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Sore throat. Honey and vinegar for a sore throat

Submitted by Dale

To soothe a sore throat, mix equal parts honey and vinegar together, the honey soothes and eases the pain, and the vinegar is a natural antiseptic. I usually use, apple cider vinegar as it tastes a little better, but any vinegar should do.

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It's working for me! Comments By: RSA on 2004-11-19
I heated mine a bit. I'm still drinking it right now, but not only does my throat feel better already, it is also opening up my sinuses!
Lemonade makes it better Comments By: Joyce on 2005-01-31
Oh, how soothing this drink is to my throat and sinus area...I am so thankful for the tip of heating it up...I had some lemonade and I added some to it and heated it all up! Delish!
It seems to be working Comments By: Kate on 2007-07-22
This was so painful when I first did it but it really seems to be easing the pain. I actually used equal parts vinegar, honey and hot water. Gargled half and spat it out then drank the rest. Hurt like heck first but seems to be easing it!
Seems to be working... Comments By: Robin on 2007-12-15
I tried it a few minutes ago. Can tell the acidity is kind of upsetting my stomach, no biggie though. Just be careful not to inhale too much while drinking, the acidity will burn your nose. I keep noticing more and more of a difference!
Pretty good. Comments By: anon on 2007-12-24
I added sonme warm water and a little ginger.... Its definetly doing its job
narrow glass to prevent inhaling Comments By: kim hill on 2008-04-17
Warm water, honey and cider vinegar. I used it in a wide brimmed glass but then got the 'bouquet' of the vinegar, which is offputting. Use a narrow glass and that should not happen. Very soothing!
yay! Comments By: popcorn13 on 2008-10-13
my sister recommended this too and i thought she was crazy but if you mix it with quite a bit of water it actually tastes really nice!
This has helped so much! Comments By: Alexander on 2008-12-23
Thank you so much for this remedy. I have to say that I can feel it working on me and I have only had a few sips! You can certainly feel the sting - that is the way I know it is working. It tastes quite nice as well!
Weirdly it works for me ... Comments By: sorethroatgirlow on 2009-10-25
I only had one sip, i was bit worried as everyone else said it would sting! But i wasnt shure what vinagar to use either, but it works
it works!!!!!!! Comments By: shane on 2010-05-24
this def works and will ease your swollow.try it
A bit painful the first time Comments By: Gingerman on 2010-06-16
Definately works for me, a bit painful the first time round but added a little warm water and its good

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