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Smashing fingers. Tip for smashed fingers

Submitted by bataelefante

If you smash the tip of your finger. You may wish to heat up a paperclip with a lighter and then poke a hole through your fingernail so that any blood inside can escape. This saves the nasty discoloration under your nail.

Visitors comments

no way Comments By: lisa on 2007-07-01
I would rather have a sore finger than do that
sound terrible! Comments By: bekathegreat on 2009-01-21
I just smashed my finger, and the only thing (possibly) worse than POKING A HOLE IN MY NAIL would be to smash it again.
The relief was instant. Comments By: Anon. on 2009-02-24
My thumb was agony and had really swollen and the pain was incredible.Once the blood came out of the hole the relief was instant.
do it! Comments By: 'Anon' on 2009-08-03
I went to the local doc-in-the-box after smashing my finger, and he put a hole in it with a needle! AWSOME!!!!!
painful Comments By: cesar on 2010-05-23
I smashed my middle finger with a heavy door and right when I was going to the docters office I smashed again.heat up a paperclip and poke it through your fingernail
nurse suggested - boyfriend approved! Comments By: Construction worker's girlfriend on 2010-11-22
My boyfriend smashed the heck out of his index finger with a nail at work. Very swollen finger and black nail, extremely painful even for someone with a high tollerance for pain. Tried icing it 12 hours, but swelling/throbbing still remained. His current client (a nurse) suggested he poke a hole in his nail with a needle. Much to my shagrin, he did it and POW, blood shot out like a volcano! YUK! However, the swelling went down IMMEDIATELY and resulted in instant relief! Although he will still likely lose his nail, it is far less painful and irritated now. Relieve the swelling--poke a hole in your nail! Yes, it will hurt, but will ultimately relieve the constant pain.

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