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Sunburn Preperation "H"

Submitted by Jungle Jane

At the end of your day, take a shower and slowly turn the cold water off until the hot water takes the sting away the sting from your skin. Then (this is not pretty, but it works), put Preperation "H" on the sun burned areas.... When you wake up in the morning, you will not feel burnt at all. As well, if you really overdid it, this will help to stop your skin from swelling and peeling.

Visitors comments

Really works? Comments By: Steve Blovat on 2004-10-01
Does it really work? And will my wife be embarassed if she finds it in the bathroom? It seems I'm getting old because I used to joke about Prep H but now I need it!!! --Puzzeled in Louisiana.
my ass hurted Comments By: Jeff BLovat on 2005-03-07
My name is Jeff Blovat, and I must say, after chasing 13 kids all day and standing in lines for hours every week for me welfare chec, my ass tends to flare a little. But, I gots some preperation H at the free clinic, and it works wonders, Thank you Preperation H !!
too much time Comments By: Tori Amos on 2005-03-23
You guys are sad and just a wee bit retarded.
up yours Comments By: The Boff on 2005-05-11
lets all sit down and write a letter to the people who make preperation H and tell them what they can do with their product.......
works wonders Comments By: Joe Bottar on 2007-09-24
I have used Prep H since my days as a Cross Country Track star in high school. It is a wonder drug! Because of Prep H, I finally was able to cross the finish line before the last girl came in. I have been hooked ever since.
Bad for hearing Comments By: Dave Blovat on 2009-10-04
I made the mistake of scratching my ear with "H" one day and my ear closed up and I couldn't hear all day. But,the itch in my ear did go away.

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