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Fabric type Elastoplast plaster to remove splinters

Submitted by Anne

Use the fabric type Elastoplast and apply it directly onto the splinter,with the sticky part directly over the splinter. This draws the splinter to the surface. Put two layers of the Elastoplast over the area to be treated.

Leave it in place for about 4-5 days and the splinter should be ready to pick out with tweezers, if it does not come out on the plaster when you remove it. An old and tested remedy that I can vouch for.

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Great!!! Comments By: S Woodward on 2008-06-16
Tried this on my son who was not kneen on my digging the splinter our of his toe with a needle. The splinter was quite deep so could not get hold of one end to pull it our. Tried the plaster tip and after 1 day it worked. Its magic.

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