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Cure hicups instantly with vinegar

Submitted by Dr. D.W. MacBrayne

Just take a teaspoon of vinegar, I've never seen it fail yet on anyone who has tried it.

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vinegar and hicups Comments By: valerie on 2004-10-31
Well it did not work. He has had them for 3 days!!! Yes three days and the doctors can not stop them. Help we have tried everything!!
it worked Comments By: Nick on 2006-09-23
Well the cure did work bit instead of hicups she is now complaining her stomoch is on fire and has just run to the bathroom. Next time I am just going to buy ear-plugs so I can't hear her complaining......
No longer a skeptic Comments By: Nujaimah on 2006-11-15
this sooo worked for me. I figured it was a prank at first to see who would actually do it. I did, and it worked. Thanks alot. I dont know why more people dont know about this.
So Far So Good! Comments By: judi k on 2007-11-24
My husband has had the hicups for nearly 16 hours. He has tried everything in our personal arsenal of tips from friends and family, but the vinegar seems to have been the magic cure...so far...and our fingers are crossed!
it worked for me Comments By: Tawanda on 2008-09-03
......after an hour of struggling, i tried it and it worked. It however did something horrible to my voice. i now keep vinegar satchets in my bag...
vinegar to cure hicups Comments By: James Baerg on 2010-11-16
It worked, but i'd use it as a last resort, almost vomited. My advise, stay near the washroom if you intend to use this method!

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