeared...the pain disappeared almost immediately...

I've recommended it to friends and family since! My only problem? I don't make enough wax!

Stops the sore, breaks the cycle Comments By: Janet on 2009-08-03
Not only does earwax knock out a cold sore that is beginning to form, but it will lessen the frequency of outbreaks the more often you use it. I used to get cold sores 5-6 times a year, big ones that took three weeks to heal and would sometimes leave scars for awhile. Nothing I tried worked for me. Since I've started using the ear wax remedy at first tingle, I haven't had one actually break loose yet. They are stopped in their tracks every time! Plus, the frequency of the attempted outbreaks have gotten consistently further apart, I'm down to once or twice a year. The earwax appears to be killing the virus, which lies dormant in the nerve cells until triggered, slowly over time. I only wish I'd begun using it sooner, when it was first suggested to me. I find it most effective to mix the earwax with a little water and rub it in just well enough, but gently. You don't need much at all. Don't use anything else, no alcohols or irritants, no ointments, as they will ruin the effectiveness. Reapply every 30 minutes or so until you no longer feel the tingle. The sore will never appear, or if you've caught it a little late, it will not progress. This has worked for me every single time, for more than five years now. If you haven't tried it yet because it sounds gross, just remember how gross a full-blown cold sore is, and how painful. Maybe tape a reminder inside your medicine cabinet right now, so you'll remember it next time, before it's too late, and before you put other things on it that might irritate it and make it worse. It has worked for many, many people. It's worth a good, solid try. I hope this helps you, too.
help! Comments By: Anna on 2009-08-03
I have recentley come back from my holiday and in the last few days i got a cold sore and ihad no cream or anything and now it has gone a funny colour and abit pussy, i have tried nail varnish remover, ice, cream but none of these seem to work and i absolutley hate cold sores has anyone got any tips im going out with my friends tomorrow and i want it to be gone or less visable PLEASE HELP!!
just try it!!! Comments By: gorgeous on 2009-09-04
well ive tried the earwax it work but i also take llsine ... it help prevent cold sore from comin but i had stop takin them and so now i have one...but its almost been a year since i had one before this one...
I was a skeptic but it worked Comments By: Tammy on 2009-09-09
Yesterday I felt a fever blister coming up on my lip. It was tingling and burning and beginning to form little blisters I applied ear wax to it and today its beginning to dry up, two itty bitty small ones from yesterday is all. It will be totally gone in by tomorrow night! YEAH!!!!!!!
Im Trying It Now !! Comments By: BumbleBeee on 2009-10-25
Okay So I Just Arrived Home And I Felt THis Tingle On My Top Lip In The Corer Seeing A Tiny Bump Forming I Immediantely THought COLDSORE! In about 30 minutes I Put Some "Campho-Phenique" On It But Not Knowing IUf It Works Cuz Usually It Doesnt! Then I THought Of A Time When My Cousin Told Me To Put Some Earwax On It When It Starts so I vleaned THe Area And Washed My Hands And Put Some Earwax On It !! Im not Sure If It Works But If It Does My Title Will Be "WORKED AFTER TRYING !!!"
coldsore results Comments By: joe on 2009-11-23
I have tried everything myself. I even have a prescription which works great (valtrex) but is not supposed to be good for the liver. So i have tried the earwax remedy and it does work. Now i am mad if i clean my ears and a cold sore forms.
I think i will try it! Comments By: anon on 2009-12-06
well, i have three humungous coldsores on my bottom lip and it just freaks me out because they are so growse. every website that i have gone to has told me to try earwax and i really do beoieve them so i think im going to try it. wish me luck.
Question Comments By: christine on 2009-12-07
Do you put it on the right when its about to form or you can put it on anytime

TipKing says: Seems like anytime

zovirax Comments By: christine on 2009-12-07
If the ear wax doesnt work used zovirax it works! well kinda. Like mines was forming over night so i never feel the tingle so i woke up with a bump on my lip like OMG i got a coldsore. So i just kept puting zovirax(prescription but yu dont need a coldsore to get it just ask your doctor) on it and boom it became this unoticable small bump.
This is my 2nd day Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-28
I woke up with a little sore on my lip yesterday. And put ice,alcohol and garlic. So far its still the same size as yesterday. But imma try this earwax thing. Cause i have seen it everywhere.
Really? Comments By: Chris on 2010-01-22
Does this really work? Nothings seems to work for me.
It works Comments By: luis on 2010-02-09
I put peroxide and it dried up instantly ...and now im goin to put on carmax
It works Comments By: luis on 2010-02-09
I put peroxide and it dried up instantly ...and now im goin to put on carmax
Not enough ear wax Comments By: Suzanne Vine on 2010-02-25
The thing is I dont have enough wax in my ears, will anybodies do.lol
May Work Comments By: Robert on 2010-03-31
I have suffered from Cold Sores since I was a kid, as it was passed along to me during child birth. I have been getting more outbreaks this year as I deal with stress and other events, such as being sick.

Abreva doesn't necessarily seem to work, but it does easy the discomfort and speed healing time somewhat.

I started to get two cold sore a couple days ago, and went out to get some Abreva. Later that night I came across this method of using ear wax. I used some ear wax and also Abreva. I also took 1,000 mgs of L-Lysine. Usually (with Abreva and L-Lysine) the cold sores last for me.. about 4-5 days and then there is a nasty scab for awhile.

This time, one of the cold sores went completely away and the other one is to the yellow/orange stage and smaller than before. It has only been 2 days total, so maybe ear wax does work!

Has anyone tried the Vygone Zapper?

IT REALLY DOES WORK! Comments By: Nette on 2010-04-03
We all are suffers of the dreded cold sore BLAH. Ear Wax does work old, old remdy. I find every morning when I get out of shower I clean my ears with Q-tip and then wipe on areas that I have break outs. This seems to be a preventive measure. But ear wax does work best at the tingling stage. Therefore I keep Q-tips or bobby pins with me at all times so I can excuse myself when out if I feel that dreded tingle
I'd swear by it...but I dont swear. Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-07
I've been using this remedy since I was a kid and my dad told me about it. I havent had a cold sore materialize for over 20 years. I'm working with 2 coworkers who now have them and they refuse to give it a try. I think its 'grosser' to walk around looking like that than to mistakenly taste your own earwax!
The Answer You've Been Looking For Comments By: Anon. on 2010-04-09
I tried all these remedies and tons of medicines. They don't work. have your doctor prescribe antiviral medicine. You just take two pills and it actually works.
WOW Comments By: MEOW on 2010-04-14
hmm Comments By: Gints on 2010-06-27
well ive put on the wax now, im seeing my boyfriend tonight, first time ina aweeek so hope it works, ive put it on and it tingles already ? hope tis a good sign, thanks :) xx
Earwax vs Abreva Comments By: Mr. Coldsore Hater on 2010-07-01
i just woke up with a coldsore , and ran straight to walmart to buy abreva seeing it on tv so much thinking it might work. "20" dollars for a chap stick size amount of the cream . compared to earwax which is just a poke away, i should of seen this first. but ill try it next time i guess mean while ill be saving up my wax just in case LOL jk
Earwax vs Abreva Comments By: Mr. Coldsore Hater on 2010-07-01
i just woke up with a coldsore , and ran straight to walmart to buy abreva seeing it on tv so much thinking it might work. "20" dollars for a chap stick size amount of the cream . compared to earwax which is just a poke away, i should of seen this first. but ill try it next time i guess mean while ill be saving up my wax just in case LOL jk
ear waxxx!! Comments By: jrok on 2010-07-08
Well I woke up with a nasty bubbly, red coldsore on the right corner of my bottom lip and I guess I caught it kinda late so I'm going to try the earwax. it really sucks for me cuz im a black guy whos constantly around beautiful/sexy woman so Wish ya boy luck;)

WOW! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-25
it works better than anything i have ever used!!! its so crazy! at first i didnt believe the earwax would work! but it does! i havent had a fever blister in 27 years! amazing!
Wow! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-26
I was skeptical but desperate - big weekend coming up and I didn't want this nasty sore taking centre stage! I id some research on wiki as to WHY it would work and it seemed solid:


Mainly: "Antibacterial and antifungal effects
While studies conducted up until the 1960s found little evidence supporting antibacterial activity for cerumen, more recent studies have found that cerumen has a bactericidal effect on some strains of bacteria. Cerumen has been found to reduce the viability of a wide range of bacteria, including Haemophilus influenzae, Staphylococcus aureus, and many variants of Escherichia coli, sometimes by as much as 99%. The growth of two fungi commonly present in otomycosis was also significantly inhibited by human cerumen. These antimicrobial properties are due principally to the presence of saturated fatty acids, lysozyme and, especially, to the slight acidity of cerumen (pH typically around 6.1 in normal individuals."

Anyway I tried it before bed after applying nail polish remover every couple hours the day it appeared (I didn't catch it before my lip swelled up) and one day later it's almost gone!

It's a MIRACLE!!! Comments By: Harmony_Awesomeeee on 2010-07-30
So, I found my self with a horribly ugly, hideous cold sore and started reading up. Read about this crazy gross ear wax remedy. It does sound gross, but hey, its not like im going to be kissing someone with a yucky cold sore. decided to try it, and yes, i did cringe when applying it to my lip. I wasnt sure if it would work, because so many people said you gotta catch it when its first starting, but yea, tried it anyway. its now the end of the day and it looks a MILLION times better!!! I bet its gone by morning. This is definately the remedy i'll be using in the future! No 14 days of waiting for it to be gone! Oh, and it does tingle like crazy, especially right after you put it on.
trust me it wrx Comments By: cali-girl on 2010-08-11
a frind told me 1 time!! I kno this might sound nasty but put sum earwax on ur cold sore b4 u go 2 sleep n it will b gone by the time u wake up!! I did n it really did wrk it was really gone!!!I couldnt believe it...
uhm guys! Comments By: bianca on 2010-08-14
ear wax from your ear... ew?
givin it a try Comments By: Ke'Riyah on 2010-09-08
ok so i woke up this mornin wit a big fat cold sore..ewww..so an old friend told me about this earwax thing..soooooooo hope it wrks..problem is i dnt have any earwax..hopefully my hubby does hehe cuz i really want this to go away by morning..wish me luck..♥
It works Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-16
It works just put a dab on!
Yes Sur Ree Bob Comments By: Patricia Webb on 2010-11-01
I am 50 years old. My father introduced me to the ear wax miracle when me and my 10 sibbling were children. I am still today a beliver and a living testimony that ear wax get rid of cold sores. When you feel the tingling on your lips before the bliste become visable, using a cuetip to remove your ear wax or even someone else ear wax whom you're comfortable with, then placing the ear wax on the area will heal and stop the discomford instantly. This is no joke. It really works. I will never use anything else. If you want to avoid embarrasssment, use it. Please remember don't touch ounce it's on. Just let it work.
what's more gross - earwax or cold sore? Comments By: bug on 2010-11-08
@umm, guys: sweetie, yeah it's kinda gross, but it's not NEARLY as disgusting as a runny, scabby cold sore that lasts a week or more. i just got turned on to this yesterday. i felt a tingle on my lip and looked in the mirror and was like, "wth is that?!" my cousins looked at it and said "cold sore coming." i panicked and was, like "what do i do?!" they said "ear wax." i'm like "what??!" But they convinced me, but i don't have much at all, so i got some out of my 3-year-old cousin's ears (i know, i know! ew. but hey, he's a kid so i figured his was cleaner than theirs!!! lolol) so i put it on and went home. when i woke up this morning, it was already a small dark scab where the white-tipped bump had been. no bump, nothing. ... IT WORKS!!!!
it works Comments By: crazy horse on 2010-11-23
ear wax works..when you feel it coming on daps earwax on it for a few days and it will never appear..guaranteed!!!
Another option - not gross Comments By: TrueBeliever on 2010-11-26
Okay, so I too was taught as a young girl how to get rid of cold sores but the difference is my mother told me to rub my finger BEHIND my ear and apply to the cold sore. Yes it works every time if you catch it at the tingly stage. Perhaps if you have gone beyond that stage try the actual ear wax but I have never had a full blow cold sore in my entire 32 years and I only rub behind my ear - which is great for those that don't have any ear wax to use. Not as gross, but to tell you the truth if I had to I would use ear wax to avoid an awful cold sore.
INSTANT Remedy!!! Comments By: Tyla Rodriguez on 2010-12-07
When the fever blister has the clear infected part you want to touch it alittle bit untill it oozes bu dont sdquizze it or it might get more infected...then to dry it up and get rid of it apply ear wax or abreva....abreva is what worked for me

You can see after it oozes that it has gotten littler..I did this about 3 minutes ago..hopefully it helps

I think it's working! Comments By: Spongbobcoldsorepants :( on 2010-12-08
Seriously, Mine is already at the nasty blistering stage it was itching and burning ALL morning and I've only been up for 20 minutes googled the crap out of solutions and tried the ear wax. Knock on wood I think it's taking away the itchiness and burning? Let's hope so. The human body is crazy
I know, It's Gross... but it WORKS! Comments By: Aja on 2010-12-13
Can't really depend on this method, because if you keep your ears clean (unlike most people on this page, it seems) you won't have any emergency wax on hand in your time of need. So, hopefully you live with someone less sanitary than you are. :-)
My mom and grandma uses it Comments By: Tiff on 2010-12-23
Ive get one every so often. I have use toothpaste which does help, but it burns dramatically. Ear wax is a great and pain free way to help dry up the blister.
Well lets see Comments By: Samantha on 2010-12-21
Well I got my nasty looking cold sore on sat. While I was sleeping and now its Tuesday and Thursday I'm going to spend time with my girlfriend so I'm trying to get rid of this thing as fast as possible.. So I just tried the ear wax thing I really hope it works!! wish me luck
Instant Relief! Comments By: taylor on 2010-12-26
After about 4 hours of on & off soaking my cold soar in nail polish remover that was 100% acetone, & hydrogen peroxide, i finally decided to man up & try the Urine remedies & i felt instant relief! about an hour later, i soaked my cold sore in hydrogen peroxide once more, then put nail polish remover on it with a q-tip. Note: do not use your hands! this could make it spread. (after each time you put these things on your cold sore, wash your hands!!) i also mixed toothpaste(not gel) with salt, & let it set on my cold sore for a couple of hours to dry it up. once i had to go to the bathroom again, i wiped the toothpaste off very gently with a cotton ball & hydrogen peroxide, then i peed on a q-tip & lightly dabbed my cold sore with it. ( i know it sounds nasty, but i got instant relief, & it stopped burning from the nail polish remover; don't knock until you've tried it. ) i let that sit for about 30 minutes. after, i used a q-tip to get my own ear wax, & lightly spread it over my cold sore, & it's not causing me any pain at all.

in between all of these, i used ICE. when using the nail polish remover, i used ice to relieve the burning. the blisters popped naturally from the nail polish remover, & now it's starting to soften & scab after about 10 hours of doing all of this! when going to sleep, take an ibuprofen to help the swelling go down, then gently spread the salt & toothpaste back over your cold sore, go to sleep, then in the morning, wipe of the toothpaste, & see where your cold sore is. :) if it's scabbing, you should now moisturize it so that it doesn't scar.
GOOD LUCK! i hope i explained myself well.

blisters soak up liquid nget bigger, wax prevents them from growing nkeep them at the same state you Comments By: Nico on 2011-01-03
My mom used to get cold sores all the time when her cycle came on, but now that she has went threw minapause she dont get them anymore. When my brother and I was kids she wouldnt clean our ears bc she would always need to get the ear wax out. I never seen her with a big blister maybe just a little tiny one.

Im 30 now and I just got my first cold sore from my co-worker Ughh... NEVER DRINK AFTER ANYONE!!! It was disgusting! I got it at work 12noonish and didnt do anything bc at first I thought I was just breaking out from sumthn so I took a benedryl..Didnt work. My coworker then say "U may have a cold sore"..Oh U think??? so I went and brought some campho-phenique on my way home by the time I got home it looked like I was bit by a poisonous spider or snake! I'll never use that stuff again.

when I got home I tried peroxide.. alcohol.. vinegar nothing worked! Well this pass Sat (new years Eve mind you) around 5pm I happen to look in the mirror and there was a tiny puss bump, I ran upstairs to my mom freakin out bc I just knew I was gonna get the trecherous blister again on NYE nite.. she told me to put ear wax on it b4 it spread and press it down with my finger or q-tip to smash and dry up the blister. I like using my finger better bc it doesnt soak up the wax. it worked! No body noticed, at most it just looked like I bit my lip

Trying it now... Comments By: Katherine on 2011-01-29
I have gotten cold sores all my life and I am just now hearing about the ear wax remedy! I felt the tingling yesterday and started taking Lysine, Vit C, Lemon Balm, and a homeopathic remedy. I also applied topical lysine last night. This morning the blisters appeared so I iced it. I have just applied ear wax and I am really hoping that this works!!
eww Comments By: Babygirl101 on 2011-02-28
Earwaxs ony lip sounds so nasty but the way my 2 cold sores on my bottem lip looks and feels soo bad. They r huge. My husband trys to make me,feel better but he just dont understand they hurt really bad n r really really big. I dont want anybody to comeover or me to even leave the house. So I kust might try it tonight.
Hope it works! Comments By: Momof6 on 2011-03-08
Don't have much was at all, but I didn't last time when I heard the tip from a friend & tried it...next morning it was almost completely gone. I take Lysine EVERYDAY - but I'm a mom & I volunteer for way too much so I forgot for about 5-7 days & I have 3 of the nasty sores! Never had so many at once. (Lysine helps - but woe to she who forgets to take it!) I just tried it & I feel a little relief, but I have hardly any on the q-tip and way too many cold sores. Sure hope it's enough - I'm in pain!
YUUUUUK! But it works Comments By: mybclink on 2011-03-24
Yes just went through this. Cold sore had not broken yet. Applied earwax with a q tip swab. sores gone. am now going to experiment with beeswax
I think it's working as I write this! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-30
So, I rarely get cold sores, but when I do, I have an imediate panic attack. Which I'm sure doesn't help. My doctor gave me a Valtrex perscription and he told me to take it the instant I felt a tingle. Well today, I felt a tingle and a minor bump on my lip. I instantly popped some Valtrex, but I was still a nervous wreck. I went online and found this info on ear wax. It's been 15 minutes since I put the ear wax on my lip and it is WAY better. I think it's working as I'm writing this! Yay!
i don't have any ear wax : ( Comments By: k.k on 2011-04-10
i don't have any ear wax in my ear : ( so i've been putting noxzema ( acne cream ) on it an let it sit, rise it with a wet cloth then apply blistex to it .
it works Comments By: aries81 on 2011-05-04
earwax works, I have been a coldsore suffer since I was 8 and im now 30,I have always taken the L-lysine pills and they are a hit & miss sometimes they work sometimes they dont,I had heard about the earwax almost a year ago, and have been using it ever since, I have yet to have a breakout, at the first tingle I put some on there and it never appears, Im so glad I was willing to try this and recommend it to anyone who suffers from these disgusting things, its free and its works!!! Plus I havent spent a dime on lysine or anything else!
It works! Comments By: glwheeler on 2011-05-19
I just turned 31, and 20 years ago, I went to my mother with a cold sore. She didn't say a word, but grabbed a Q-tip, stuck it in my ear to get some wax, slathered on my lip, and told me not to lick. I SWEAR, the next morning it was gone! Where I would get the cold sores every winter as a kid, after this treatment, I never got them AGAIN!
Do not use ear wax for cold sores!!! Comments By: Mariah Akers on 2011-07-10
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