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Angustura bitters to cure Hiccups

Submitted by Jason Winter

A variation on the "Bartenders Trick" is to soak a wedge of lemon in Angustura bitters, sprinkle with some sugar, then eat the pulp in one good bite, chew and swallow.

Visitors comments

Bitters works Comments By: Eileen on 2005-07-17
I have seen bitters used this way to cure the hiccups,and I was amazed how quickly it worked.....
It's true! Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-16
I agree with the previous poster. It's very fast and very effective.
Worked instantly ! Comments By: Az Boo on 2009-03-13
Had the hicups for 6 hours. Tried the bitters and trick and it worked instantly. Burns the tummy a little, but worth it.

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