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Get rid or a Toothache with Baby asprin

Submitted by Cheryl

Get some chewable baby asprin and hold it in your mouth with your tounge or your cheek and effected tooth and the pain just melts away.

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Caution with aspirin Comments By: ramona on 2004-08-12
Please remember that aspirin can cause burns to the gingival tissue if done too often to cure toothache by placing directly to the tooth.
It hurts at first but just hang in there Comments By: Tan Jiun Wei Andy on 2006-07-03
Hi sir/mdm,

I am going through a real toothache. So what I did was hold some ice cold water at that area. Its helps by easing the pain but if you stop holding cold water, the pain will become much worse. So I took the advice, place a painkiller between the tooth and the tongue. It helps but you will have to hang in there till the painkiller works.

baby asprin Comments By: jo on 2010-03-24
i must have spent the whole of my wisdom teeth years, with dissolvable asprin permantley stuck in my mouth, also works wonders if you on the way to the pub!! lol.yes this does work!! only thing is be careful-too much can burn your gums

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