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Tea tree oil for cold sores

I have suffered from cold sores all my life-well especially child hood, and the tips I have are to drink plenty of water, and if the cold sore has developed which it tries to, put tea tree oil on and then cold sore cream (both together).

This will dry it out in like 3 days, 2 if your lucky.

Also put warm water over the area, heat can help once developed. Or when it has developing put cold ice on or happy nose (product in uk) when it is tingling or even developed. This soothes the nose and reduces burning

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tee trea oil for coldsores? Comments By: joan mcelligott on 2005-05-21
I too have suffered form coldsores since the ages of 5.
I put straight undiuted tea trea oil onto a cold soe and it did dry it out, but however it burned the skin around the area, leaving me with red blothcy, sore skin that was unsightly. Should you not dilute the tea tree oil first??

cold sore quick clear up Comments By: anon victoria aust on 2006-06-21
tea tree oil applied regulary by cotton bud . dried up without blister with some redding. started applying sunday dry by wed. clear up rateas good as specialist ointments
allsorts Comments By: tess on 2008-08-07
i have tried just about every product and cream there is at the moment im using teatree oil which seems to take the itch away and reduce blistering. also take lycine vit c echinacea and b12 plus garlic odourless cap!
It works during healing too Comments By: Cold sores got me down on 2008-12-04
I just discovered this tea tree oil remedy. By the time I bought some my blisters had already popped and had left a large scab. I used the tee tree oil and neosporin and it is heling up well. Faster than any other time. I also out a warm tea bag on it almost every hour. This speeds up the healing process as well.
Cold sore remedies Comments By: Koalamaiden on 2010-08-14
I am a sceptict- These things have a will of their own, I have heard so many remedies over the years and tried most of them. From the old days one of metho, to modern ones of tea tree - which is fine. The cold sore still took 7 days to go. Nature ran its course.
tea tree oil - awesome Comments By: andie on 2011-04-02
I have suffered with cold sores for years and always used abreva with the cold sore staying around for 5-7 days. Recently learned about tea tree oil and the cold sore was gone in 24 hrs!! Amazing!!

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