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Medication for acne, spots, zits

Submitted by Anonomous

I went to the doctors about my spots, and they gave me a pill called "oxytertacycline". They said it will definately clean my spots up because it is guaranteed to work.

The downside is you have to take it for 1 to 2 years. Hope thats a help to someone.

Visitors comments

does not work Comments By: jade on 2004-09-16
i dont think those tablets work i have been on them for about a year and a half a only i slight change but it might work for you.
doesnt work Comments By: tara on 2005-12-14
my dermontologist gave me those pills and i havnt seen a change in my acne at al!!!
Doesnt work Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-08
It did nothing except compromise my pill...
Works Great! Comments By: Anon on 2006-05-14
I got these of the doctor last Friday it is now sunday and I last saw my nanna on the day before I got the tablets and she says she can see a big difference in my skin, she says it is clear and looks smooth! I can only notice a slight diferance i'm not sure I have got less spots but I havnt got any more than i had and the ones Ive got are starting to clear up!

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