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Carom seeds to lose weight

Submitted by Samera

I heard this tip from some one and they have tried it works! On an empty stomach every morning have 5ml spoon of Carom seeds after 1/2 hour have your breakfast. In one month you will lose 5kg. I am also doing it and i feel light day by day. I hope this will help people who suffer from over weight problem. Good Luck!!

Visitors comments

Carom seed? what's is it/where do U find it Comments By: Ravina on 2005-06-09
Hi..I would like to know where I can find Carom..I live in the food stores carry it, maybe? thanks for your in-put..

TipKing says: I would have thought that health food stores would be your best bet.

carom seeds Comments By: starkrazi on 2006-01-02
can't wait to try this tip. you can find these seeds in indian markets they look like caraway seeds.
meaning of carom seeds Comments By: snk on 2006-06-15
In india it is called Ajwain
before breakfast or after Comments By: sangita on 2006-08-05
u say empty stomech but after breakfast how can empty stomech?
Carom Seeds Comments By: Mukesh on 2006-09-26
I do not know if you loose weight with these seeds. However, I read the first comment it means to have te seeds half hour before breakfast, when yur stomach is empty.
You do not need to eat these seeds raw. Indians use these seeds to make tea. Here's how... Boil about 2 cups water and put about a small handful of seeds in the cold water (you don't have to measure them, go by taste), put the water on low heat and let it boil for about 10 mins. This is so that you get the full flavour of the seeds. Then add a tea bag, let that boil for a couple of minutes, then add some milk, boil for another minute. You will need a tea strainer, rest it on your cup and pour the hot tea. You can sweeten with sugar or sweetner. IF you are going to an indian market, buy some fennel seeds and mix with the carom seeds when making tea. It is the best tea ever. For double the quantity, just add more water, more seeds and another tea bag.

Carom Seeds, Ajwain Comments By: Chandru on 2009-11-19
For those looking for these in small bottles or in large quantities (5 pounds), I can supply, go to the website

hw does it help to lose weight Comments By: Rose on 2009-06-11
what does it do in order to help lose weight, like what i mean is does it help you not to feel hungry or something
Carom seeds & Cholestrol Comments By: Shaun on 2009-07-18
Is it true that carom seeds helps to bring down cholestrol level? Thank you
availability Comments By: preeta on 2010-07-07
carom seeds are available at indian store as ajwain
can you confirm Comments By: smiley on 2010-08-15
can you confirm if we eat the carom seeds raw on empty stomach or we boil it and then have it
carom seeds as ayurvedic herbs Comments By: SherlinDukes on 2010-09-03
I liked this idea of reducing weight. My mom has a habbit of eating carom seeds after every meal. I think even i can start with it now.

how do i take them Comments By: kim on 2010-09-07
how do u have the seed just plain or with water ????
Where to find Carum seeds Comments By: Patricia Ramos on 2010-12-06
The Carum seeds are available at Indian stores in your area.I started taking them to help with my acid reflux problem.
great Comments By: priyanka on 2011-01-17
my 2yrs son haves it all the day raw, i was worried
ajwain carom seed Comments By: zain waseem on 2011-07-06
i am worry because i am use carom seed raw all the time and it is just like drug can you tell me how can avoid it because it creat the many problem for me.

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